Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 16

Volume 1 Chapter 16 Qin's Empire

The strong tie that should connect the Su and Huan Clan has completely gone. Along with the cancellation of the engagement is also the number of investors backing out. The Huan Clan that should be their utmost support also back out. The rumor cancellation engagement made a huge deal on their reputation.

Su Father was doing all his best to save his company, he has even no time to go home due to some critical reports and financial doc.u.ments due on submission. Also he was waiting for a call from the potential investors that he had reach and settled an appointment.

He has no solid connection on those potential investors and he is only relying on his luck. When they were still partnered through the Huan Clan, the Huan business head was the one in-charge of dealing this meticulous works.

As of the moment Su father was buried from a pile of doc.u.ments. Just as he was into it, he's phone vibrated. Opening it he saw some latest photos of his daughter roaming on the mall. The photo was taken earlier on that day.

Su Mao's mood even become sour as he stood up and angrily leave his desk in the middle on the night.


The Qin Family is considered the top clan and said to be the existing descendants of the royal family. They were also considered the roaring dragon on the business industry. They have become more successful both national and international. Whenever the Qin was mentioned everyone would be envious of their wealth and power. However no one really knew them. They are working behind the scenes and are not fond of showing in the public. Only a handful of influential people knows their face.

People wouldn't dare to look at it anyway. It has become dangerous being associated with their name. It was believe that these clan has a lot of undercover men hovering the black market and even believe that has secret agents working on the national state.

The oldest head of the Qin Family is now retired but still active in the every day business transaction. He is guiding the young generation with regard to dealing, although the prince who's on this position is arrogant and wouldn't listen to an old man like him.

Qin Yu is the one sitting on this business empire. Since 5 years ago, when the position was handed to him, he made the company stability more secured.

He is stern and strict with regard to the handling of business transactions.

Meticulous and he values the loyalty of his employees could give to him.

There are a lot of potential threats and rivalries eyeing this Clan however, as keen and perceptive like him no one dared to be their enemy anymore.

"Dad" A tiny voice resounded from the intercom of his computer. Qin Tao was half sleeping wearing his Doraemon pajamas while holding his stuff bear. It was already past midnight yet he's still awake? He look up the maid following him and set a sharp glare towards her.

The poor made shiver and rattle while depending herself. She can't stop the child from taking a call.

Now that he look closely, Qin Yu could see that Qin Tao's eyes was closed. He's having his one of his sleepwalk attacked again!

"What do you want?" Qin Yu voice might be stern but deep inside he was only a doting father..

"I want to go to master"

Qin Yu fully knows who is he calling master. All the things that his son has been doing for the day has been clearly reported to him by a source. It seems that his child has been so attached to the mental woman lately. He doesn't know if it's a good thing. All he cares is that his son acts now like a human.

He's pretty confident that if something would going to happen anyway, his source will do something in case that woman acted up again.

"It's already midnight now. Go to her in the morning"

"Dad, I want to see master ..."The child seems not to hear him and still acted up.

"Dad..." Qin Tao pleaded again to him.

Qin Yu sigh, If he will not let him what he wants, this kid will pester him. Its not the very first time that he sleep walk during the night and pester him until he gives in.

"Hold on, I'll get back to you" Qin Yu dialed his secretary's phone and upon ringing once he was answered "Get me the number of that hospital now"


Su Ci Yi is cultivating when someone knock on her door. One of the nurses went to her side bringing the hospital's phone.

She handed the phone to her, signaling for her to answer.

"Hello?" A deep male voice full of vitality answered. His voice is familiar.

"I am Qin Tao's father. Do you remember me? I hope I am not intruding your peaceful night?" The man on the other end politely said it with sincerity.

"Mr. Qin? Is Qin Tao doing fine? You call me pretty late at night"

The other line paused for a moment then said "If it's not convenient, can you talk a little while with Ah Tao. That boy's so clingy to you that he wants to visit you this midnight. He's having he's sleep talk again and I'm afraid when I don't give what he wants he may cause even a big commotion."

Su Ci Yi felt the others sincerity and replied. "No, Mr. Qin please do. I'm not doing anything now"

"Thank you, Ms. Su. I'll reconnect the mansion's number to you then."

After few seconds, the call was connected and a child's small voice echoed on her ears. " Master let me go to you! " She heard the enthusiastic and energetic voice of the child.

"Ah Tao..." Su Ci Yi tried to manipulate her voice. Sending qi to her lungs and alter her voice in a way that it could make this child sleep early. It's like a hypnotic arts though hypnosis are dangerous to the mental health.

"Little Tao Tao it's midnight now, be good and sleep. Tomorrow, we will be having a lot of studies to take little darling~~~"

Qin Tao became dazzled with her melodic voice and obediently went to his room.

"~Good boy~"

Su Ci Yi deals with it pretty fast.

No hassle.

Now then, Su Ci Yi return the call to Qin Yu. However, she has now idea that at this moment even the great Qin Yu has been conquered by her powerful qi as he became trance listening to her voice.

"Mr Qin?..." She heard no one.

She repeat again.

"Mr Qin?"

"Miss Su, I thank you. I cannot know how to put these into action. Tell me anything you want, I will surely delivered it to you" Qin Yu tried to return back from his reality. Remembering the rumor that this woman has some mental issues he couldn't feel anything but confused. She's in sound mind and brain!

Su Ci Yi's ears perked up hearing this statement. Then her lips curved while confidently saying "It was really not a big deal Mr. Qin but if you insist, you can give me a 10 million dollars!"

Qin Yu takes back what he said. This woman has really something on her brain!

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