Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 160

Volume 1 Chapter 160 The Prison Cell

Su Family Villa

Su Ming had just come out from the official meeting of their current board of directors. The discussion was quite a hell of a battlefield will lots of concerns regarding the future expansion of the business. Yes, as of this moment, the business was prospering this year since a lot of their rivalries and hoodlums had been taken care of.

It was quite amazing, that it all disappeared and subsided the moment they took over. There were no threatening letters were sent on their household anymore and the manning of the business had been smooth sailing lately.

Her only concern lies in her sister. Yes, it was a problem that was coded in red alert. She said she'll be gone for a momentit was only for a momentwhat the heck! She already disappeared for almost two months now without sending a single message! And she was hell-bent worried towards her. Even if she's with the childno, it's even been more worrisome if she's together with the child! Her state of mind wasn't still recuperated until the moment!

That Song Mao guy even so, was the shadiest unreliable (?) among the thugs out there. Forget about his appalling appearance, she didn't know where he came from? At least if she knew him, she could contact his acquaintance to know about her sister's situation.

Also what was even more that made her head ached was his fuming father, he almost fainted knowing her sister disappeared out of nowhere without any notice. She even brought her child along with her which made the whole family in a total rage.


This is the third time that she lead out a heavy breath after the meeting.

"Your sister hasn't returned yet?" It was a deep voice coming from a man in a woman's drag. These days, it felt that she had grew a little closer towards Baronette since she was the one assisting her in the management and affairs.

Su Ming slumped on the table fiddling the ballpoint pen on her hand, "Say, should I file a missing case?"

Baronette showed an ambiguous smile, "She said she'll be back right? Believe in her, she has still things to settle over there."

"But where is over there? Baronette, sometimes I could really tell that you knew something? Did you know where my sister went?"

"You have a wide imagination dear. Of course, why would I know where she went?"

Baronette was right, there's no way that she knew where she is. It's just that lately, her dreams had a lot of connections to her sister and Baronette.

Probably, Baronnete is right, maybe she was only overthinking things since she got too depressed lately.


The night sky was covered with myriads of twinkling light. The moon shone brightly with no acc.u.mulating dense mass of clouds. Even though it was night, the temperature is humid and no percentage sign of rain by the next morning. The sound of cicada was specifically loud and blaring especially when the wooden wall was thin and mossy.

The detached house they are detained is separated from the main house of the Deputy, situated at the far end of his backyard. The prison cell was dirty, smells of dung and full of cobwebs obvious that it had been abandoned for who knows when. It is also located in a place that is far from civilization and no one would ever know if a gruesome situation will take place.

The trio Su Ci Yi, Qin Yu, and Sang Shui were currently detained on that thatched prison cell and only small ventilation on the roof gives an illuminating light from the moon. The floor was cemented yet full of dust. The part of the haystack that scattered on the floor was where they seated. Either way, it's better that way, than to sit on the dirty old ground.

Su Ci Yi had been crusting the ground since there's not much to do.

But as soon as she almost created a big hole on the soil she stopped it. Currently, the three were inside but Sang Shui had been summoned to the Deputy for unknown reasons. She was left with Qin Yu alone.

"Aren't you cold Yi?"

He inquired seeing that she was a little uncomfortable at the night. Actually it's not that she was getting chilly, it only that she just a little bored.

"Don't you think Jing Sang would be okay there?" Even though Gao Xiao let their people off the hook, there was still this doubt about Jing Sang's current state since he's the one who ends up being tortured and battered.

"He would, they let him off the last phase. What I'm getting worried is Qin Tao over there."

Su Ci Yi had been already standing on the only ventilation that could see the outside. The area at the back was quite quiet and eerie but some strange energy was coming out there. "He's going to be okay there. " her half-hearted reply wasn't too convincing. Even if she isn't too confindent about it, he should trust his disciple.

The energy that came from the glowing light from afar was not dubious and dark, truthfully, it was kind of light and calming. She wasn't familiar with the surge of this kind of energy, but something like this kind should only be pursued through millenniums of contamination. If it was, then this Deputy sure holds a unique treasure at the back of his backyard.

Curiosity strikes, Su Ci Yi felt that she should try and look at it.

Qin Yu was still sitting on the sideline, his back was leaning on the wall as his head was titled downwards and his eyes were closed. Su Ci Yi grabbed this chance to feel him.

"Yi, I know were definitely going into that phase, but don't you think this is so sudden?" He said that but he was doing nothing against her hand inside his outer pocket.

Where was it? Su Ci Yi thought while rummaging. Earlier, she had found and noticed that Qin Yu snuck the key on his robe while flirting with the attendants on duty. As she thought, this man had really ulterior motives as she saw how he skillfully stuck his hands on the outer pocket of the attendant without knowing. The girl didn't have any ounce of awareness as she was too oblivious talking to the man.

Su Ci Yi thought that she definitely needed to learn this tactic that in the future might come in handy.

Just when she was about to pull her hand, Qin Yu caught it.

"What? I'm borrowing this for a while." On her picker finger hooker a rusty two metal keys of the door.

"No need. I'll open it on my own." Said he, as he grabbed the key from her, propped himself up and walked near the locked. Skillfully slid out of the cell without a hint.

"What are you waiting for? Come out now." His smile was that imbecile looking down on her. She was thinking of going out first and securing their road but since he wanted to tag along, then I'd better if no one was left inside. Besides, if that energy came from a valuable item, then she'll not hesitate to collect it into her spatial bag.

The alleyway had a few warriors on standby. Aside from being too quiet, the hall was dim with only the flickering light coming from the pinned torches above. Su Ci Yi led the way while Qin Yu nonchalantly trotted behind her back.

She turned on the corner where a few stationed warriors stood. As soon as they saw her, they both became vigilant and at the same time attacked her. Su Ci Yi swiftly flew on their side and flash a kicked both on their stomach. For someone who had defeated an army of soldiers from a neighboring kingdom, people like this are a chinch on her. Although she couldn't say she could defeat the whole troupe, but with only bare numbers her confidence to win was high.

After taking them, she turned to Qin Yu who has also a few unconscious soldiers on his foot. She always thought that this man would only be good on paper and pen and in verbal battle.

"I never really thought you could fight them."

Qin Yu titled his head, looked as if being wronged. Is this how she viewed him.

"I took a few martial arts lessons and been in a situation between life and death. Things like this were only trivial."

"I see.."

Qin Yu adjusted his pacing, on means that the rhythm of their steps synchronized and their shoulders lay side by side, he then took her hand and hold it like it was the usual thing on the earth.

Su Ci Yi looked in confusion. " What is it?"

"Is there a problem holding it? "

It doesn't. But for two grown-ups holding hands together side by side amidst the total unconscious foot warriors on the ground and with the environment so dark and chilly, it felt that they were a group of classmates going inside a horror house.

Qin Yu's eyes squinted and his lips titled upwards. Yiyi doesn't mind holding hands with him now. Good. Even if it's little by little, he should make her conscious of his presence at all.

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