Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 173

Volume 1 Chapter 173 Amanda's Last Wish

Amanda had thought to side with Gao Xiao for once and when the time comes, she'll have an opportunity tostrike him behind his the back. But things escalated upon the comeback of their Chief and when he saw Gao Xiao's, demise she didn't hesitate to get back at him.

He had done deeds that are gruesome, and on that, Amanda couldn't forgive him. His life over the life of her beloved people.

There was one time when she got comfortable in her position. Having a taste of a blissful life sure forget her worries and deals. However, when things turned upside down, as long as this Deputy live, no matter how she lives in blissfulness, she won't get any peace in her heart. It'll always be regret towards the end.

Now that she delivered her will on that man, she now ought to have left in peace. May the Goddess pity her soul this time.

"Amanda! Amanda!" Su Ci Yi tugged her losing consciousness. While tried to transfer her spiritual qi on her wounds. However, it could only temporarily stop the blood from flowing and the wound is too large that only surgical operation could heal. If only Amanda could make it there.

"Don't waste your energy. I'll be over soon."

As she spoke her complexion became emaciated and her pallid unsightly face become visible.

"Amandawhy didn't you wait? You're reckless. You're even more reckless than I am" Her tone was gentle, pure with invisible light floating across.

Su Ci Yi admitted that she didn't find Amanda pleasant at all. When she knew the woman always harbored an ill intent against her. When she thought she is one of those unpleasant characters in a novel that she wouldn't get along with. When she felt that the other party didn't favor her at all.

"You won't understand it...that aside can I ask a favor?"

Everyone gathered in front of her. Only the Chief deal with Gao Xiao at this moment. Although the group didn't have any connection to the woman, they were curious and quiteawed by her bravery. No one had the guts to do that kind of thing, especially that since she's a woman. Killing a person is not an easy feat unless one had a strong resolve to do so.

There's only one thing that they could really think. This person harbor hatred towards the Deputy. Who wouldn't? Even they formed their alliance in orderto get back at him, but in the end,it all overturned. They just couldn't believe that only a woman could kill him.

Amanda had a lot of regrets in this life, however, before she could go she wanted to do something. In this lifetime, at least she should do it so. Amanda though weak tried to shift her position and looked towards the angle of a certain person. As usual, although this person's face took pity on her state, it didn't show any attachment and grief. It's as if, she was just a single stranger that it couldn't touch his heart.

What was she thinking? Of course, they had only met for a short while, the span oftheir company didn't take that long. It'll be selfish for her to suggest that she might touch his cold heart.

Su Ci Yi didn't saw any problem with that, she nodded with no hesitation.

Amanda smiled and tried to catch Qin Yu's stare. When their eyes met up, she took her confidence (though a little embarrassed) to speak her inner intention. "Xiao Yu, can we talk? Just the two of us."

The place turned into silence. Both faces turned to Qin Yu.

Su Ci Yi slowly stood up, if it's him thatshe wanted to talk with then she was not needed here. The group dispersed leaving the two people alone.


Lingua Liu was the one dealing with Gao Xiao, a mere person not needed stayed out of their league. Shang Shui and the others decided to go back on the base for a while. The Chief will settle things regarding his position, and they all know that from here on, things will going to get better.

A brighter future ahead was waiting for them, the era of darkness had subsided. The instigator was one by one being apprehended, and the real ruler regained his rightful throne.

The group decided to go back to the base.

The place was usually gloomy at this time,however just before they could even step inside, a group of people immediately pounce at them, both in tearful face.

The person who received the most heartfelt cry is Sang Shui.

When all of them thought thathe died, they were all blanketed with grievances. Losing a head was akin to the crumble of their group. Sang Shui held great importance in founding this place.

Even the cost of rent and the facilities were both from his family. Now losing him is a big blow on them.

However, when someone informed of his arrival earlier, not all could believe it.After all, they were already slowly adjusting to the matter of his death. Believing would only shake their great resolve that took a few days to settle.

"Sang Shui! Sang Shui! Sang Shui!" Tian Xuo hadn't had found the great word to describe his mood that his mouth only mutters his name repeatedly. He gave him a warm hug that almost crushed the other party. A big man crying his heart out, anyone would find it funny but today the situation calls forth this mood. Everyone inside the base was bawling their eyes out, crying and weeping for their return.

After hugging Sang Shui, Tian Xuo went to hug Jing Sang and Ting Lin. Then afterward to her. Su Ci Yi's physique was small that when he hugs her, she almost heard the crushing of her bones.

"Little lady! You're alive as well!"

"Did you really thought thatwe will die there?"

Sang Shui after opening his fan, seated up like any young master on the couch. Today was hectic and tiresome.

Tian Xuo offered him a cup of tea while seated right next to him, "You can't blame us. You also know the morbidity of that array. No one can come out alive on that."

"If it wasn't for Ms. Su, we won't come out unscathed, it's because of her."

"Really?" Tian Xuo felt grateful to her. "The little lady is reallyincredible then." Now his eyes suspiciously glint as he showed his big doe eyes to her. However, he took it back after seconds and lean on the back of the chair. He looked at the lady in front of him and to Sang Shui's direction who gallantly sip the cup of his tea.

"Actually, we won't that be devastated if you reallyleft us. If only you've left any heir to inherit your position. If only you had kids that we could raise in a bitthen the loneliness wouldn't that be unbearable. You're the only Sang living and losing you will be a big loss."

The man sipping tea almost choke it as he comically looked at Tian Xuo and his brain damage way of thinking. And he didn't only mention kid but kids in plural form.

"A child can conceive later, if I have a lover"

"But you don't have one!" Tian Xuo rebuke.

"That's not a problem." Sang Shui felt like going with the flow. When things become serious, talk like this will only be a reminiscence from the past. He missed these kinds of bantering together with his teammates. All this time, when they faced severe danger, it's trulyblissful to have a place called home when everyone will wait on your arrival after a long and exhausting journey.


Qin Yu abide by Amanda's will. Before the sun could end, he brought her over near a place where the sunset is visible. The aurora light was vivid and bright. The moving shadows of migrating birds in the sky and the clear sky was like a scene being portrayed in a painting.

Qin Yu gazes over the magnificent scenery.

"It's beautiful right?"

Amanda started the conversation. Seeing Qin Yu, there's no way that he'll first open up for a topic.

"Do you have something to tell me?"

He immediately asked. He didn't know when she will lose her breath. While it's still early, he needed to know it beforehand.

"You're always uptight in front of others, but when you faced that lady your expression turned soft. It is selfish to show that kind of gesture to me?After all, this dying person hadn't had any day to live with. I'll take it as a parting gift in this world."

Qin Yu only nodded as he replied. Although she expected this kind of response, she couldn't help but be disappointed.

"Is my face really that obvious?" After a long pause, he spoke.


There came another silence again.

"Xiao Yu."


"Do you know that I like you?"

Amanda blurted out. She's going to die anyway, what's the harm to tell her feelings?

"It's quiteobvious but I can't I have a kid."

"So you really knowhuh? Guess that's the reason you treated me indifferent. In order not to get a misunderstanding. Even though, will you help me grant my last wish?"

"En." He replied in a perfunctory tone.

Amanda broke into a genuine smile. Leaned closer to him and kissed those plump lips of his without restraint. Now, that the act is done, she could peacefully leave in peace. Bringing along the sweet taste on her first lost love.

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