Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 163

Volume 1 Chapter 163 The Fallback

The explosion was intense, and Gao Xiao overestimated its blow. He only knew the mechanics on how to activate this circle through instructions hidden from the Chief's inner chamber but it didn't even occur to him, whether the receiver of past events was alive or dead after conducting this kind of ritual.

Fu Jin Hao on his side was a little restless, "Should it be all right if we do this? Did you forgot that the pearl was still in their hands?"

Gao Xiao didn't panic, even if it inflicted them, the pearl won't get destroyed. It had acc.u.mulated hundreds of years of spiritual energy from the moon enough to fend for itself from the catastrophe, at a worst-case scenario, it'll only turn into a mush color from its brilliant pearly white awhile ago.

"Just monitor the area after the fire subsided. Also, find the pearl on the ground and bring it to me by morning."

After the earth-shattering thunder strike earlier, the whole ground trembled, and it caught in the fire caused by the lightning strike. The epicenter on the ground was still spurting with blue and red flames. It was still too dangerous to even get closer to the scene.

Fu Jin Hao was only a little disappointed that there are warriors who got charred along with the escapees.

"Such people turned into a crisp," he muttered while on standby.

Gao Xiao retracted his presence and off on his own bed-chamber. The night had become old, and now it should be close to morning. He needed a little rest before the day starts tomorrow or he's head will ache without having proper sleep.

"Deputy, where should I bury their corpses after this?"

After the fire subsided, there should be a few corpses lying on the ground including those three.

Gao Xiao turned at the last remnants of the burning ground akin to the pitch of torture hell.

"What can you do with the corpses? Throw them on the river."

Fu Jin Hao nodded and stood on the sideline.

He got a little disappointed that it reduced those people to this. He was even looking forward to killing that woman by his own hands yet only this ritual could kill her. It was truly such a bummer; such a good rival partner lost though.


The illuminating light almost blinded the entire city followed by a blaring sound of thunder. Everyone was almost afraid to get out of their houses upon experiencing such a phenomenon.

It was also the same on the base when both the recuperating Jing Sang and Ting Lin jolted on the sudden sound. Though their body was still rigid and was aching totally, the two-seat upfront and peek at the window.

Jing Sang couldn't shrug off the unpleasant feeling deep inside his chest.

Thinking back on those days, he's become more and more useless. Getting disappointed in himself. He was useless back then. And on the account of his uselessness, Sang Shui and the other's life were put into a dangerous situation.

Their mission should only be on defense and look out on the other group, however after hours of idling and having an eerie environment, a group of warriors suddenly gang upon them and with Gao Xiao behind. With many warriors present and with the Deputy himself, Jing Sang couldn't escape at all. When he tried to sneak some of his fellow men to warn the other group, that person was immediately attacked by this group, henceforth, they weren't able to warn Sang Shui's party at all.

As a warrior, it's a disappointment on him. He wanted to lament on his dire fate, however things won't get back from the past. Things had already happened and the future should go on. Getting the three out without staking the life of a citizen is a feat too impossible with the Deputy's overwhelming troupe.

Getting them out from the cell was too impossible, added to that the Deputy might even annihilate his small-time citizen of this City on the wrong move they could act.

He just hopes that the three could hang in there and wait for the proper opportunity to come.

Jing Sang and Ting Lin's bed were adjacent. When Jing Sang's face almost recovered from the shadows, Ting Lin's appearance was a total mess, pallid and deathly pale. Even the surrounding ambiance was too gloomy just like he exudes an aura of a widowed person.

Jing Sang tried to reach out on him but before he could even do so, he's mouth opened,

"H-have you seen what had just happened?" His voice trembled and his lips quivered while speaking.

Jing Sang thought of the unusual thunder that struck awhile ago and nodded. But his reaction was a little bland compared to him.

Ting Lin almost choked from his reaction, his voices squeak and added, " Thousand lightning bolt spiritual array." He said in a declaration without a room of doubt about it. In fact, he was sure of this spiritual array.

Jing Sang knew it, it's an ancient circle array that had been developed for the benefit of executing prison violators and those that commit grave crimes. Rumor is that those who had beenexecuted on this didn't last long and died on the spot. The thunderbolt that came from the sky had a hundred electrifying bolts that could turn a person into a complete mince crush of ashes. Even the person who was the strongest in the entire village wouldn't able to last on this kind of banishment. Even the current Chiefs couldn't even do so.

Jing Sang's thinking ability was quite lower than Ting Lin and he wasn't able to grasp behind the meaning of his words.

Ting Lin's face flushed on a bead of tears in which Jing Sang became frantic. Not knowing the sudden reason behind this he muttered, "Ting Lin"

"You didn't really know?" He added, feeling like it's almost over. The end has come to them. Ting Lin felt that all these past months' efforts were turned into burnt ashes. The end was a tragedy. They became arrogant, knowing they gained a strong ally however, their capriciousness even made them stumble to the ground. If only he was a little useful and didn't get caught...will things turned differently?

Feeling like the world had turned their back on him, Ting Lin added, "That thunder bold earlier was activated through that spiritual array. Sang Shui...they're definitely gone.gone in a blink of an eye someone, someone should have escaped from that circle" though it was just wishful thinking, Ting Lin didn't felt any hope.

That array will be activated once it captures the target before starting everything else. A castor's blood should pour on the circle along with the enchantments of the presiders.

Jing Sang's chest felt heavy, it was as if, he almost grasped what Ting Lin was trying to say but he refused to believe.

His face was still looking on Ting Lin and he tried to plaster a weak smile of encouragement however it failed. His lips quivered but not happy, his eyes mellow and a small drop of liquid fall.

"Ting Lin Don't jinx them.. word has power to"

"CAN'T YOU NOT SEE IT! Who's prisoner did you think they captured! They almost freed all of their citizens for the three! Jing Sang Sang Shui might.. might dead by now!"

He choked and grasp Jing Sang's collar and glared ferociously. Today he didn't know where to focus his anger and his heartbreaks. Without knowing what had transpired and happened. He shook Jing Shang's body with tears coming down on his face.

Jing Sang's brain turned blank from the instant and only the last words that Ting Lin said were ringing on his head.

Dead? It couldn't be? Sang Shui was strong, also, they had that woman on their back that was an explosive omnipotent being. How could they die on that?

Ting Lin must be crazy.

They are not dead.

Jing Sang refused to believe it.

He dashed outside just to find confirmation. Who knows, maybe he could find a breath of positivism just outside.

However, on the contrary, everyone's spirits were low. Dark faces and red eyes obvious from crying are visible. No one spoke when he walked near them.

Why don't you speak at all?

Where are your hearty waves of laughter and positives despite dire moments?

There was still no corpse and they could still have a chance. But why would these people be gloomy to the point there were mourning for a burial of a certain someone?

No, he couldn't believe it at all.

Those three are powerful trio. At least the woman will do so.

"Jing Sang..."

Some of them took pity as they saw him on that state but no one dared to lift his mood. Most of the person was having their solemn mood.

"Jing Sang, my boy..." Tian Xuo repeated his call.

"We've got a report from them. There were corpses burnt and charred found after the ritual on the Deputy's hidden backyard."

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