Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 174

Volume 1 Chapter 174 The Letter

The second day after the Chief returned to his position, Gao Xiao died. Lingua Liu had all demolished the prison cage that burden his people. The demand of the medicine for the plague had fairly circulated in the marketallowing even the humble people to have thecapacity to buy it. Fu Jin Hao was demoted on his position and was sent back into the farthest area of the city.

Though the calamity had occurred, and it had caused severe devastation, the people hand in hand, dreamed again. The families who were sent outside because of unfair treatment returned to themajority and had given a proper land settlement. The 'anti-discrimination act' was created that gives fair treatment for those who don't possess the Deity's blessing and didn't have any ability. Also, one of the major clauses inside the newly created law was to give those people with no talent an opportunity to shine and be given a chance to prove themselves in other areas.

Lingua Liu, the Chief proposed this changed with the help of Sang Shui's group. The laws of the citizen should be given and implemented not to limit a person's growth. Because somehow, when bad things befall and there's no way out, a person could harbor ill intention and turn in the bad side just like what happened to Gao Xiao who lived on the slums outside the border along with his family. Before adopting him, he didn't experience the warmth in his family, and it even worsen on the place he provided. The child, being a child, might have been influenced by conspiracies and people's ill intent. As a guardian, he failed to guide him.

He should bear this fault.

A person's mental strength is determined by the type ofpeople on his side. This will serve as his influence in striving more. The more his surroundings revolve in a positive light one could feel inspired.

As of now, he is focused on honing Sang Shui as their next leader. Although he is still young, he already had a wide overview in life. The "Sang" live up to their reputation until now.After all, they were well known for their heroic martyrdom throughout history. And there's no one as outstanding as Sang Shui. He was looking forward to what kind of person this young man will turn into.

Su Ci Yi had been nodding her jaw for the nth time and she felt her head will almost separate from her body. This Lingua Liu, being a Chief, was too loquacious. She only went to his office to get the diary and some doc.u.ments regarding the details of their so-called 'holy person', for he might have some clue about the dimensions and spatial transportation of his case- not that she reallywanted to hear the long tales and bravery of Sang Shui's teenage years.

"You see lady Su, the Sang clan had a wide range of assets and state on their name. And there's only one living 'Sang' on this generation. A person like him is a rare item to be found. Anyone would love to get their hands on it..." While sipping tea he blabbers non stop, "...what do you think?"

Su Ci Yi again moves her head up and down like a pecking duck picking grain on the ground "Yes. Yes. He's quiterare."

Lingua Liu didn't seem to be bothered by the uninterested party and even blabber about Sang Shui. Saying his like this, and the heirthe only living prince on this era. Even his attitude and demeanor being on the top, graceful and elegant like a flower. Then his tale shifted on her, like how Su Ci Yi was brave and fierce. And her spiritual energy is beyond level. He even compared her to his warriors. That none of them could compare to her strength. "Like a fierce sun on midday and a warm ray of the light in the morning" that was how he described her. " Don't you ever think, that a beautiful flower is destinedto live under the warm rays of the sun?"

"I believe that coexistence is the law of nature in orderto have a harmonious living on earth. That's what the organism tend todo in orderto live peacefully."

Lingua Liu found it quitefunny. She wasn't able to grasp the underlying meaning behind his word. Either way, playing cupid will be his latest goal, for now, to serve as a pastime. Anyway, these youngsters are quiteentertaining as usual.

As she saw he seemed settled, she asked her intention for the visit. If not for this, Su Ci Yi won't go to this place. Leisurely sitting, enjoying Jasmin tea on the Chief's pastime.

"The thing you mentioned earlier? Did you search for it?"

"Of course. How could I forgot a request from our benefactor?"

Lingua Liu pulled an old parchment scroll that had a unique scent of underground soil. Clear that it really was buried for a long time.

She received the object and opened it right in front of her. She was eager to know the content of the note that she wasn't able to sleep well last night.

The writing was shabby and crooked. It wasn't even the usual characters she was used to. But the writing struck familiarity on her. It was none other than the usual handwriting they employ in that cultivation place. The same writing style they used inside the Qin Ling Sect!

The writing was a little shabby to read, but she could still figure it out:

[To the person who is reading this note. I guess that you are like me because you can read this letter - a person with a martial talentof course. This letter is to address the phenomenon we are currentlyundergoing. But rest assured,even on this body of ours, we can go back. But be careful, thisinformation shouldbe dealt with total discretion. There are people out there who are willing to find extra means in extracting this truth. The truth about manipulating the inter-spatial dimension and transporting to another world. I also discovered that there are other sects obsessed with finding this truth but none gained the light in knowing.

I will attach proper procedures on how to go back, but be careful opening a portal. It might trigger dark personas and target you.

If ever you go back, find me at the Soaring Phoenix Heights. I will explain the whole details and I will wait for you there for you are the person with a blessed bead on your soul.

PS: Keep yourself alive in that world and don't tell anyone about it.]

The information was overflowing on her head. And there are a lot of situations that hurling on her brain. She couldn't even bring herself not to trust him on this, even though they still haven't met. Aside from the scroll, the Chief handed a note. It came from the same person.

She still can't believe that whole set of what she had read. But since the person said he'll explain when they met, then she'll look forward to that future.

To put all up, this is definitely a world different from that. If she will guess, this world might be part of the lower realm - a place where qi and energies are not rampant and easy to use. The Tian Long Continent, the place where her Qin Ling Sect is situated - is in the middle realm. The highest realm is where Gods and demons dwell in which the supremeand overbearing power exists. Although it was common knowledge for them that upon heavenly tribulation, one can ascend the heavens and become a god. But she hadn't heard someone who descends from the middle realm going to the lower realm aside from that person. She bet that even history didn't record such an event.

If only she could meet that person immediately then she could ask him a lot of questions.

She also felt that the trip to this place isn't that a wasteafter all. In no time, after she collected what needed to open a portal she will go back for a while. Since there's a way to go to that place, there'll be a way to go back here. She had already established herself on this character. If she will eventually go for good, there will be people who will lose her. For she ultimately knew how to long for a person's presence, she didn't want to do it with Su Ming.

Also, she couldn't afford to leave her only disciple right?

Such a child with potential and innate talent minus his cheekiness, she couldn't able to see this child disappointed when she was gone. When she was still young, she was sticky like a glue towards her Senior Brother.

Now she wanted to give back her blessings and impart her teachings to this child. If it's possible, she wanted to see him grow up and become an a.d.u.l.t in great prowess. She didn't want to part from him yet.

"Master, Daddy came back already! He's looking for you. Let's go back now." Qin Tao broke her inner monologue and dashed inside the Chief's office without restraint; disrupting their serious talk.

This child...

She clearlydidn't bring him along with her, so why is he here!?

Can she take back what she said? She wanted to run away from this kid even for once!

His stickiness is out of the question!

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