Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 161

Volume 1 Chapter 161 The Phoenix Pearl

Breaking outside the prison cell wasn't that much of a hassle. As soon as they step outside, guided by the strong sense of energy, Su Ci Yi strode her way unto the treasure and as the source of energy grew nearer, its essence turned stronger.

When they reached the area, what Su Ci Yi saw was a small crystal pearl in the size of a marble basking under the moonlight rays. The crystalline glint it exudes expresses the ephemeral essence so weak that in just a simple tamper it would fade. The white translucent marble was like a sugary glint to the eyes, pure and warm.

Such a spectacle to behold. However, a true gem won't be put to open unless there's a catch.

A powerful beast lurking on the sideline served as its guard against thieves of the night. Its size was enormous with a pure obsidian scale and sharp claw. The eyes that stayed on the shadows glint in the rim of gold and reciprocated its monochrome camouflage from the background.

It stood up enough to towered the two people standing behind and its wings were too powerful that it almost blew them away as if they were threading a dangerous blizzard on the cold winter season.

Just how many beasts that high Deputy possess? He had almost all the dangerous kinds of them!

Qin Yu saw the danger zone lurking on the far end and at the same time, the glittering crystal marble. He then realized why YiYi wanted to get the treasure amidst the haphazard danger. The beauty being guarded by the ugly beast, every pursuer would even put themselves on this dangerous pursuit, either way, capturing it will give a strong sense of success and domination against the weak.

Qin Yu looked below and saw Su Ci Yi's shining, shimmering, splendid eyes throwing a stunning look on the jewel. His heart itch upon the sight and couldn't help but brush his finger on the tiny face.

"Do you want that pearl?"

Since Sang Shui wasn't here, he was trying to win his reputable points as well built his charm level at this moment.

Since the waves of fate flash him on this area, there are strange things that started to happen on his body. As if, he could even feel the gradual strengthening of his entire body and the surge of a mysterious essence coming from it that even science could possible won't be able to explain.

"It's dangerous. Stay here." Su Ci Yi requested then step inside.

Qin Yu halted her and drag her back with his hand.

"No, stay here. I'll go."

Su Ci Yi was confused. That thing lurking was none other than a beast dragon that was a tamed possession of that goddamn Deputy. How could he possibly snatch the pearl when it guards it? Or could it be that he wasn't able to detect its presence?

Su Ci Yi then decided to pull out. Since he said he would go, either way, the man would have something on his sleeve to pull off this faade. However, when she thought he had this special weapon to subdue the beast but turned out he hasn't anything at all. Furthermore, she was horrified when he only steps into the are of responsibility just behind the beast and nonchalantly strode his way unto the pearl.


The beast run towards him and Su Ci Yi redied herself just incase he needed some backup. But Qin Yu only extended his hand, point his finger to the dragon's head and ruffle it just like doing it in a child. The dragon meekly lied on the ground with his belly open however Qin Yu already grab the pearl and walked out. The beast acted like being wronged as it's ear droop down like a cute puppy left by its owner.

Su Ci Yi scrumpled herself when he returned and examine Qin Yu's body.

She took hold of the man's hands and scrutinized each fine line of his palms and even the soft layer of his backhand. Was there some trick to it? Something that could make a beast tame by just a mere touch of the hand?

Qin Yu's mischievous smile played along seeing her intrigue gaze, " Yi, I never thought you're that excited to hold my hand? Is it fun to hold me?"

Su Ci Yi crumpled her forehead and expressed her disapproval in a lightning strike by consecutively shaking her head.

Anyway, there seemed no unusual thing attached to his hand. It's the same palm lines and skin texture from a human body.

'How come he was able to tame that beast?'

Aside from taming the wild beast, his blood had a miraculous healing effect, also had too much black aura that was unusual for a mortal and his undoubtedly strong sense of good luck on danger, she couldn't help but be curious of him.

A foreboding doubt appeared on her mind but when she thought it, the c.u.mulous cloud hanging on her head begun to disperse and a new ray of light appeared. Could it beshe spoke coherently,

"Are you an illegitimate child of some villagers here that had been separated on your childhood?" if that was the case, then this answered her deep questions.

Qin Yu thought that what she had said is quite funny, he took the pearl on his grasp and deliver it to her,

"No, I am a legitimate son of the Qin Clan"

He's not from here? Su Ci Yi even went into deep contemplation, " So whose child are you from?"

"Of course my mother. Where would I came out then?"

Urgh. He's right.

Su Ci Yi decided not to ask him any questions since it's like Qin Yu's high tonight similar to someone who had taken drugs. Can't talk to him in normal mode.

She looked on the pearl on her hand. The surge of energy was not something she could count the years. No, it felt that the acc.u.mulation of energy from the pearl is from long years of exposure under the bright rays of the moon.

She felt uncomfortable holding it because of the purity of the energy inside

' You have your birth star destroyed. Possess the well-sought phoenix stone. The weight of your sin has no pardon bearing the pandemonium for eternity'

She remembered what had the old woman guessed when she read her palm outside their company months ago. Although she didn't know what she meant by the sin and the chaos she was talking about, but the phoenix stone she was referring to, could it be this?

Either way, she was so sure that she didn't hold this pearl when she woke up the very first time. The only probable reason was that she possessed it but when her spirit transmigrated, it was forced out from her soul. Well anyway, so long as it here then she could collect it.


Sang Shu was brought on the Deputy's inner chamber.

When he arrived, the man Gao Xiao was already waiting up in his desk. Even if both of his hands and feet were bound, he's still stood up with confidence and held his head up high. Therefore, he couldn't escape those person's boiling blood directed from him and was bullied by his fellow warriors.

Gao Xiao greeted him with a smirk, "Sang Shui what a nice looking day it is? How are you doing now?"

Sang Shui's prideful aura didn't back down, "How stupid, when you know your people are in agony, you are basking in luxury. When your people in pain, your overflowing with the medicine. You tell me it's still a nice day today?"

"What?" Gao Xiao's mood reverted. His words were thrown back at him by this impudent son of a bitch!

Fu Jin Hao was standing just beside the Deputy, he felt irritated and lashed his back with a metal whip. The delicate embroidered white robe was hacked and his skin was cut on the slash.

"I see then, you want the difficult way of doing things huh?"

"I never said you go easy on me."

Gao Xiao's eyes glared at the arrogant man. His fist tightly clench. "You had still the nerve with your arrogant whims! Just who do you think you are talking to!" He then walked towards Sang Shui and kicked him multiple times. Sang Shui wasn't able to stomach and spurted some blood on the mouth.

This bloody scoundrel.

A hypocrite and dumb representative of the masses.

Gao Xiao hated the hypocrite prejudice of these so-called heroic people. Even his brother who happened to share the same goal was eliminated by him. So who does he think he is that he'll be lenient to a stranger like him?

'Die. Die. Die.'

He thought, while giving Sang Shui an ample of kicks and punches. As if he was still not satisfied, he grabbed the whip on Fu Jin Hao's hand and lash it a couple of times on him.

Sang Shui's clothes tattered from the lash and his flesh were deeply cut from the whip.

Gao Xiao was having the fun thing of his life when consecutive hurried footsteps came by the door, the warrior was panting and was pale beyond imagination.

"Deputy, your treasured pearl has been stolen!"

Gao Xiao's grip on his whip loosened, his eyes almost protruded out of their socket. After a few seconds of total blankness, his horrified expression registered on his face.

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