Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 165

Volume 1 Chapter 165 The Slick Thread Of Aura

Jing Sang was totally dumbfounded. Seeing the confident tone of the kid, even the slightest doubt he should have felt at this moment dissipated. He seemed assured, and by the tone of his voice, he really knows what he was doing.

Either way, even if he believes him or not, he had nothing to lose, anyway. It's like hewas faced in the dead-end and the appearance of the kid was a heavenly oasis in the middle of the deserted land.

"You're master's aura, huh?" His face crumpled into an unknown. " Who's your master then?"

Qin Tao humped and walked dragging along the big man behind. It kind of disappointed that he got a lot of questions, he even didn't notice who was his master, " Master is master. Seriously, you're always with her yet you haven't realized how awesome and cool my master is. Hercompany iswasted on a person such as you are."

Jing Sang was left on deep thoughts. His master is a woman and has a close relationship with her. Was it Su Ci Yi? If that is so, then that makes sense.

But he never knew that the woman was of high nobility. Everything she did and her etiquette was quite for the commoners. She wasn't elegant at all but brusk and clumsy.

They were in the middle of the road, one man was being dragged by a serious child. The onlookers were quite delighted to see such a scene that they couldn't make their eyes on them. Jing Sang was embarrassed, picked Qin Tao up and hold him. This way, it'll be easier to walk and stride than to let the child dragged him by the hand which was quite humiliating for an a.d.u.l.t.

"Your master is Su Ci Yi? Was she some nobility or high-ranking official on your place?"

"No, the master is a Daoist. She's too strong."

Jing Sang's eyes popped out. He took his hand on the child's mouth and he didn't let the child utter any single word until they reach the base.

They reached the base conspicuously and directly went to his own room; interrogate this child with his own antics and ask questions he knew could help him find them.

Although the base was too hectic with bustling people here and there. He didn't pay respect to in front of the portrait.

Instead, he deadpan strides on the second floor with only minding his own business.

When he had put the child on the floor, he locked the door immediately.

"What did you say again?"

Qin Tao makes himself comfortable.

"Master is a Daoist."

Jing sang only clenched his fist. He didn't know what to do. Did he say Daoist?

He was fully aware of the existence of these people..or rather immortals. They are the ones that would live for almost a hundred years truly antagonizing the basic flow of human life.

For how many years had it come since the tale of the holy person exists? In their village, there exist such mystical myths that have passed down from the generation and since young, he was very fond of this legend and it was his favorite one.

The tale had passed down from their ancestors and ancestors.

There came a person in their village. The man has a magnificent aura and turbulent spiritual energy coming from him. They considered them a holy person with the kind ofenergy he is exuding; gentle and kind.

His presence was light a guiding light to their village as the place was plagued with a catastrophe at that time.

The village was a plaque with an unimaginable poison that almost killed the whole residents of the area and thought that the poison will kill all of them, swipe the whole place clean and without any survivor. It was said that the poison is contained within the air, the reason is easily spread and annihilated almost all of the citizens.

Yet on those dire moments, someone showed up and offer to investigate the situation. No one knew where he came from.

That person was able to identify the root cause of the recent happenings and was able to purify the contaminated air. In reward for his achievement, the chief grant him the title of a 'Holy Person'. During his stay, he became the Chief's assistant and with his innate and omnipotent skill, he was hailed throughout the years. Even if the Chiefs had died, he stayed and nurture the next coming chief in his lifetime. He lived honing numerous chiefs in his long stay.

Legends were spread throughout the land and almost all the citizens knew the power that lies beyond this holy person.

However, one day, he just suddenly disappeared.

Leaving a treasure that could help them annihilate in case the said poison will come again. However, no one knew what was the treasure that he left behind.

After all, it was all part of the legends that had happened so far. Even if others didn't believe this, Jing Sang does believe in it.

His grandfather, a robust warrior of his time who directly served the previous chief told him about the speculation that 'Holy Person' introduced himself as a Daoist.

"You're saying your master is a DAOIST?" Jing San reiterated and put emphasis on the last word of his.

Qin Tao felt irritated getting ask for the second time.

Jing Sag felt like a dumbass for his repetitive question. He scratched the back of his head and apologized to him. "If your master is a Daoist then she must be strong. If you are confident that you could find Sang Shui's group, then this Uncle will be on your side..."His smile now was wide and clear.

As if the lump pf thorns on his chest felt like its being liftedup. If 'that woman' is truly a Daoist, then there's a possibility that they survived at that blast.

That woman can't die just like that.

"and also....that aura detection that you mentioned, is that what your master thought you? If so, can you trace her now?"

Qin Tao looked proud. "Leave it to me!"

The little child jumped on his bed energetically. He seated uptight and close his eyes while maintaining his lotus position. He fully focused his inner energy on the surrounding. Feeling the different flows of energy from the living organism. Then like a thread trying to find a single unique thread, he searched for a certain unique aura.

Qin Tao's body felt like floating in the air. His mind converged to the millions of fine thread intertwining against each other. There are different colors of it with the most dominant ones are red. Second, are the violet and black with the rarest as the white and silver.

He remains in that position and focused entirely on finding the aura that he was familiar with. Soon, he found a silver lining coming from the direction of the south. Immediately, he grabbed that thread and trail in which direction in connects. When Qin Tao opened his eyes again, he was sweating already. He didn't know that touching that thin thread-like lining would make him shudder on his position since the one he caught was from his master who had a special physique.

Jing Sang immediately assisted the child and patted him on his back, "What happened, are you all right?"

"I found master!" He jumped down on the bed and run through the window as he pointed the southern direction.

The southern part was where the deep forest lurks, Creatures like wings beasts, reptiles, and mutated monsters are lurking on this deep night and would have loved to prey on someone especially on the night with the moonless moon.

Beast in this particular area is more aggressive this time around.

It would have bad luck to them that tonight is a moonless moon.

It was dangerous to thread that path tonight.

Seeing him being passive again Qin Tao tugged the hem of his robe, "Uncle, we should hurry, master's spiritual energy was depleting and it was so weak!"

Jing Sang thought, why does it need to be tonight?

"Wait here. I'll be back."

With that, Jing Sang rushed outside. Qin Tao didn't know his destination but he patiently waited.

Jing Sang's direction was in the next room. Tang Lin's room was situated next to him and ever since that day, he never went outside and only locking himself. He didn't even receive any visitors nor go out to eat. It's pretty obvious that this guy wanted to try to commit suicide, by starving himself.

"Ting Lin let's go hunting tonight!"

He bolted ransacking the door of him.

The room was totally dark. At first, Jing Sang had a hard time finding him in the middle of dark shadows but in the end, he saw him sitting just behind his bed. He looked emaciated and pallid. His lips were almost dry and purple pale. Even with the blunder he created, he didn't flinch an inch. He remains motionless as it is.

He walked near him and tapped his shoulders, "Sang Shui and the other are still alive, let's go find them okay?"

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