Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 162

Volume 1 Chapter 162 Pearl Of Diety

"What is the meaning of this?" Gao Xiao's thundering voice that was even loud like a blaring gong reverberated on the whole night. Upon knowing his sacred treasure was stole he immediately marched upon the scene. Only to find that it was all true. Stolen by those bastards!

How? How those people could steal that thing right under the nose of his powerful beast?

The 'Pearl of Deity' as it suggests is a millennium of acc.u.mulation of moonlight energy that started from the ancestors of his ancestors. Millions worth of years is being stuck on the tiny pearl (either rain or shine) to serve as a guiding treasure to fend off in the future where calamity would befall and be a treasure that could save their assess.

A long time ago, the Pearl of Deity wasn't manned by his beast. But it is being protected by the layer of spiritual energy that came from the current sitting Chiefs. Generations of Chiefs all dedicated their energy to the pearl. This kind of energy was driven to the life force of the High Chief. However, when the Chief went missing, his protection almost depleted. Guidance of the Chief's energy, when disappeared, could even be treated as a worst-case scenario and it could probably mean that the CHief had died already.

However, this time there was still a thin coating of the spiritual energy of the Chief but so weak that couldn't be protected.

It could mean that the chief could only be outside the village. Probably to a very far place. A place where these two people came from.

Gao Xiao didn't want his energy to be held as a protective barrier but instead guard it with his powerful beast. He thought this was enough since no one could be on par on these dangerous beasts but much to his expectation, they escaped right under its nose.

Since the protective barrier of this 'Pearl of Deity' requires the energy of the current Chief to be protected, Gao Xiao didn't comply with it. The energy required, consumed the life force of the individual. That was why there are no high Chief that had live past their hundred years. Both died young on their ruling.

Gao Xiao had still a lot of things to accomplish.

A person as ambitious as him, his life force was important to him.

Gao Xiao was standing in front of barren and empty land. As the surrounding was even gloomier and thought was celebrating the disappearance of its pearl. It's very quiet. Not a single sound could be heard. The pearl that was supported by a stone boulder which crafted on the pearl's shape and size was now empty.

Even the shackle and chain that holds the beast on the area was gone, what's more even the beast itself was nowhere in sight.

Gao Xiao's furious rage couldn't be compared to his previous ones. It's like all of his internal turmoil had already reached their limit and now he couldn't be even more desperate.

This couple's been testing his fire for a while. First, they serve as a hindrance to his ambitions. Colluded with the small fry organization that couldn't even dare to wound him a while ago, killed his beast's pets and now even stole the 'Pearl of Diety' which was a very powerful holy treasure since ancient history?

"Where are they?"

Gao Xiao asked in a clenched fist.

Fu Jin Hao answer in a gloomy tone, " It should be that they went to Sang Shui this time."


"Sang Shui!"

Su Ci Yi ran towards Sang Shui the moment she saw his weak and disfigured state.

His whole body was battered and full of lashes. The blood gushed out from the fresh wound. When she tried to assist him to stand up, he couldn't do so. That Gao Xiao was too petty, he didn't wait any longer and made Sang Shui like this.

"It's alright. It's just a small scratch." In spite of his rapid breathing, Sang Shui spoke trying not to let the other worry too much of him. Without knowing that he's making himself even more worrisome in front of these people.

"Ms. Su. I'm really okay I had just a small bruises and"

Su Ci Yi didn't let him finished and slap the biggest wound of his back. Shang Shui bit his lips in order not to gasp in excruciating pain.

"Ms. Su'

"See, you're not okay. Stay still for a while."

Hardly seeing his appearance, Su Ci Yi decided to carry him on her back. Literally carrying him on her back even though Sang Shui was a head tall than her.

Qin Yu was waiting just outside the window and when he saw this scene, he almost felt ridiculous. A nerve popped out on his head. The mini-dragon he tamed was outside waiting for his signal though it's small, its wings where omnipotent. He slid and jump out of the window and get Sang Shui away from Su Ci Yi.

