Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 178

Volume 1 Chapter 178 Su Ming And The Beast

"I'll come with a condition. Want to trade?"

Qin Yu's head tilted in her direction, as he looked at her expectantly. His hand that was crossed folded down sideways.

Su Ci Yi was dumbfounded, and she didn't felt any good with this deal. Since this man had a honey-sweetened twisted mouth that whatever he says goes according to his will. But since calling a dragon is a big work; from the mountainous mist crossing over a few lands sure that beast will make a tedious trip.

"Fine then. So, can you summon it back tonight?" She leaned on the back of the chair as her hand rested on her chin. In the end, she was the one who needed it the most.

Hearing her spoke like that, he went near her and flicked lightly here forehead.

Though it's not painful, Su Ci Yi only felt a small sting on her head.

"Rest first tonight. We just came back from the long journey."

After he sealed the negotiation, Qin Yu turned back to the kitchen and open the lid of the boiling pan he was cooking. Seeing it, his eyebrows crumpled and mumbled, 'Ah, the noodles are soggy now'. He took his phone which was already turned off for the entire months, turned it on, and order a dish of fresh pasta and soup from an exquisite cuisine restaurant he had partnered.

On the other hand, the moment Qin Yu opened his phone. A mechanical 'ping!' sound came from the computer of Qin HuZao. He set it like that so he would really hear it all the way even from the bathroom of his bachelor's pad. It's set in orderto track Qin Yu's whereabouts when he the GPS tracker on his phone activated.

Now, he regretted setting it a loud mode that it woke him up on the night. When at last for the first time he fell and his already having a dream on the lalala land but the sound was too stimulating that he woke upin the end.

He opened the screen of his iPad and search for the location. After a few seconds, he went out like a dead zombie of the night. Who cares where he is, as long as he could drag him back, even if he needed a rope to do it to then he'll bring it with him.

When Qin HuZao reached the place it was already midnight. He stopped in front of the decadent conventional-styled villa and an iron front gate. The entire exterior of the house was oldand looked that it wasn't maintained well.

All this time, Qin Yu was staying in this place?

This ridiculous cousin of his, what's he playing at? How can he live in a place like this one?

It was also good timing that a vehicle stopped by so he could at least ask for the whereabouts of this cousin of him. A woman came down, fresh from her business attire, and looked stunning from the back. She seemed too tired that she wasn't able to detect his presence behind.

However, the result of his whim, fetching Qin Yu didn't go smoothly with the reality.

The woman almost shrieked when he went near her and her body twisted 180 degrees throwing a high note left-kick of his stomach. He wascaught off guard that he directly fall on the ground. After he fell, he heard her called him 'pervert! Then she instructed the guards to throw him off!

Qin HuZao looked at himself. Right. He's still wearing a loose white robe and only a pair of sleepers on his foot. Even his hair was a bitmessy with a bit of a grown mustache on his face.

He hadn't had time to go over the mirror earlier because he panicked already and seize the opportunity to catch Qin Yu immediately. For he might lose the signal of his tracker again and would have got him in vain.

Su Ming's adrenaline rush activated and her under-discovered karate mover came out in a flow. Nowadays, there is a lot of a diverse kind ofperverts and there was this kind that wears a bathrobe in the middle of the night and enjoys harassing young little women!

After the predicament, Su Ming immediately went inside the house however, she bumped into something enormous and rough. It was dark yet the ash-colored eyes of this thing glitter in the middle on the darkness and it's situated just right in front of the entrance blocking the way.

Su Ming had only thought thatthe fatigue almost caught her, and she was now hallucinating a dragon in front of her. She just finished the report inside the office, and she regretted going back home now. First, she encountered a pervert, now a plebeian dragon out of nowhere? Really?

Who will believe her?

In this 20th century of modern technology and science is the founding principle!

There's no way that a dragon will still exist?!

Oh god! Is she going crazy now? She even thought thatthe dragon was blinking its eyes towards her direction.

Maybe because of the fatigue thatshe didn't felt scared at this moment. She was sleepy as well that even the stinging glare of the creature didn't affect her at all.

But then when the beast moved its wings and flapped it on the air as it showed off its obsidian skin color and as it slowly lifted its body and stood up, Su Ming was petrified and turned like a stone statue, then slowly, her consciousness faded away.

She didn't fall hard on the ground; the beast stretched its slick and long tail to catch her before she could even fall on the ground and broke her head.

"Good job catching her."

Qin Yu called from the entrance door. As soon as he walked up to the beast, he patted its head like its doing in a puppy. The dragon beast beam in happiness as it waggled its tail left and right.

This beast was quitedocile, in just one call of him, it immediately responded. He thought thatit would take almost a day to arrive but in just minutes it managedtoarrive before midnight.

Now, he reallyneeded to think about what kind of exchange he'll ask tomorrow. As soon as he thought about it, he turned back inside and tucked himself between the sleeping child and the woman.

He'll just sleep here tonight, she wouldn't know, anyway.


Early the next morning, Su Ci Yi woke up by the loud shriek of Su Ming from the next room. Even Qin Tao gets up from his sleep beside her. Somehow, Su Ci Yi fell asleep last night as soon as her back hit off the fluffy bed that she wasn't able to notice Su Ming's arrival last night.

"What happened?!" Su Ci Yi barged in the room like a wild cheetah.

Su Ming bolted up and seated straight as soon as she woke up, upon remembering what had happened last night and the dragon beast she saw she got goosebumps. But when she woke up this morning in the middle of her fluffy bed, she felt confused and thought thatit must be just some weird dream of hers again.

Su Ming sighed a relief. But then when she remembered something she looked up in astonishment in front of Su Ci Yi and shriek again.


She dashed down and ran madly to her. Scrutinizing if she is the true dealor it's this part of her dream again that she's having.

"Su Ming It's me."

*Hic *Hic *Hic, Su Ming's eyes teared up, knowing these all are not part of her hallucination anymore. Sometimes she really felt that her sister will someday leave her and won't come back again. And that she'll eventually disappear out of thin air without leaving a trace to trail.

But when she's here, it's like a thorn being lifted on her chest now that she's back.

Su Ci Yi patted her back and coax her, "It's all right. I'm back now. Let's head to the kitchen to eat first?"

The dining hall was already served with a lot of western morning meals on the table. Qin Tao took his own seat like he was used to it and started to eat.

Qin Yu was already finished setting the table, and soon the two sisters took their own seats.

It was such a quiet morning. Only the clatters of the spoon can be heard.

When Su Ming had finished, she remembered last night's incident warning her, "Sis, be careful on the way, if you go out at night, there's a pervert in a bathing robe roaming on this neighborhood and he's quiteaggressive."

Su Ci Yi finished eating and wipe her lips with the table napkin, "What's he like? So I could make a mental note."

"He's walking in a bathrobe, kinda looked like a foreigner" she then looked at Qin Yu's seat, "I know it sounds weird but he looked like Mr. Song Mao."

Qin Yu, ""

He thinks he knew who this man is. No. He's positive about it.

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