Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 171

Volume 1 Chapter 171 Gao Xiao's Demise


Su Ci Yi stood with a hand on her h.i.p.s. She tilted her head as she gazed at Gao Xiao.

"Fu Jin Hao, did you broke the pearl?" Gao Xiao asked one more time. His tone didn't consider whether or not he was his subordinate. Right now, the dignity and his emblem as the Deputy is at stake.

Someone took the remnants of the broken pearl on the ground and brought over towards him. Gao Xiao scrutinized it meticulously. If this is fake, it will not fool him. However, the gemstone in front of him is uniquely genuine. The one that he had been safekeeping for this whole time.

"Fu Jin Hao.... you should kneel in front of me."

He instructed in a vicious tone.

"Sir. As you can see, it's an accident."

"Fu Jin Hao, you had been a good subordinate these past months for me. I will rewrite the punishment that you have based on the meritorious service you had done."

"What?" Su Ci Yi felt funny. Of course,they are allies. Just why did she think thatthis Gao Xiao will even lay his hand on him? She must be too stupid to think thatway.

Fu Jin Hao felt a sigh of relief. As he kneeled, he took his guard down. However, it was his biggest mistake in his life. The lightsaber that Gao Xiao holds raised up and slashed through his chest. He felt the searing sensation of one's flesh being cut and the insides twitching from pain. His head blurred as the unbearable siege of pain caught up to him.


"Fu Jin Hao, you should be grateful. I didn't kill you. Now, get out of here before you could even accidentally broke my important treasure. Scram!"

Su Ci Yi only stood in silence. She took back what she said that she is wrong. On the contrary, he really put his hand on his subordinate!

He even made his subordinate's hem of clothes as a rug in orderto wipe the blood smeared on his saber.

"Now then." After nonchalantly cast off the dirty cloth, he turned his head to Su Ci Yi. Eyes sharp and vigilant. This woman is not that simple. He should open his mind by all means, or he'll be swallowed by her.

"Are you willing to surrender yourself or should we make a bloody scene of whose conquering whom at this place? If that's what you want, my lightsaber is already waiting for its rival."

Amanda, who had been forgotten on the sideline didn't pull out on the scene. Her gaze was focused on the man in front of her; morbid and malicious.

"That pearl is useless now, what's the big deal wounding your people. What is its significance, anyway?"

Su Ci Yi asked. The pearl might be hack into two, but the spiritual essence from the moon was already transferred to Lingua Liu. He especially kept it on another vessel. Although she was quite disappointed, when she thought this pearl was special, it turned out that it's just the ordinary type. Now, the old woman's foreboding predictions were even disturbing her.

"What can I do? I don't need to cry over spilled milk, right now I should consider important matters such as"

The saber on his sword lifted on the air. As it moved upwards, it looked like it was dancing with the rhythm on the wind. Its sharp edges were glinting along with rays of the sun, and it rushed towards her.

Her right foot firmly planted on the ground, then sprinted right towards the incoming sword. She had learned some basic martial arts that could repel and move against metals like this. She only needed to make her footsteps light.

She dashed and pounced but something caught her waist. Su Ci Yi tried to grab the thick vine that surrounded her waist which blocks her from moving any further. The thick vined even had meager spikes on it and she couldn't help but get blisters from touching it.

"You crazy woman, why didn't you wait?" Jing Sang's loud shout echoed from the top of the clouds. When she looked upwards, the sun rays was blocked by an enormous entity with wings and humungous in size. When it propelled on the ground, a large amount of dust was swept and turned the surrounding a hazy mist.

Jing Sang hopped and trotted on her side. Sang Shui and Qin Yu dismounted along with Qin Tao on his shoulder.

"You dumb. Why are you always in a hurry?" Jing Sang nagged with bulging nerves popped out on his head. "You even dare to confront that man? Seriously."

Sang Shui on her side, flap open his fan - and where did he get it? It's a mystery she couldn't solve.