"Be gentle." Su Ci Yi warned Qin Yu when he snatched Sang Shui from her and remained a deaf ear on her warning.

He even carried him on his shoulder like a bag of rice that didn't weigh.


A commanding voice as stern and hard as stone echoed. There's no use thinking who it was, Su Ci Yi had already familiarized this kind of tone. Hearing him, she stopped on her accord just before she even reached the open window.

"Yo, what a fine day it is. The night was too chilly isn't it?"

Su Ci Yi casually chatted while an abrupt military footstep was trying to encircle them behind

Gao Xiao saw them sneaking out and requested to closed off all their possible routes of escape.

"Get back here before I became totally enraged. Returned the pearl, you hooligans!"

"Nah, tell me first where this came from?" She said displaying the pearl on her grasp.

Su Ci Yi thought of asking Sang Shui about it, but since it seemed that it's a confidential treasure being kept, she doubted the warrior Sang Shui would know it.

Aside from not answering him, Gao Xio commanded his warriors to steady their formation on which those warriors lined up and stood on their respective position. Su Ci Yi couldn't help but be curious about this action.

"I'll give you another chance, give back the pearl, go back on your den and put Sang Shui down."

He said as he pointed on the baggage that Qin Yu was holding.

Su Ci Yi rebutted and pointed at another side. "Sang Shui is not here. He's there."

Gao Xiao turned to look at the direction on where she pointed, seeing what he was looking for, he retracted his question. "Go back to your cell and return the pearl then."

This time, Su Ci Yi's lips quivered. Good. Her illusion talisman work. Should she know this was useful, she should have made a bountiful of it when she still had time. Now she only had two spares on her spatial bag which was used a while ago.

"This pearl seemed too much important, tell me first where did it come from?"

Gao Xiao didn't want to quibble on her anymore. Raise his hand to form a gesture.

Shang Shui opened his eyes just to see this gesticulation and his face sobered up. He soon turned his head down in order to look on the ground that they are standing. Sure enough, there was a trace of spiritual array drawn on it. Sweats trickled down on his head upon recognizing this array and grab Su Ci Yi.

"Ms. Su..."

"Shhh. Baggage doesn't suppose to talk."

Sang Shui, "..."

This spiritual array was something that one shouldn't take lightly. This array was performed with the proper positions of certain persons involved. When the circle was drawn, the instigator will commence the bloody ritual by pouring his blood and drawing in his opponent just inside.

Getting them on the trap was meticulous, that was why the whole place of the Deputy was filled with this drawn circle array just in case some of their prisoners would escape. And sure enough, it served its usefulness at this moment.

This spiritual array had its purpose to entrapped every escapee who tried to flee and inflict them a hundred times of electrifying thunderbolts. This served as a punishment for arrogant evildoers who seemed not to know how to learn their lesson.

In the past, it served as a punishment for those who committed grave crimes, not as a tool used on a certain someone's arrogant whims.

"Ms. Su, don't get trap on this circle or you'll turn into a human crisp. Leave me here and escape." Sang Shui had once again tried to warn her.

Su Ci Yi heard his soft whisper then her head turned to look at Gao Xiao who fl.u.s.tered a proud look on his face. His lips perked and his face lit up in ecstasy. As if the final victory had already been identified.

"Commence the ritual".

The spiritual array lit up showing a translucent membrane coating the three of them. Followed by almost robotic enchantments from the mouths of the warriors chanting ancients language warped the whole area.

The almost clear night sky created a gash from the instant acc.u.mulating dense clouds. Then loud thunders echoed that was too blaring and sharp to even hear. After chanting the sutras of an ancient language, a loud thunderbolt erupted and went straight to where the encirclement array was drawn; striking in a swift blast.

First, there was an intense light flashed, then followed by an explosion that will shake the history of this city.

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