Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 168

Volume 1 Chapter 168 Lingering Cave

The old man whom Sang Shui, Jing Sang and Ting Lin called 'Chief' went towards Su Ci Yi and bend down to see her state. Studying her condition while massaging the thick long beard he mumbled,

"Hmmm, it seemed serious than I thought. She almost used up all her energy inside. Poor thing."

Jing Sang butted in, even though he wanted to interrogate this oldie where he went all this time, he decided not to do so. Since Su Ci Yi's condition was critical.

"Is she gonna be all right? What could we do on her state?"

"Relax, she won't die with me here. Now then, I'll transfer some of my energy on her now."

The old man grabbed her hand and channel some of his spiritual strength on her. The flow of light waves instantly channeled on her like a current flowing from the river. His style of transferring was smooth and slick. As the current of energy was being transferred on her, Su Ci Yi's complexion got a little better.

Earlier, even though she's sleeping her face was pale and if not for her pulsating breath, she almost looked like a dead lying on the ground.

He was in the middle of channeling when the old man put down the hand and turned to them. "I can't do no more. My spiritual essence is already low. I'll collapse if I continue. Now then, who among you wanted to channel their energy in her"

"Let me be." Qin Yu presented without finishing what the other person was saying.

"Come here, young man." He took his hand and studied his pulse. At first, he was delighted to this voluntary act but sooner, his face crumpled and twitched.

"You've got an enormous power within you. However, the energy circulating on your body is not compatible with her, should we proceed and it'll get this lady in trouble?"

Qin Yu didn't let it happened as he pulled out and stepped back.

"Chief! Let me in!" Jing Sang shouted, full of enthusiasm but the old man blatantly ignored him.

"Sang Shui, my boy come here. Let me try your energy."

Sang Shui didn't waste time and get near him. After scrutinizing his spiritual essence the 'Chief' declared that it was good to transfer now.

Sang Shui transferred his energy to Su Ci Yi. He followed how their Chief conducted the performance earlier and soon, flows of energy circulating on him channeled throughout her. He can even see the white light traveling from his veins as it continually flowed throughout the body.

After the action was completed, the exhausted Sang Shui hurled on the side to recuperate for a while. While Qin Yu went back to her side, waiting for any improvement on her body or if she will wake up anytimesoon.

However, there is no such thing still happening and a lot of time had passed now.

The night had begun tocast its shadow. The vicious beasts started to make their move on their forest territory. However, even if these creatures dared to hunt the people inside the cave, the dragon beast of Qin Yu is guarding their estate and their safety tonight.

The group didn't make a move to go out. It's unreasonable to travel the forest tonight. If they ever go out, they'll just meet their end there. Even if there are people on their group, it's all useless if the creatures of the shadows attacked them in full packed. Their safety is guaranteed unless they trail the path on this moonless night.

Qin Tao felt bored now. Without his master, this group of big men was boring to be with. His small little mouth pouted, and his lips twitched in dissatisfaction. He glided on Su Ci Yi's side and never left.

"Why is master not waking up?"

"She's only recuperating, she'll wake up soon. Come here. Scooting there, you'll make her suffocate."

But little Qin Tao shook his head and didn't return on his father's side.

Seeing him being stubborn, he didn't mind it. He turned to look at the suspicious old man who appeared out of nowhere. It's quitetrulyconspicuous that they run on this cave and meet him while the other people inside were even calling him Chief.

Lingua Liu is the Chief's name and the current sitting high authority besides Gao Xiao. If one could remember, he went out together with his disciple Fu Jin Hao to find the cure of the plaque circulating around the area. He left his position for a while towards his next heirGao Xiao.

When they were on the way, the two meet the herd of rampaging beast and the two got separated. As it turned out, Lingua Liu because of his injuries from fighting those beasts, fled inside this cave.

Who would have thought thatthe moment he stepped inside, it triggered the trapping seal that placed by someone ahead of time? From that time he couldn't go out. His only companion in the dark and lonely place is an energy crystal that he used to monitor Gao Xiao's move from his throne.

Yes, he was monitoring them secretly but aside from that; he had no means of contacting outside.

So far, he'd saw how that stupid Gao Xiao let to suffer his peoplehe and his vicious leadership. In his governance, many people died miserably, and the family falls apart. Children have lost their parents at early age and women being widowed supporting their kids alone.

He saw how Gao Xiao punished those poor citizens without fair justice and bend the law on his own whims.

What'smore, he even took an interest in the millennium pearl which wassecretly hidden in his chamber. He hadn't known that the child he took from the mud will be the same child who stabbed him on the back.

Lingua Liu wouldn't be surprised anymore to know the perpetrator of his demise that seal the cave was also him!

The sealwas broken by a spatial interference that transported three people on the ground. He didn't make a move earlier not knowing the nature ofthese people. After all that happened to him, he became vigilant in the face of human interactions. He did not understand what had happened to this group of youngsters but he knew Gao Xiao might have battered these kids. When he realized that Sang Shui was among the three, he lowered his guard down but didn't step up.

However, despite his suspicions, he couldn't help but beawed by the spell that broke the seal inside the cave. When someone was able to break away on it, it only meant that they are far stronger than them.

Gao Xiao was inferior to him but he was able to seal him because of the aid of the pearl which homes the abundant spiritual energy from the moon. However, this woman, her existence far more exceed that pearl and was able to break the spell away.

He knew Ting Lin, Jing Sang and Sang Shui, the other man beside him is a mystery to him. However, when he studied his pulse earlier, it was strange. It's an energy that he wasn't familiar with but felt it somewhere and forgot where it was.

It was even strange for him to have that kind of enormous amount on his body.

These two people that he didn't know, they were surely not from here. That Sang Shui boy of his, just where did he recruit this kind of living monsters in their city?

"Old man if you looked like than on my woman, I won't hesitate to hack your neck at this moment."

Lingua Liu didn't know that his expression betrayed his face and turned back. "I wasn't like that young man. I was only wondering when will she wake up."

Qin Yu's answer was to only 'humph' and crossed his arms while leaning on the wall. Guarding the only person who didn't wake up. In his position, he kinda like a bodyguard who had sworn loyalty to his lady in her deep slumber.

"Who are you calling an old man? Call him Chief! He has a high status than you are!" Jing Sang's aggressive tone came back again since he felt all right now.

"Huh? Says that one who was begging earlier to take him with me. Do you want to spend the night outside right now?" Qin Yu tilted his head and release his menacing aura towards him.

Jing Sang hurled backward, didn't refute.

"Young Lord, it's not good to flaunt your power against anyone especially if that one is weaker than you are." it was Sang Shui who spoke, his tone was kind but there was a hint of sarcasm.

"Why don't you become strong so you could do what I can do, huh?"

"That is not what I mean. You seemed too arrogant knowing your beast is the one protecting us. Even if it is, respect is not something that earned through coercion."


Qin Yu clicked his finger, and a mischievous smile appeared on his face.

In an instant, the dragon beast lying just outside the gate rushed inside at a tremendous pace that the groundalmost shook, then it pounced showing its canine fangs right in front of Sang Shui's face.

Jing Sang thought thatthe beast would eat Sang Shui alive however the beast just turned around as if it got bored when his prey didn't even flinch in front of it.

Qin Yu chuckled in a low tone, " I'll give you credit. You are indeedbrave."

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