Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 164

Volume 1 Chapter 164 The Mission To Find

Jing Sang was always a 'Doubting Thomas' of his kind. Rumors will be rumors and will have no credibility, even if it's their informant who declared that there were no survivors from the prisoners who banished from the place, he won't believe it all unless he's in front of their corpses; and he will literally point it out the appearance base of their own physique.

The base was like a funeral home until this moment. A day had passed, and no one wanted to open the business. Each had on their gloomy mood to consider.

The shop that was usually bustling was filled with lamentationsand sorrows. Every member brought over their best quality of clothes to hang on the wall. They even put the table on the sideline to give a spacious ground in the middle.

They set the stage in a fervent decoration of total white curtains; in the middle setting is a mahogany table with candlelit incense with a vivid charcoal portrait of the three-person.

Sang Shui's portrait was in the middle, and on his side were two people who were a recent member of the group

They treated the second floor as a guest's room for those who wanted to take a nap on the night. In was bustling this day but the type that the people were being respectful and timid on their ways; not wanting to get rude in front of the deceased.

Jing Sang clenched his fist.

He passed by the loud mourners of people. Some were the family of those they who led out of the prison, while others are those that Sang Shui had given a charity and his selfless help.

Some were crying hysterically.; bawling on their hearts contents, pouring the heroic deed of Sang Shui in the middle of the room; or collapsing just after taking a glance at Sang Shui's burial portrait.

These were some casual occurrences inside.

Sang Shui had helped a lot of citizens therefore many people paid tribute when he's gone. It wasn't even three days, and the crowd was almost dense.

Sang Shui was even part of Jing Sang's development, back then when he suffered from total depression from his family, he was the one who taught him that human nature wasn't twisted at all and that there are some who possess a selfless conscience. He thought Sang Shui was the only person who he will get closed to him but Su Ci Yi came, broke the barrier he had been building in years. Even in his sharp tongue, she had never taken it maliciously or even harbor ingrate feelings from him. Although she gets back at him from time to time, the woman never bore a grudge against his poisonous tongue.

This is the second day that he refused to even pay his tribute and condolences.

No matter what, it's still futile to believe them.

Tian Xuo was standing on the sideline near the middle table and was observing with deadpan eyes those loud mourners. He couldn't see Ting Lin at all. He must have locked himself inside the room.

Jing Sang went out.

Because if he stayed for a long time inside, he could easily be led by the happenings inside. He only got a little hope on his chest and this tiny ray of light, he must hold on it no matter what. This was what made him in control so far.

His foot brought him in front of the Deputy's abode. Where the said tragedy occurred.

However, every time Jing Sang tried to set an audience on the deputy. He was always rejected without proper reason. Every time the attendants were all busy and will not entertain him; sometimes they were too lazy to cater to him, even though Jing Sang is a warrior he wasn't shown any ounce of respect. Although he didn't come to earn their loyalty but to find a clue, proof that even himself didn't know.

If the Deputy will not see him, then he's barge his way in.

They tossed him outside the first time he trotted inside; the second time he received a beating from the guard; the third time he sneaked in, he was tied and dragged in the middle of the road; on the fourth time, the servant lost their patience and started to throw cold water on him and the firth was much painful; he was chased by the mad dog and soon bitten.

His whole day was just like that and he almost forgot to eat.

He didn't want to go back to that place that he almost considered home. When he goes back, he'll see Sang Shui's portrait again with his innocent and bright smile. Or Su Ci Yi's idiotic laughter bartering with him or Qin Yu does he have fond memories of him?

Even so, he didn't want to

He was occupied with his thought he almost ran over with a chubby child whose face reminded him of a certain someone.

Bending down on the level of the kid, he looked at his face to see any trace of grievances and sorrow.

"Did you cry on your father?"

Jing Sang instinctively brought him to his arms.

Qin Tao shook his head and replied in a firm tone like imitating a full-fledge a.d.u.l.t, "I must stay strong this time. Master thought me to be calm in distress situations and never let my emotions run through me."

Jing Sang was even ashamed of himself. He, an a.d.u.l.t didn't even know what was the path of his daily life anymore.

He envied the obliviousness of the children. The kind ofsimple thought and unknown to the conspiracies of the world. Maybe it was that no one informed this child of what had happened the reason he's reaction is bland and without care. Should he tell him that his father might be among the corpses? Why would he tell him something that he wasn't sure of?

"Where did you go from? It's dangerous for a kid like you to roam outside." Now that he mentioned it, his child wasn't even on the base last night, even the days that had passed.

Qin Tao clung to him tightly like he was used to it, "I went to Cheng Ning's place. I stayed there for a while."

It's a good thing that despite the concurrence, this child somehow knew how to make his way through. Jing Sang patted the back of Qin Tao, not knowing what tell.

"Tell me if you needed something. Uncle will gladly help you with it."

"Um." Qin Tao made a childish recognition. From Jing Sang's embrace, he shifted his position and put his lips a little closer to him. "If it's all right, then Uncle could help me with my request then?"

His misty round eyes stared innocently at Jing Sang. If a kid will ask on this way, no a.d.u.l.t could disregard it.

"What is it? Tell me." he wasn't this gentle than before. In most circ.u.mstances, Jing Sang's tone would always be rude and violent that people could get easily misunderstood him. Only a few could stay with him.

"Help me find Daddy? Can you?"

On this note, Jing Sang was taken aback feeling a little guilty with the expectant eyes of the child. He had been on the Deputy's office but he was rejected like a dog with no regard for his plea. When he tried to sneak inside earlier, he could see a lot of corpses covered with cloth. No one was still in the vicinity as he tried to uplift each cover. However, horror struck him when he couldn't recognize most of the corpses because of their totally charred appearance. It would be nice if he could recognize them through their clothes but each of them was n.a.k.e.d, their garments were burnt to ashes and fleshed totallyblackened.

Qin Tao knock him on his blank state and spoke, "Can you help me, Uncle?"

"I-I don't know if you know"

"Uncle if you will also tell me they are dead then I will get angry. Daddy is still alive. I know it."

He looked at the strong resolution within the eyes of the child. He was embarrassed that they share the same sentiments yet he didn't possess that kind of resolution. It's just that he wasn't that confident in his plea. However, this child was brave to voice out his own reflections.

"I do also believe that they are not dead yet"

"Then why Uncle was so passive. They might be stranded in some area and we have to find them." Qin Tao from his embrace crawled down and reach for his hand.

Jing Sang holds his hand for fear that he might lose this little thing along the way,

"We don't have a lead where they are. Only the corpses were in that area."

"Daddy is not there."

Curious Jing Sang bent on his level, "So then, do you know where they are?"

Qin Tao beamed in radiance and puffed his face in confidence. Now, he's expertise willbe put into a test,

" I, the humble me knows where my master's aura is!"

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