Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 172

Volume 1 Chapter 172 Gao Xiao's Demise Ii

Gao Xiao didn't expect that Lingua Liu could go out of the cave and broke the seal. He was confident that it won't get broken knowing that it was an ancient array that was speciallymade for the stronger beasts lurking inside the forest. He's too relaxed about the situation, and now it resulted in this unpredictable situation.

Lingua Liu stepped up and looked towards him in disapproving eyes.

"Do you have anything to say? Will you just going to accept these accusations?"

Gao Xiao scoffed in orderto hide his uneasiness. "What can I say more? I bet you knew everything?"

Lingua Liu didn't expect this child to have a stubborn side. The child he adopted a long time ago was humble and flexible. The one who knew how to deal with the situation and had an upstanding leadership skill. So how come this child reduced to this?

Lingua Liu deeply sigh. He calmed his sensitive emotion and huffed away his raging feelings temporarily.

His old face returned to how he used to deal with the little Gao Xiao.

"Did I made a mistake in raising you?" his tone was like a plea to him.

Gao Xiao hearing the calm and fatherly tone of his even felt irritated. His own father hadn't played his fatherly role yet this man, who only adopted him dared to role play. All those times during his childhood, he felt irritated whenever he calls him that way.

"Stop with your hypocrites. Playing a saint when you yourself weren't pure. Turn that useless coaxing to your dead child. Yah, right. You're a useless father aren't you, you think I didn't know that you killed your own son? All this time I knew it, and every time you call on me with your disgusting tone, it irritates me. You didn't even know it because I am too skilled to hide it and you're just too dumb on your own affairs."

Lingua Liu's face darkened. His child was his sore part. Whenever he was mentioned, his mood didn't go well for the whole day.

[Is that true?] Su Ci Yi whispered on Sang Shui.

[It doesn't reallymean like that. The Chief's son had a dark affinity and even used it to harm his people. The Chief only did what he is ought to do as the father of this nation.] He explained with a fan on his face.

Su Ci Yi gets the gist of it. So, it doesn't literally mean that Lingua Liu wanted to kill his child. He had no choice but to do it.

With great power comes with great responsibility

Lingua Liu was torn with no way to save his child and in the end,he let him rest in peace.

She didn't know the exact details but the chief might know that his action is the far best solution of all.

Lingua Liu might be his mentor and acted as Gao Xiao's guardian on his childhood but now the situation is chaotic

"Gao Lang Xiao, at this very moment I revoke your authority as the Deputy. You are now relieved of your position. Your inadequacy and inefficient leadership had made your people suffer. You are not fit to be their next Chief."

For formality's sake, he needed to declare it. Although it's already a common sense that Gao Xiao returned the authority to him the moment he made his appearance, he still did so. He wanted to impact him, in the middle of his constituent the humiliation of his forced termination.

The soldiers on Gai Xiao's side saluted and kneeled in front of the Chief, showing their support and confirmation of his declaration leaving only Gao Xiao whose out-of-place by his standing position.

He didn't kneel like any others butinstead; he glared at him. The fire encircling him made him unable to move. The Chief secured that there's no way out when he tried to escape.

"Old bastard! You won't get anything after killing me.After all, I already made your people suffer, and the harm has done already. Historians will write this dark history and it'll be recognized on my name as the instigator. How about that ha?" He was laughing. His laughter was out of place as the spectator took his response as an act of someone who loses their mind.

"Now he'd done it." Ting Lin whispered on the side.

Su Ci Yi observed the man who slowly loosed his sanity. There's no way that the fire surrounding him is not hot. But in his stance, it seemed like it was nothing at all.

The man at the center of attention, raised his hand. He had still a lot of his beast. So it should still be enough to get his target. The five beasts are not far away from him as they started torun amok. As if they were in sync with their master's insanity, they too pounce and attacked those who are near.

This beast's nature was brutal, added their master's mood, they went on a rampage in the area.

Qin Yu signal at his dragon beast on the side. Soon it also pounced and dashed towards those creatures that creating disharmony on the place.

Its attacks were tremendous compared to those five beasts of his. It even went on par even if there were five of them and in the end,it was Gao Xiao's five beats who are defeated.

The proud dragon stood in the middle while underneath was the pile of its prey. 'Humph, dare to challenge the beast king. This is what all you get!' It even huffed and lifted its head like it was showing off.

It's cute!

Su Ci Yi's inner thoughts.

She also wanted a sidekick like this!

She couldn't help to feel envious of its owner. Taming a beast kind wasn't simple. Even some cultivators on their sect lost their lives just because of the obsession with taming one. Yet this person didn't find it difficult even in the slightest.

There really is a fine line between talent and hard work.

The beast's roar subsided, but Gao Xiao's mood didn't. Like the word defeat didn't appear on his vocabulary, he tried to escape the fire encirclement but it won't let him.

"Lingua Liu!!!"

He even dared to name the Chief that had raised him for the entire years. If things will end this time, he should at least gets back to those people! The feeling of being oppressed, which he had felt since he was young, resurfaced. The flow of emotions was flowing like a gush of flowing water. He felt disgusted, irritated, anger and rage.

No, this will not end on this

His normal eyes were turned bloody red, his eyeballs twisted and rolled over. His head was spinning with a thousand memories both unpleasant and ugly.

Even if it'll burn him, or it'll hurt him he stepped outside the fire. It caught his clothes yet he didn't budge, even if the flesh was burning, he still walked. His direction is towards the woman. It was prettyobvious that his target is her. If looks could kill, she would already be dead by now.

The upcoming man was in frenzy.

Qin Yu shielded his line of sight. Even Sang Shui and Jing Sang inched on her side.

If he's going to harm her, then he needed to go over them.

Like he didn't felt anything, Gao Xiao walked towards their direction, however, it was the time when he let his guard down. Gao Xiao could only remember that he stopped. Felt the searing hot liquid on his back and turn around.

Amanda ran towards him intentionally and stabbed her dagger on his back. Straight right though that it pierces his heart.

Amanda might be a woman, but she was quitestrong that in one try, she hit his vital organ. Gao Xiao turned back, returned the favor and slit her neck abruptly. Amanda wasn't able to escape, and she stumbled on the ground.

He wasn't even satisfied, Gao Xiao even stabbed her a few consecutive times. He can't live any longer then, he must find something to direct his rage. This meddlesome woman was too infuriating. Now his time was even reduced.

Stab. Stab. Stab.

He couldn't even see that it was the woman on her front.

Su Ci Yi reacted quickly and dragged Amanda's body from afar.

She was surprised. Didn't expect that she would stab him like that. She could still remember how Amanda sold them out in front of the Deputy. Now her tune reverted and turned 180 degrees. Even herself couldn't understand her.

Amanda had a few wounds in front and a slit on her throat despite that, when she saw her she bitterly smiles. This is the first time that she played friends with her, although it was when she was on the brink of death.

"I won't live long..." She stuttered as some blood spurted out her mouth.

"Why did you do it?" Su Ci Yi scoops her in her arms and laid her head on her lap.

"I got a deep enmity with him..."

Amanda's parents were unjustly killed by thatperson, aside from that, she was even driven out of the City. Her hatredon him was already built up. She should have an easy life inside, not the one she had where she could only bear to live in a day.

Now that Gao Xiao's on the brink of his death, she felt at ease.

Her only regret was not able to marry the young lord. The person who saved her grandfather, uplift their status from the mud and let herself experience the things she wasn't able to experience in life.

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