Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 166

Volume 1 Chapter 166 Inside The Core Of The Forest

The trio - Su Ci Yi, Qin Yu, and Sang Shui were able to escape the devil's luck just in a nick of time. A little miscalculation on Su Ci Yi's enchantment could derail their transportation spell that could make a reverse impact on her.

Her transportation spell is one of her prominent spells once she was still a nascent soul on their sect. Although the same spell requires a massive amount of spiritual energy but if performed correctly is one of the convenient spells on her records.

But since the spell was abruptly done and with some instruction were missed because of the fuzzy and forgetful memories of her, Su Ci Yi wasn't able to perform it smoothly.

In violation of the supposed to be the premise in conducting the spell, it came back to her body.

She was able to change location just before the lightning struck and transported into a dark and spooky place. As soon as they landed, she couldn't take the toll on her body and her consciousness slip.

They didn't know how many days had passed but because of the damp environment of the place they are currentlyin, the presence to time seemed not working.

Droplets of water fall down from the upper portion and the loud sound of bats on groups was too much to consider. The dark environment and the rough crevices were enough to be strong proof that they are inside a cave.

Qin Yu was the first one to open his eyes and looked at the two people beside him. He woke up from the strangeness of the surroundings and the bizarre sensation it brought to him.

Shortly just outside, he felt the loud flapping of the wings that landed on the ground. It caused a slight tremor on the rigid ground that woke him up. He went outside to see that it was the same small dragon that they had abandoned once they are on the Deputy's abode. The same one that guards a typical rare millenium pearl.

The charcoal coated spike dragon stood in front of him and lowered its head like it wanted to be patted on it. Its size was twice the size of the human but when it acted like that, it gives the feeling of a small little chihuahua that wanted its master's attention.

Qin Yu raised his hand in response and stared at the ashen-colored eyes of the beast, "Aren't your master is Gao Xiao? Why are you here?"

The little dragon whimper as if in response to his inquiry, if Qin Yu could understand the little dragon spoke like this: [That bastard wasn't my master, he captures me from my abode. You are my master now.]

Then it licked Qin Yu's hand that reached out to it.

Qin Yu was filled with strangeness, it seemed thatthis little beast was inclined to like him. Thinking back then, even the most ferocious one will turn up to him. It all started with the marshal eagle that once he thought would attack him but it turned out that it was his ally since it helped him get away from Fu Jin Hao on this where he was on the door of death.

If his deduction was correct, then should he try it all of it could succ.u.mb to him?

He'd like to comprehend how much is the extent of this ability of him, or if there is an unconditional limit to all of it.

"Little guy, would you like to stroll around the area?"

Since the two was still sleeping, he will grab the chance to find them something to eat first.After all, when all of them were in a depleted state, they needed to revitalize their energy before going back and doing anything else.


Jing Sang dragged the almost lifeless and no-intention-to-struggle-in-life Ting Lin. When he spoke to him thatthey will find Sang Shui, his eyes lighten for a second however, it's only for a slit second and reverted backagain to their original lifeless glint.

From the very start, he was already dragging a lifeless form of humanity, Jing Sang didn't need to worry. Ting Lin's mood will come back again if they were faced with the mire predicament. Since tonight is moonless, the strange beast that lurks on the deepest depths of the earth will come to them when they thread the inside somehow, it'll turn his attention to that for a while.

He wanted to recruit Tian Xuo but since this man served as a stiff statue guarding the burial portrait of three; he declined to do so. They got a little time before the setting sun will fall and by this time, they ought to give their best to find them while it still had sun.

"Listen kid, the forest will be a dangerous one, so don't get lost or don't get stray from me. You will be our group's important person so you ought to say if you felt anything is wrong. The forest is dangerous, don't stay silent if you sense something is off."

Qin Tao carefully listened to him and crawled on his back secured by a wrapped cotton cloth.

"Un!" he nodded in affirmation.

Jing Sang turned to the lifeless fake buddha basking in the setting sun, Ting Lin, "Let's go"


Inside the forest, was still peaceful at this hour. It was because the sun is still up and the monsters were still at their own territory right now.

Qin Tao was being carried by Jing Sang on his back while Ting Lin followed.

Following the direction which the kid pointed, he speeds up however, no matter how they run towards it, it felt that it's still far away to reach. "Are you sure this was this direction?"

This was far the most deep he invaded the forest. Some warriors only threaded the outer part of the forest which was already quite a danger zone to them. But running deep on the core sent him a little perturbed.

A person when he didn't know what lies ahead will immediately felt agitated and would have like to turn tail, but this time, even his tail was asking to turn back, Jing Sang's mind was focused on finding them.

Qin Tao tucked tightly on his neck that he almost choked on it, then he looked up in the vast aurora sky and by the rustling leaves on the trees, when he immediately felt something he picked Jing Sang's ear and whispered,

"Uncle, there's something up above."

Jing Sang and Ting Lin stopped.

Soon the large shadow from the sky that almost blocked the sun rays appeared. The large entity up above had tantamount to vile existing energy on the inner core of the forest.

The large creature flapped its wings creating small whirlwinds from below and Jing Sang immediately a few meters away in order not to get caught by it. However, his eyes popped out when he saw Ting Lin without a budge on his position. He's even staring at the magnificent creature in showering in the air looking for ground to land. Like a dumb deer staring on a headlight, he is.

"Uncle, that one seemed to want to commit suicide." Qin Tao pointed out towards Ting Lin and his foolish act.

"Ting Lin, get out there or you'll get crushed by it!" Jing Sang shouted from behind.

Ting Lin saw the devil black creature and thoughts coming along like, "Ah, so this is my end." And just like that, he didn't move nor budge on his position. Sang Shui already left them, he might as well follow them on the other part of the world.

Dang that Ting Lin, so he came here just to want to meet his end!

The things escalated quickly, and the creature propelled to land on the ground.

"Ting Lin get out there!"

Jing Sang called him again however his eyes were already bloodshot. He didn't know if things are registering on his mind.

Ting Lin only saw the creature up above him and was descending at a fast pace. If his demise is to get crushed by this creature

However, someone who came from above jumped down on him. His landing was right on the mark as he landed on him. He felt that it wasn't the large body of the creature, but the weight of a man with the same build as him. The sound of the crunching of hislimbsbeingtrampled uponwas heard.

Qin Yu looked down on the suspicious entity that he had stepped down and crumpled his forehead, "Is this thing still alive?"

"Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!" the moment he saw the man, Qin Tao's eyes glimmer and jumped from Jing Sang to his father and shouted.

Qin Yu immediately shot a glance and caught the child who's face turned into a mushy red bun from trying not to cry at this moment.

"I am here now. You didn't cause trouble along the way right?"

"Nah-ah." Qin Tao shook his head vigorously. " I'm the one who leads them here because I saw the master's aura!"

"Is that so." He caressed the child's head and praise his bravery. "Good, little Ah Tao seemed to grow mature already. Daddy will give you a reward after we went back."

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