Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 170

Volume 1 Chapter 170 The Arena In The Middle Of The City

When the siege happened, it's scorching high in broad daylight; when suddenly the whole city was surrounded by a thousand & hundreds of warriors forming each troupe. It was as if they were about to go in a war and their formation stood firm and unyielding. Their marches where synchronic and the chinking of the armors were severe, which made every citizen scared and panic.

The people of the village did not understand what was happening as they only closed their doors and shut down their establishment in fear of the situation. Even the street vendors, children playing on the streets and those window shoppers immediately run back on their homes.

A man wearing a cape and bright warrior garments sit right through the front and his hand wields a light saber. His face was darkand the menacing aura was leaking through his whole body. The man whois in the center is Gao Xiao. Beneath him are Fu Jin Hao and a few leaders of the troupe.

"Listen up!" He shouted on top of his lungs. Even though Gao Xiao is not a burly man, his voice had an undertone of dominance and strong influence. His tone carries a massive hint of arrogance like that of anaristocratic person.

"Every house must open their doors and allow our local warriors to rummage through your abode for we are in the state of calamity. A certain thief broke into our boundary posing a threat to our beloved nation. Please be a good citizen and if you know you are hiding a suspicious person on your home, kindly coordinate with us immediately."

There was no prior notice on this incident. The siege was abruptly done. Gao Xiao had thought thatsomeone might have harbor Sang Shui's group in their homes. In order to catch them on the act, he decided to do a surprise inspection within each andevery possiblehouse they might be hiding.

The warriors entered every house in a crude manner. Worthy of their title of a warrior; rude and arrogant.

Some even took the opportunity to commit such atrocious acts in broad daylight right in front of their Deputy. But the man responsible for leading, only took a blind eye on the matter.

Not only warriors who partake on the scene, but even Gao Xiao's beast were also present.

But due to a beast's nature, some of the houses were utterly destroyed and ransacked. Totally wipe out by the unnatural wild animal instinct.

" Reporting Sir, this woman is suspicious. She had been lurking around at the vicinity for a while."

Gao Xiao looked at the woman who was still covered in a cape and slump on the ground. Her extravagant clothes were already ragged due to the rough treatment she received from her capturer.

"So what do we have here? Isn't this the fiance of the young lord?" He dismounted on his horse and walked languidly in front of the woman. "State, what is your name?"

"This humble servant's name is Amanda Sir."

Amanda groveled on the ground. Her head almost hit the soil as she became vigilant of Gao Xiao's next movement.

Gao Xiao stood in front of her. Unsheathe his saber and pointed at the woman.

"Speak, where is your master? Your answer will determine whether or not, your head will fly on this addle ground."

Amanda hearing the threat trembled incessantly.

"I-I will speak good Sir. P-please, lower your sword on this humble servant."

Gao Xiao arched his eyebrows, but he lowered his sword on his side.


"Sir, I have been spying the base of the opposition group, on the backstreet of the market where the conspicuous entertainment house settled. Upon my discovery, it seemed thata warrior named Jing Sang went in the forest's direction to search for the young lord. This humble self didn't follow, but I could surely say that at this moment, they haven't returned yet."

Hah! So those hoodlums are still alive! Gao Xiao had eyes rimmed in darkness.

Good. Good. Good. He wondered what kind of magic those people used that they could escape the lightning tribulation. And there really such a technique that could even slip out of that predicament at the last moment. Even the enchanters whoare near the array didn't escape at that moment and turned into charred corpses.

He huffed his sleeve and turned away. "Proceed to the forest."

Fu Jin Hao stepped in. Nodded on his command while instructing a line to regroup. Amanda still knelt on the ground with no intention of walking away. Fu Jin Hao saw this and spoke to him, "Sir, what will I do to the woman?"

"A woman without loyalty won't be needed."

Amanda fully heard him and his unhuman command. She groveled on the ground as she almost kissed the soil while muttering and trembling. Earlier, she had gathered her strength in orderto approach this group but things didn't go according to her plan. Her hand shook incessantly as she pondered on her abrupt decision.

" You heard him. Now, be good and don't move. I'll be over before you know it. I'll make sure you won't suffer pain. Get this as a compensation for your meritorious contribution on this manhunt.

