Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 175

Volume 1 Chapter 175 Sang Shui's Motivation

Su Ci Yi didn't know that this kid followed her earlier. He definitely hides his presence in order not to get caught by her.

Good. Very good. Is this how he applies her teachings into practice?

Anyway, her talk with the Chief had been concluded. She brought along with her - the scroll and the note. Of course, she is carrying the child again on her back.

"Ah Tao, did I give permission to come with me? How did you manage tofollow through?" Since the distance of the base from the Chief's office wasn't that little. At least, one needed to walk for almost 15 minutes. Also, there are busting people on the road and could be prettydangerous in he ever got lost.

Qin Tao seemed not to hear her or his just pretending that he didn't hear her at all.

" I followed the master from the back earlier!" Qin Tao blurted like he didn't know that he had done wrong. But on the contrary, he actuallyknew that he did, he was just only wanted to find a route to escape his misdeed.

"Yeah, you follow me but I wasn't able to recognize. If I knew it from the start you'd not be here."

That's it! His escape route. His deep blue eyes squinted and glint, "Master am I awesome? You weren't able to find my aura because I hid it carefully! Master Qin Tao is doing well on his training!"

Smooth. Qin Tao delivered his line flawlessly. With it, his master will be smitten and forget her first concern. Now he only needed a little push

"Master, although I could use it though... it felt that at some point my energy is draining. Is it too consuming on my energy? Qin Tao won't be in danger right?"

Su Ci Yi pondered for a while. "If you say it like that, it might be because your vessel wasn't used to practice yet. You need to persevere well if you reallywanted to master it skillfully. Remember that there is no trick in orderto gain the great ability, as there was no shortcut to a glorious life. Don't be lazy and you'll get into your goal point someday."

Bullseye! He lured his master to another subjectmatter! Qin Tao was laughing to his heart's content. He was even proud of himself. How come a child like him was so eloquent? Even his daddy couldn't be compared to him!

The front of the base is a business establishment purely for entertainment. The customers are the ones entering from the frontthe employees and staff had their own entrance at the back. At some point, they reached the base and proceeded inside.


Qin Yu had taken care of Amanda's burial as well as the demolition of his state. Now that things had subsided. It should be time to go home. Although, he offered Amanda's grandpa (who wasweak from the old age) a chance to be the head of his manor, however, the old man refused. Her daughter had died, and knowing her death, he felt great sorrow.

The man pledge to make a small hut beneath his granddaughter's grave to accompany her on this world. As for most, his life candle was also as its shortest length and soon, the light its glowing is about to dwindle.

He wanted to have his last breath beneath his only family here. With that, he will pass peacefully.

Now that Qin Yu had settled his concern, it should be all right to go back. However, the persons he thought would be excited to go home, couldn't be found in their own room. Qin Yu is also staying at the base as a temporarily guessed and he rented one room on the second floor.

Looking down below, on the first floor was a crowd of people gathering. Curiosity struck him and went down the stairs. There, Sang Shui is the center of their attention and it seemed thathe received some good news.

Su Ci Yi and Qin Tao were among the crowd.

The reactions of every person present are excitement and blissful. Energetic and their faces tinted with brightness.

"You really deserve the position my boy! The Chief isn't wrong to appoint you as his assistant." Tian Xuo patted his back twice and hail his congratulatory.

It seemed that this joyous occasion was based on the new appointment set up that was issued regarding Sang Shui's position.

The man being the center is bashful and smile that seemed stretches far to the corner of his ear. Seriously, how could he smile like that?

Su Ci Yi was happy and showed her congratulatory remarks. She was even squeezing herself on the crowd too comfortably like she was already used to it.

"I'm too grateful for the words of cheerfulness, although I never knew thatthe Chief really thought of me too highly. Even I didn't picture out thathe'll entrust me with the position."

"You're quitemodest" Su Ci Yi squeezed in and hold his hand. She also thought thatSang Shui will be a great leader that will lead his fellowmen. He, who knew the pleas of his people well, will never be lead astray and with his founding principle, he will definitely see to itthathe will not be lead to the dark path. A person like his caliber is rare to find.

"Sang Shui, I've never met a man like you are. I know, in the futureyou will be of great figure and a role model of this place. The Chief isn't wrong to pick you among others."

Sang Shui could feel the sincere emotion of her words, it's just that he was too surprise that she was able to blurt that straight from her mouth.

Sang Shui strengthens his resolve, the mood calls forth this situation. He couldn't govern the whole place with his ability alone. And in no time, he'll find a partner along with him. When still at it, isn't it be more appropriate to find a partner that one could be able to have an understanding with? Someone that he could get along and will able to help him.

He had been planning of having this resolve every night, so while the iron is hot, he should strike.

Sang Shui heaves his breath and takes control of the hand that was holding him, "Ms. Su, I know this question is out of nowhere. Soon if ever I will become the next head of this place, will you bear the burden to be with me? At least to be able tostand on my side, and become the other half of this City? I can't promise you that things will go smoothly, but I'll make sure toserve and protect with my utmost ability in sickness and in health, until the very last of my breath on this world."

His words were like the sweet intonation of a young man courting for his love.

Everyone inside the hall became silent from the sudden burst of Sang Shui's poetic endeavor. The loud surrounding, in an instant reduced to a mute black and white background, each was eager for the response of the woman who he addressed.

The stage was suddenly transferred to Su Ci Yi thatit caught her off guard and wasn't able to answer on the spot.

"I thought you already know that she's not from here. Yi has her family waiting for her on the other side." Qin Yu slowly walked into the crowd. When he spoke that, the condensed mass of dark clouds were hanging on his head.

The people titled their heads and enthusiastically tried to observe a foreboding faceoff.

Sang Shui wasn't surprised that she had a family there. She needed to go back then. "If she decided to stay here, I will give her the extra passes to go back. I won't cage her in this place. I just want her to consider this as her second home."

The people turned to Qin Yu as he spoke, " She is busy as she may seem that it'll be a hassle to go to this place that takes a week to even reach - isn't it too inconvenient?

Sang Shui: "I've got my wings, there'll be no convenience than flying with the soft air and cool wind."

Qin Yu: "You've got a lot of time in your hands. How could you become a brand new Chief if you'll become a 24/7 express air taxi like that? Aren't you aiming to become an outstanding leader of your generation?"

Sang Shui: "A leader had his outstanding subordinate to assist him in the affairs and settlement. A leader will not flourish if not for his outstanding retainers...I am disappointed, I thought you knew these kinds of basics?"

Qin Yu rebutted, "If we're talking about basics here, then aren't you a moron by just not considering her sentiments, the perks, and the disadvantages if she will stay, the living quarters and the settlement she will receive, the"

By the time, some people were forming factions. Others sided on Qin Yu while others on Sang Shui.

Su Ci Yi became the middleman and cover Qin Yu's mouth before things could escalate. She made her deep apology towards Sang Shui and bowed down her head. His proposition earlier is genuine. She cannot disappoint him anymore but show respect in her decline.

"I am honored to such great request, but as you can see, I have a place that I belong to. A home that I will go home. Someone is waiting on my arrival and I should not delay it anymore. My appearance at this place is merely a coincidence, but I truly am happy to meet all of you here."

Sang Shui, although he knows this result, still felt disappointed.

On the contrary,it was different on the man behind Su Ci Yi who had now had a bright and clear sky hanging behind him. She could even see the suspicious grin lurking on his mouth that he was trying to suppress and hide all this time.

The nerve!

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