Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 176

Volume 1 Chapter 176 Last Day At The Arcana City

"Ms. Su, are you going back now?"

Sang Shui didn't want to burden her with the concerns of their tribe anymore. In the very first place, he was grateful that at some pointin their battle; she played a big role. Itseemed thatthe span oftheir company was short and although they actuallystayed for almost three months; it felt thatit was only yesterday when they met.

This is the last day of Su Ci Yi's stay here. Along with Qin Yu, they came into a decision to go home a little earlier. It was abrupt, but thinking they had already gone for too long, they should go as soon as possible.

Sang Shui was not the only one who felt the loss when she's gone. Jing Sang had been suspiciously silent and stood far away from the crowd. He didn't partake in Su Ci Yi's farewell either. Just standing there like a dead log watching a group of people hovering on her side.

Ting Lin tapped him on his shoulder. He stood on his side for a while and sighed so loudly that Jing Sang felt he's intentionally doing it. This dumb idiot! If he's going to sigh, there is a wide place to stand, why stand beside him?

Ting Lin saw his reaction and scoff. "Stop thinking thatsomeone is an idiot. Aren't you changing your ways? On this note, someone might misunderstand you with that. Anyway, she's going back home now, you won't give her your blessings?"

Jing Sang didn't refute. Miraculously, he shut his mouth and didn't banter with him.

Ting Lin didn't really care. As long as he already voiced out his concerns, then it's up to him to ponder on his attitude.

There are times when a second person isneeded to point out that person's habitual flaws or he'll never change his ways.

He didn't want Jing Sang to thread his path like that.

Jing Sang saw Ting Lin nonchalantly walked out and withdraw from his own monologue. He walked straight to Su Ci Yi and exchange some pleasantries and his goodwill. The two exchange laughs as he saw how her smile folded like the luminescent rays of the moonlight; shining bright amidst the darkness.

Sensing that he had almost harbored that kind of thinking, he shook his head and chased out that thoughts. What's the point of it, anyway? She's going to leave now.

When he had his own thoughts, he saw Ting Lin pointed at him and saw that the two already looked on his direction. Soon Su Ci Yi walked towards him.

Wait? What? What did that Ting Lin told her!

"Jing Sang, Ting Lin said you have something to say?"

What is there to say?! He didn't really think about it. He didn't know what to say from the start and now that she came in front, much worst he felt blank.

Su Ci Yi saw Jing Sang's dumfounded face and tried to not smile. This man is too awkward. He's not a bad person because of his foul mouth but she had guessed he didn't really know how to express himself.

To be honest, Su Ci Yi might be a little closer to Jing Sang compared to Sang Shui. Sang Shui is a formal type ofman that a person will think twice before joking but Jing Sang is different. It's because of his openness, and his personality people are drawn to him in a way he didn't know.

If only he lessens his bad-mouthing and would speak only encouragement words, then she knew that he'll gather supporters.

Jing Sang opened his mouth, but no words came, so he closed it off. Then for the second time, he opened it again and spoke,

"Take care, there..." He didn't really know what to say.

Su Ci Yi heard his brief words and waited for his next sentence. However, it seemed thatwas the last of it.

Jing Sang tried to hide his embarrassment. Never in his life he spoke with his genuine feelings nor have a serious, heartfelt talk with anyone.

"I'll be going and might not come back. I'll leave Sang Shui in your care. You two seemed to be closed before I even come in and I hope that'll continue forever. On my stay here, I have met a lot of different personalities with strong power and I'm grateful to have met people like that."

"I-I am not that strong. As you can see, I didn't even manage tosave you many times."

"I didn't say you're strong." Su Ci Yi teased and broke into a small laugh.

"Y-youuuu! D*mn woman! Don't dare to mislead people with your talk! If you're going to go home then go home now. Who says I'll miss you?! To think I even got insomnia every night knowing this day will come, even didn't have appetite these days, and after five hours, six minutes and three seconds of your departure, I'll never send you off, I'll stay here and sleep to cope up my sleepless night!"

His face turned green, then blue and gone to black and he panted as he race on his breath.

" Oh, but I'll miss you too little Jing-Jing~"

Jing Sang almost puke from her words, surprised that he stammers " L-little J-ing-Jing?"

Fufufu, "Don't you like it? They say calling a person with nicknames closes the gap between the bonds of two people. Aren't I am a genius for thinking thatname on the spot. I reallylike this name a lot."

"Then you use that name! Who said I'll use that lame one. Humph!" Then he huffed and walked out without turning back.

Su Ci Yi only looked in amus.e.m.e.nt as she stared at the man's back going farther and farther.

"He's going to miss you. You teased him too hard."

Sang Shui walked on his side, his hands were carefully tucked inside his robe showing only the swaying folding fan on his waist.

"I think I'll go back here once in a while. Can I?"

He smiles brightly, "We'll wait for you to come back here. We'll look forward to your return."


Then came when she needed to bid farewell. Just like when they came, they didn'tbringanything with them. The note and a scroll weresecured already on her spatial bag. Qin Tao was usually tucked on his father's neck and the three was standing in front of the base with the people whom they had met for the past months, waving their hands and their eyes rimmed in tears.

The sun didn't shine brightly that day and a dense mass of clouds was forming beneath it, creating a cold atmosphere. It seemed gloomy as if it's abiding with their current mood. Even the forest was quiteloud with the rustling of the leaves from the heavy wind.

For one last time, she looked back at the front of the entertainment house she had stayed for a while. Truthfully, she even thought this place even became memorable compare to the modern world she's going back. The people here where kind and caring. Although there were some kind that didn't have a pleasant attitude, but Su Ci Yi is lucky to have met such good-natured people.

If not for Su Ming who was waiting on the other side, she can't feel that excitement of having a home.

Lingua Liu, Shang Shui, Jing Sang, and Ting Lin stood on the front line, waving their hands for them. At their back, were the anonymous warriors who had been part of their group.

ChengNing, the child of Cheng Nuo run towards Qin Yu and stop just in front of him. His head titled upwards as he met his gaze with Qin Tao on his father's arms. The latter motion for his dad to put him on his level.

The two exchange their last farewell by hugging each other. The sight made Su Ci Yi inspired.

Qin Yu felt proud. His child was startingto become a humanafter all. Not just some mechanical robot that had no interest in the world. He even gained his first genuine friend.

Cheng Ning's mother Cheng Nuo was recuperating on their home. When Lingua Liu decidedto destroy all the prison cages, he found missing persons on the hidden cages and Cheng Nuo is one of them. It seemed thatthis is a place for temporary livestock of Gao's Xiao's spiritual beast's consumption. Cheng Nuo was so lucky that she was saved before she was picked to be their meal.

Although she couldn't go andbid her farewell, Cheng Nuo partakes a gift to her. A hand-knitted scarf in purple and white blend in which Su Ci Yi is using on her neck.

After Qin Tao bade goodbye, Qin Yu picked him up and turned to Su Ci Yi, "Let's go back now."

The forest was quiet. Every step they took, it seemed thatthe blossom of growing flowers popped up. The vines on the trees were blooming with small buds.

A group of intertwining slick vines blocked her path, but she never thought it bore ill-will towards her, furthermore,the vines slowly produce wreathe of marigold flowers and put on her head. Soon, it withdrewand disappeared out of their sight, as it had never shownin the first place.

Su Ci Yi's chest felt tight, and she whispered in a tone that was gentle and soft,

"Thank you for everything. We'll go now."

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