Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 177

Volume 1 Chapter 177 When At The Villa

Su Ming was signing various doc.u.ments from the finance department as well as the proposition of the company's branch renovation at the City C. She was sitting on her swivel chair while leaning on the desk. Last month, Father Su(Su Mo) was attacked by his hypertension and was admitted to the memorial hospital. Mother Su was the one taking care of him for a while and from time to time, she only went back home to get a change of his clothes.

It was also the reason, why the villa was empty nowadays. Su Ming didn't even go home after working hours these days. The quarterly reports submission of the company is approaching, and she encouraged her employees to extend and have overtime just to finish their targeted deadlines.

In these past months, Baronette always clung to her side, asking if Su Ci Yi had gone back. And every time after she answered, she would always fall into deep thoughts.

Although she was grateful that she was always helping her with the affair, she couldn't help but stay vigilant towards her. She can't let her guard down even though she always good to her without reason.

In fact, she should stay vigilant to those types of people who suddenly showed up and offer kind deeds out of nowhere.

Latterly, she didn't dream that bizarre dreams of her. Although at some pointduring midnight, she would always wake up in a sudden jolt and break into sweats. Not reallyknowing the reason for it.

That's why, it would be good to only stay in the office, and at least she could get a little busy and forgot this phenomenon.

If Su Ci Yi is here. At least, she could confine this ridiculous predicament she was undergoing.

"Getting Busy?"

Baronette didn't knock on the door and immediately went inside her office.

"Am always busy nowadays." Su Ming replied but didn't bother to even lift her face. She could already determine her pretty well by her walking style.

"The director of the CNX association will hold a party for his daughter. All theaffiliatedcompanies are invited. Since I'm their major shareholder, I've got three tickets with me. Do you want to come?"

Su Ming raised her eyebrows.

Truthfully, just last year, they had a big scandal with this group. They are on standoff against each other regarding the resources they're getting their supply.

They were the first who contracted the raw provider. However, when things got escalated and their clan got involved in the big scandal, those opportunistic grabbed the chance to steal the supplier from them by offering a high price compared to them.

They threaten to file a lawsuit against the raw contributor for the breach of contract, but then this wasthe time whentheir company's performance went downhill up to the pointwhere they couldn't even file alawsuit.

Now that they are running on the right track, they ought not to clash on that company again nor have something to do with them,.

However, this Baronette even dare to invite her to their party?

"Don't get the wrong idea. I already know your history about them. But you're going with me so you are my guest. They'll not dare to harm you at that party." As she spoke it, she smiled ambiguously.

Su Ming looked perfunctory on her face. But still, she's not interested.

Baronette even persuaded her. "It's a good stratagem to set your foot on your enemy's den. You'll find useful information when you stick close to your nemesis. It's a good change of pace once in a while."

"Is that base on experience?" Su Ming rebutted while trying to find a reaction to her face.

However, Baronette's a vigilant woman. Her face didn't even show any ounce of unnatural reaction.

"Who knows? Maybe or maybe not."


At last, nothing beats the pure smell of a sweet home. As soon as they arrive inside the villa, Su Ci Yi immediately went into her own room. Although it's almost three months that she left, her room was fully organized and well maintained. There was not a single speck of dust that can be noticed. Even the curtains and the bedsheets were fully changed. Su Ming might have instructed the maids to clean it every day.

The only thing that she couldn't point out is that there are only maids present. The stupid Su Mo and the lady of the villa is gone. When she asked the maids about them, it turned out that they are in the hospital. Su Mo got attacked by his sickness and upuntil now, they were still staying there.

Everything's working for her and it's a good thing that they are not at the house this time. Who knows what kind of dramatic situation she'll undergo if ever they are present.

However, before everything else, she ought to call Su Ming first. She owed her a lot since her disappearance. Though she left her in the dark, she still didn't doubt her.

As soon as she dialed her phone, the connecting line on the other end, was picked up. Next, a voice she's not familiar with answered. It was kind of raspy and new. The tone is deep like a man but it didn't felt it belong to a man.

"You're back? Su Ming is away to deal with affairs. It seemed that she forgot her phone."

"I see then. Just passed the message thatI got back home now. I'll wait for her here."

She then closed the call. After turning the call off, it was only then that she realized, she didn't ask for the other person's name. She looked helplessly on her phone. Well anyway, that person will just inform Su Ming about it.

On the other end of the line, Baronette returned the phone back to Su Ming's drawer after she deleted the history of the call earlier. Su Ming was out now. And it's not her habit to forget her phone. Tonight she specifically didn't bring it with her.

"You're still here?" Su Ming asked as soon as she saw Baronette still lounging on her office.

"The Audit Agency had emailed us for a revision of the statistical report of our supply and they specifically informed us to send the revision today."

"That fast? The deadline isn't today. They'll making us like a puppet on their whims." Su Ming opened her email and saw it. "Guess I'll stay here tonight again."


Su Ci Yi takes out her spatial bag and for the first time, opened her note that she specifically decided to do when she got home. The Chief, specify that this note contains elements that would help her open a portal.

The note has a pungent odor and the fragrance of the decadent smell lingered on her nose. No doubt that it came from the underground since a speck of soil still clung on it.

The inside of the note had a bizarre drawing, in which in the first place is the ill.u.s.tration of blood poured in a chalice. Or so she thought. It could even signify a gr.a.p.e juice? A wine? Or water being poured.

But on this matter where she needed to pour it especially on a chalice and thus being needed in a ritual, it'll always be blood that is present.

Now the question is, whosebloodis needed?

On the second page, there's a strange beast kind akin to a small dragon. The details didn't specifybut it seemed thatshe already saw this kind.


The one thatthey discover at the Deputy's abode that guards the millennium pearl.

When she thought about it, she immediately went down her bed and rush downstairs. It's better to ask the owner of itsince it's tamed by him.

The dining room which she entered is filled with two people.

Qin Yu had an apron on his front and was manning something in the kitchen while the little child seated in front of the dining table. He's watching his daddy busy making something while leisurely swinging his legs.

Earlier, she tried to shove these two to immediatelygo back to their mansion. There are people who might be worried about them. However, the two turned a deaf ear on her as they nonchalantly stride their way in like this was their houseinthe first place.

See? They even went to the kitchen like it's the extensionof their home!

"Hey, can you still contact your tamed beast?"

Su Ci Yi seated next to the child as she observed Qin Yu's slick moves in front of the kitchen.

" It depends if there's enough space or when there's no one around. I can't summon it in the middle of the bustling people. I'll only look suspicious."

He got a point with it. " Then can I trouble you to summon him tonight?" She only wanted to confirm something. If she saw it closely, maybe she can think about how to use it.

Qin Yu stopped his movement. He turned around and leaned on the wall crossing his arms while breaking into a sadistic and ridiculous grin.

"I'll come with a condition. Want to trade?"

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