"Please. Spare me your good grace"

"Pray to your god on your next life."

Fu Jin Hao unsheathes his sword. The sharp glint of the sword was eye-catchy. The edge was fully maintained meticulously, obvious that it was taken care of.

Fu Jin Hao unreluctant hail his sword upward and slashed right in front of Amanda; directed on her neck. His sword is lightweight, and cutting a person's neck is an easy feat.

His sword was only a little point to reach her neck, however, a small pebble-like white substance flew into the air, repelling his slash and directly clash on the weapon. The object crashed as it broke and fell into the ground.

Fu Jin Hao stays alerted on the intruder. His eyes cast vigilant on the surrounding. Fist clenched on the handle of his sword.

"What a boorish manner, even had the audacity to kill a lady?"

The voice was high pitch and distant. Although far away, he heard it clear but he can't see anyone in the vicinity.

"Yo! I'm here!"

In the middle of the standing warriors, walked a petite young woman. She walked like she owns the stage as the people on her side obediently make a path.

Fu Jin Hao stepped back, clutched his sword and remain alert. He shouted from a bunch of warriors beside her to attack. But he was only given a disappointing look for they were rendered immobile on the spot by an unknown brute force.

Now, the crowd dispersed on the sideline making the center spacious like an arena for dueling.

When he saw her, Gao Xiao who had already turned trotted and went on Fu Jin Hao's side.

Well, he was on the chase of a mouse but this mouse runs into the trap obediently. What an intelligent little mouse.

Su Ci Yi noticed the two ganged on her and they're malevolent gaze, but it didn't let it bothered her. Instead, she glared at Amanda who was still kneeling on the ground.

The woman who received the harsh treatment averted her eyes. Her action earlier was heard by Su Ci Yi and it didn't felt any good. She reallywanted to let this woman be slash and won't save her, however, it seemed thather timing was to blame. She was planning to walk when she already spawned on the ground lifeless not the time when she was about to be slash. In the end, it came like she was saving her.

Well anyway, now that it came to this it doesn't matter anymore.

"Thief who stole the millennium pearl, return what you had stolen! And you have the guts of even march your way here?"

Gao Xiao's sarcastic, and blunt tone spoke towards her. His eyes didn't betray how he was obsessed to grind and pulverize each of her bones.

"The pearl?" Su Ci Yi pretentiously spoke. "Oh, you must mean the marble size white gemstone? What about it? What will you do about it?"


Fu Jin Hao shouted.

Su Ci Yi didn't mind him.

"What will you do if something happened to that pearl?" She innocently asked while picking her ears.

The pearl is a millennium inheritance of the previous Chiefs from their successor. It's a great treasure in possession of the current chief. When the Chief, ascended on his throne this pearl symbolizes the succession and inheritance of the responsibility and the establishment of one's authority. One cannot lose this rare gemstone.

Hearing her, Gao Xiao had a foreboding discomfort on his chest, crumpled his foreheadbut he still answered collectively.

"Instant death." Although he doubted that the ancestral pearl would be damage at all.


Su Ci Yi couldn't help herself but chortle. She looked at Fu Jin Hao in a funny way.

"If that is so, then you should be fairly executed now!?" Pointing at the man's position.

Fu Jin Hao felt that he was being ridiculed and lash his sword towards her.

"Hold it! Don't take any step, if you don't even want to damage the pearl which you sliced up earlier."

His footsteps stop. Looked at the suspicious white shards on the side of his military boots. Then he remembered the white marble-like object that washurled on his sword and broke into two pieces.

"Ridiculous. How could that thing be easily broken?!"

"Oh? It's not what you think of, its surface is just like any ordinary pearl. It could be cut by any sharp and well-maintained sword like y-o-u-r-s~"


" Oh, your great majesty Deputy. Don't you have little credibility in your words? I hope you can't turn back on your proclamation? Oh holy, majestic Deputy, how should you admonished instant death on the one who obliterates your treasured pearl?"

Gao Xiao unknowing titled his head on Fu Jin Hao's position. His face didn't register any intimate emotion at this moment. As if no matter what he does next, will not impact his next actions.

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