"Ms. Su. You're reallyreckless. Next time, you shouldwait for your companion and rely a little bit on them." His signature gentle tone and smileweresplattered while saying that.

Besides that, an impudent hand grasped on her waist and tried to untie the knot of the vines that had tangled on it. She didn't really mind it, but when she thought thatthe other party was taking a long time doing it and as she felt that his hand was mischievously playing she slapped it, "What do you think you're doing?"

Her eyes glared at Qin Yu.

The man shrugged off her indifferent face and with a bland expression replied, " It's quitedifficult to untie it. Too entangled. Too much."

Now his arms even went to hug her from the back. "Stay put. It'll be a little hard to concentrate and loosen it if you look like that."

Say what?

He's not loosening it with his face right?

"Well, aren't you all gathered? Great, I won't be in a haste just to capture you all. I bet, you didn't want to be captured either right?"

Gao Xiao interrupted the happy reunion of this group of hoodlums. It won't be a hassle to get his hands on these people if they were all gathered here.

However, when those people who are busy gathering in front of him only stop for a second and spare him with a little attention. After that, they all went back to their own little world like he didn't exist at all.

"Oh, at last, it's untied." Qin Yu declared at last after he loosened the knot tied on her h.i.p.s.

Qin Tao: "Master, can I climb on your back?"

Jing Sang: "Hey, where is the Chief? Why can't I see him?"

Ting Lin: "I thought he's following us. No wayhe didn't get lost right?"

Sang Shui's smile non-stop while fanning himself, " He's taking his time to make a grand entrance. Now, now, don't be impatient. Our old man had something he got to do."

Gao Xiao's face twitched knowing he wasn't even on their eyes, not even sparing his presence a single attention. He stood there like a stone statue for a while before Jing Sang blurted and saw his expression.

Su Ci Yi felt ridiculous. These bunch of people is obstructing her from fighting the Deputy all out. She knew that they were deliberately obstructing her in confronting him.

She also knew that it infuriated the other party knowing they have ignored him. As such, he called off all his tamed best to line in front of him. They were still a total offive left and all possess malicious nature along with the warriors that surrounded their group at the command of him. They were being cornered with no way out. The warrior's formation was a hundred percent without a glitch and couldn't escape.

However, no matter it cornered them, no one even dared to show fear amidst the situation. As if now, everyone was gathered in strong resolution, after all,they were all together. A group of friendsbut not really friends, cast their unyielding face towards their adversaries. Now that they grew to know each other pretty well; already had knowledge of each's ability, there's no way that someone could still break them away.

"Not even afraid eh?" Gao Xiao applauded their determination however, such worthless strong will, will only bring them their demise.

"Any last wishes to say?" Gao Xiao gave them little consolation before driving them all to their death.

"What a blabbermouth. Didn't know that the Deputy wasloquacious like this?" Jing Sang reacted, complained and ridiculed.

On this mark, Gao Xiao gave his go signal. The longer it will be prolonged, the situation may be overturned. He waved his hand and commanded, "Attack and kill them!"

The heaven seemed to take action this time. When all is evil, it needed to be delivered into justice. And when he thought things are going according to his plan an obstruction occurred.

A burning pit fire surrounded him, only him alone and entrapped him inside. The fire soared up and flare the moment he made a moved to pass through it, it's even assuring that he won't escape it.

"Gao Lang Xiao. Move and I'll never forgive you with the sin and atrocity you'd committed on my absence. How dare you use your authority to oppress the low? I will surely see to itthatyou won't get away with it!"

Lingua Liu's burning fire even flared up the moment his mood rage. Words couldn't describe how much of a moron he is to left his position on this child.

Gao Xiao, for the first time, as if he'd been caught in the act, tremble on the owner of the voice. There's only one person that he couldn't go against and such a person appeared in front of him.

No way, just how did he broke the seal then?


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