Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 167

Volume 1 Chapter 167 The Unexpected Appearance

Qin Yu climbed up on his dragon beast along with his child. Qin Tao was too happy to see his father again as he clung and hum along the way.

The beast was docile and tamed. Qin Yu didn't find it difficult to adjust to the beast, it's the beast who is adjusting to him. The limit of his ability seemed to cater to all the strange creatures that lurk inside, and so far the creatures that stick to him were no ordinary one but those with savage instinct. This strangeness wasn't new to him since getting on this place is already an elusive feat to consider.

"Daddy what should we do to them?" Qin Tao pointed on the two people that were still standing on the ground.

Jing Sang's eyes were almost blinded by the scene he saw. Since Qin Yu is alive, therefore Sang Shui and Su Ci Yi were alive too! Good thing he followed this kid! Who would have thought he really is his shining light that will brighten his day?

He looked up towards Ting Lin who was also surprised. His eyes rimmed in droplets of liquid and plop on the hard ground. He let out a loud sigh chasing out all the depressing energy that had acc.u.mulated on his chest.

Sang Shui is still alive! He is still alive! He rejoiced on this sudden revelation. After sitting on the ground for a long time he ran towards the high beast at full speed to inquire of their situation, however, his mirth was only short-lived when he was swept away by the long tail of the beast in front.

Jing Sang, "" Good thing he didn't get near on it despite his agitation or else he'll turn like a speck of dirt being swept by a broomstick, just like what happened to Ting Lin.

Despite his own trivial thoughts, he ran towards his comrade and worriedly spoke, "Ting Lin, Ting Lin, are you still alive?"

Ting Lin cough blood on his mouth. He didn't die in starvation nor fretful cowardice but maybe he will die by the tail of a beast?

Dang it! When he wanted to die he didn't, but when he had received a glimpse of hope fate wanted to play tricks on him.

Qin Yu looked down on the ground, his eyes slanted on the silhouette of two people and answered his child's inquiry,

"Just leave them be."

He doesn't have any ounce of sympathy on these people either way. If Su Ci Yi didn't associate herself with them and held them high regard, he won't easily hand his secret formula of the medicine.

This so-called prejudice of bravery for the poor, but only recruited a tiny woman to do all the work? Just how pathetic of a man they are? Because of them, YiYi was almost crushed to her death. If he won't strike a fine line and warn them, then these people will just exploit her goodwill.

"But Dad..." Qin Tao tried to reason out, but his father's grudge was held high against these people and it's prettyobvious.

" Qin Qing won't bring them on his body either way." Qin Qing is the name he'd given to the dragon beast.

Jing Sang saw that the man had no intention of bringing them over. Before he could even move himself, the creature flew high in the air without minding them. Jing Sang shouted on top of his lungs and forcefully used his slick vines to catch wind of this creature which he successfully bounded one of its legs.

" Young lord, please take us with you. We want to see Sang Shui. We promised we won't be much of a hassle on the way."

"Do you want to bring them?" Qin Yu asked the child in his arms.

"Daddy, they wanted to see master and the other man. Can daddy let them go with us?"

Qin Yu nodded. The beast he was sitting seemed to guess his intention and therefore swept his tail and hooked the people from below. The beast is a proud creature and it won't take people aside from its master on its back. Therefore, it won't use his majestic body for accommodation but let them hang on his spiky tail.


It didn't take long before they reached the cave. The area they landed was too deep into the forest. The prune grasses that almost reached a human height was too thick. Looking over, it's too dangerous to trail this path, a dangerous creature might suddenly attack without prior knowledge. Even that robust built of the tree was too evil with its intertwining wines on its trunk.

Since the sun fell, many unidentified eerie howls and sound of beasts reverberated signaling the start of their predation hunt. If Jing Sang and Ting Lin were left behind, who knows if they could still see the morning sunrise by tomorrow? Usually beast became unrestrained and wild when there is no moon on the night.

It was so dark pacing inside but since both Jing Sang and Ting Lin were warriors, their eyes were already used to it. Jing Sang looked at Qin Yu and saw that he didn't felt compelled with the darkness either.

"You're here."

Jing Sang heard the familiar voice and the same usual gentle tone of the man they are looking for. And he couldn't help but run on his side. Ting Lin followed and walk near Sang Shui.

The three's reunion was awe-inspiring and mirthful that made every onlooker's heart flitter flutter however that was not the case, the only people present were the two identical people that from the very beginning didn't look at Sang Shui. Instead, they trotted to the person lying on the other side and was still unconscious.

"Master, master!" Qin Tao jumped on the woman's stomach and called unto her excitedly. His first thought was that his master was only sleeping so he ought to wake her up.

But when he saw that he couldn't wake her, he turned his head towards his father of whom by his side was also crumpling his forehead. Su Ci Yi had been sleeping for a whole day. It's baffling to see her still unconscious while even Sang Shui already woke up. He reached for her temperature and its normal with no abnormalities on her pulse.

"Daddy, why won't master wake up? Is it because her aura is too weak?"

Hearing him say that, Qin Yu was even worried. Her body might be all right but there's this called spiritual aura. She might exhaust it when she abruptly transported the three of them in this place since he himself felt the fluctuations inside the spatial dimension earlier.

"Her spiritual energy is low. She has used a triple spiritual essence when she transported us earlier. So no matter how you wake her up, she won't open her eyes." Sang Shui walked on her side and stretch out his hand to feel her breath on her nose. However, Qin Yu abruptly stopped his hand midway and warned, "Refrain from touching her. You and your phony organization. Stay out of her."

Sang Shui didn't take Qin Yu's action seriously. He only retreated his hand and pulled it behind his back.

"I deeply apologized. After this event, rest assuredwe won't let her suffer like this nor let herself be in danger because of us."

"Can your apology wake her up?"Qin Yu won't let them off the hook. His grumpiness today was at the highest level. His not only angry at them but he was also struggling against himself. For he, in the first place was saved by her.

Sang Shui looked downwards, ashamed by his own vulnerability and uselessness. Once he gained his composure, he looked straight into Qin Yu's face ready to refute him, "How about you? Aren't you the same? You didn't do anything but in the end,also rely on her."

Qin Yu's malicious aura leaked on the cave. His eyes deeply glared at Sang Shui.

Jing Sang saw the tension building behind and therefore made himself the middle man stopped the impending war between dominant people. Qin Tao hugged his father's neck sensing he's angry mood. It's scary to looked at. He didn't want his daddy to get angry at all. His master won't wake up now, he needed his daddy to stay calm.

A little, just a little bit and if they didn't exist, these two will surely attack and fight each other. A ferocious eagle against a vicious leopard.

Thinking over, this is the first time Jing Sang saw Sang Shui's aggressive side. Since the man was always neutral or calm amidst dire situations, this set as his first time to refute and suggest his strong disagreement against the young lord and it was all because of the unconscious woman lying in front of them. Surely, her charmed was too intoxicating that it broke the usual demeanor of these two.

"Young boys, it's not always a good thing to fight over it. Although a woman like this will definitely render his partner useless, you two shouldn't be blamed. She took it willing on herself."

Both people turned their heads to the direction of the raspy voice. From the dark crevice of the wall, a silhouette of an old man appeared. His grizzled beard almost reached his chest and his wearing tattered clothes full of patches and holes. His wrinkled skin was full of small scratches and a wound that is not serious. He walked languidly upfront.

Jing Sang, Sang Shui, and Ting Lin both showed a stunned looked on their face. Then in unison, like they share the same mind at the moment shouted loud and clear,


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