Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 17

Volume 1 Chapter 17 Sleep Over

A mere 10 million is nothing worth compare to the bundle wealth of the Qin Family has. Qin Yu has considered that amount not a big deal all. He's just a surprise that someone would really dare to specifically named their reward in the form of money.

Su Ci Yi looked at the passive face of Qin Yu and started to doubt the 10 million she is asking " Mr. Qin, you can also pay me installment. I'm not urging you with money. Just don't let it drag for too long" She explained like an expert negotiator.

Qin Yu's eyebrow raised. First she ask for only 10 million out of nowhere. Now she even dare to offer it in installment basis!

Did she underestimated the wealth if his clan?!

But Su Ci Yi all could see was the reluctant face of the man she is offering. She sigh in disappointment and taught though this man is pretty loaded but so stingy! Is 10 million too much of a loss for him? Fine then! "This is my final negotiation Mr. Qin, 7 million. 12 month's installment with no interest rate. Less student discount, Senior Citizen Discount and without tax deduction! Of course you should give me first my guaranty deposit on the first term. The rest will be scheduled up to you when will you pay each month"

Qin Yu was baffled.

Hold your horses girl!

Qin Yu can't followed where did this girl's thinking came from. It's just like he's thinking of planet earth but this girl was already up in Pluto. And before she knew, the conversation comes to this.

He immediately pulled his phone and transferred the amount 10 million on Su Ci Yi's account.

"I have already transferred the money on your account Ms. Su. Again, for this today's inconvenience, I humbly apologies."

"You are being overly polite Mr Qin, you already paid me so its solved now. Your very generous and easy to deal! If you have anything else please do not hesitate to call for me..." hehe and also generously pay me! "...This hospitals phone will be 24/7 available on your line"

Su Ci Yi's pretty ecstatic and her moods lifts up . Back then, every time Su Ci Yi collects money his Senior Brother would scold her. He said a cultivator doesn't need anything like the materialistic desires just like the worldly wealth. But Su Ci Yi secretly keeps it away from her senior brother whenever, she collected one.

No one can stop her from collecting these things!

She was beaming with happiness while talking at the end of the line when she was startled by a loud bang on the door.

A middle age man with partly white hair has excessively broke into her room.

Su Ci Yi immediately recognizes him and called "Father..." but before she could finish her sentence he immediately grab her on her collar shirt. The man grab him and stare look at her with disdain. He was not even satisfied, he also throw all the objects within his reach on the floor with just one scoop of his left hand. His right hand that is gripping is exerted with too much strength.

"Look at the commotion you 'caused again!" The man hissed in front of her face. Su Father roughly handed to her an article with headline topic addressed to her. No, it is not to her but the whole Su Clan.

"Su Family's mental daughter was spotted outside after the broken engagement" - That was the headline in a small time newspaper.

Wow, so that was her? Su Ci Yi look with admiration on the newspaper with her photo taken on it. She was admiring the talent of which photographer has took the picture and is planning to hire him when Su Father snapped her with the reality.

"My doctor allowed me to go outside for a while. Of course Su Ming was with me at that time!"

Su Ci Yi reason out.

Su Mao impatiently look at her idiotic daughter. "What about now! Look, you even brought our Clan's name on it. It is not your name here but the SU FAMILY'S CLAN! Have you not have a lot of shame here! Our investors are backing out because of the recently rumors and our lack of influential backer. Now with this, we'll surely skyrocketed at the bottom!"

Su Ci Yi "..."

Song Mao became even irritated with her daughter's empathetic tone. He harshly released her making her body slump hard on the soft hospital bed! Damn your in luck old man, if she was not the original's owner body she already attacked him and send him 1000 feet away to nirvana. If she hasn't that fond memories from the original however, she will really kick this man's ass out to nowhere.

"Fine! Remain silent as you like! From now on you are not allowed to go out on this institution. I will hire another personal doctor to check on your status and stop you from going out!"

Doesn't Matter " Just do whatever you want. "

Su Mao snickered to her crazy daughter then huff turning to leave. Going here is a waste of his time. Just before he left, he catch a last glimpse of the almost robotic and unemotional child then sigh, "truly hopeless..."

Beep Beep Beep

That was the end of another line.

Qin Yu has already reviewed a lot of doc.u.ments until dawn. He only took a little nap before proceeding to the main office.

Qin Tao woke up early and greeted his father energetically.

He even give him a flying kiss before he goes to the office. Qin Yu was glad to see this child energetic but his mood was ruined after he spoke a few sentences "Dad, I want to have a sleepover with the Master?"

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