Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 179

Volume 1 Chapter 179 The Beast's Caretaker

Qin HuZao had no choice but to stay inside his car for the whole night and watched the front entrance of the gate from afar. The GPS tracker holding Qin Yu's location hasn't yet moved and therefore the person must still be inside. He must catch him today no matter what.

He went out of his car and lit a cigarette first to stabilize his mood, but then someone tapped him on his shoulder and asked leisurely, "Can I have one too?"

Qin HuZao was standing with his back on the man, he only took the whole packet and handed it to him, "Just get it and go away. I'm busy here."

He puffed and tried to lit his cigar but having a hard time lighting it.

"Can I borrow your lighter too?"

Qin HuZao heard him again asking for the second time.

Tch. He already gave the whole expensive packet now he's asking for this damn lighter of his. If he didn'thave anything in the first place, he shouldn't smoke then!

Seeing his selfish act, the man behind leaned on the front window and puffed his cigar.

"Are you acting a pervert now, harassing young beautiful girls? I didn't know that you have that kind of hobby." Qin Yu looked at the back of the man brooding over.

Qin HuZao now felt that the voice must have been too familiar. When he turned around and looked to that man, leisurely puffing his cigarette he exclaimed, " Xiao Yu!"

His eyes almost protruded out of their socket and trotted on his side. Qin Yu haven't finished talking yet and still ridiculed him with his outfit.

Qin HuZao: "Isn't your fault? If not for your disappearance and sudden appearance I wouldn't panic my way here just to catch you. If I am a little late, who knows where will you be again!"

Qin HuZao: "Anyway, that is not the issue here, whose villa is this? And what's with the old stylish abode. Is this yours really?"

Qin HuZao: "You're going back now, right? The company is in chaos now that you're gone. It really needs your presence to stabilize the emerging powerhouses of other clans!"

So noisy. Qin Yu prick his ears. Qin HuZao spoke nonstop right in front of him. Yet he stayed in his poker face, showing an appearance that didn't bother by the world and leisurely slip through the driver's seat of the car.

"What are you waiting for? Let's go now."


Song Mao was nowhere to be found now and Su Ming hadn't known where he went. Anyway, she'll just file a leave from the office for today, there shouldn't be any mishap in her reports submitted last night, and there was no scheduled meeting as of today. Baronette was there, so at least, she wouldn't worry.

After taking her shower, she went downstairs and went to find Su Ci Yi. She found her just standing outside the door. Su Ming jogged herself towards her like a gecko clinging to her whenever she went. Su Ci Yi's back is facing her. She crept slowly and surprised her by jolting suddenly behind her back, however; she ended up the one being shocked!

Standing in front of her sister is the dragon-like creature thatshe encountered last night! Therefore, all her hallucination that night wasn't a dream at all.


Su Ming in surprise stepped back.

Su Ci Yi turned to her and smile, "It's not dangerous. It'll not bite you."

Su Ming blinked her eyes a few times, didn't believe her at all. Without motioning, she remained on where she was, afraid that she might alert the beast in front of her.

But then, it was the beast who made a move and crept its way towards her. Like it wanted to be patted on its head.

"Go on." Su Ci Yi urged her to do the act.

Slowly, Su Ming extended her hand to touch it, while increasing her vigilant eyes. Her heart was beating like crazy and anytime she felt that it'll jump down on her chest

"Boo!" Qin Tao interjected and startled the wits of her following a series of broken laughter.

"Ekkk!" Su Ming scampered as far as she could and hide behind her sister's back.

Qin Tao appeared out of nowhere while laughing on his little naughtiness. Looking at the full-fledged a.d.u.l.t hiding behind his master's back, he could feel energetic that ever before. However, when Su Ci Yi glared at him, he stopped laughing and like a wronged cat drooped his ears, retreating a few steps backward.

Su Ci Yi led Su Ming's hand almost near the mouth of the creature just to show that it'll not harm her. The gentle animal inched slowly getting near her, "I'll not bite you, I promised."

Su Ming was coaxed at last. Gulping down a bucket of her saliva and when she already adjusted, she bravely strode alone in front of the beast and extended her hands to the mouth of the beast alone. Soon, she felt a slick and smooth gland touching her hand. It was the tongue of the beast licking the back of her palm.

It's not really that scary at all! Su Ming rejoiced at her new endeavor.

She was having fun with the beast for some time now when somehow a commotion broke outside. It seemed thatthe guards are having a disagreement with the other person outside.

Soon, a maid specifically made her way unto them and inquired, "Ms. there's a person looking for you outside."

Su Ci Yi instinctively replied, "Don't let him enter."

Soon, the maid went out and would have instructed the guard not to let the rioter inside. But then that certain someone without manners strides his way in even though the guards were literally chasing him out already.

They were just afraid that they'll raise their hand to the heir of the Huan Clan, the reason for the flimsy treatment.

"Ci Yi! What is the meaning of this? Why I am not allowed to enter?"

The person being questioned scratched her head, "You're here now. Even if I forcibly blacklisted your name from the guest's list, you'll eventually find your way tobarge inside right? What it is thatyou want now?"

"Haven't you forgot our deal?"

Huan Ro reminded her of their agreement about going to the forest but then since she was the only one who could enter, he assumed that she'll help him with the search for Xiang MoMo's whereabouts.

She arched her eyebrows and tilted her head. "Deal you say?" From what she remembered, she never made a bold agreement regarding Xiang MoMo's search party. All she did was to tag along to him since he knew the path along the way and she'll let him wonder alongside her while finding what he needed to search for. It's his fault for not crossing the path earlier and not even stepping foot on the mysterious village.

"Did you see Xiang MoMo there? You said you'll find her there?"

"Excuse me?"

Su Ci Yi felt a sharp pain on her head hearing it. His demanding voice was somehowgetting on her nerves.

She looked towards Su Ming and Qin Tao who was still playing the dragon beast and signal that she'll pull out herself for a while.

On the other hand, Huan Ro hadn't still realized the beast and because of his agitation, everything beyond the surrounding become invisible. His only focus was on the woman who had promised to help him find Xiang MoMo and saved her.

Huan Ro wasn'teven satisfied to only speak to her rudely; he even grabbed her hand roughly out of nowhere.

It was then that the beast swept its tail on him.

The man, out of nowhere was thrown a few meters away. He stood up in dazed and look at the thing that swept him over and gone pale.

Su Ci Yi signed. "Let me settle this."

Huan Ro was still white as a sheet of paper. Seeing in broad daylight, a kind of beast monster being taking care of - like any domesticated animal, his knee almost turned jelly. Also, he could even feel the malicious glare the beast was giving him and the way it threw him off on the ground.

"Well you're quitefond of my beast, do you want to pet it?"

Pet? Who the heck wanted that kind of beast that shows it's hateful glare directed at him? If he ever accidentally stepped on its area of responsibility, it'll not hesitate to bite him. How much more pet him?

Moreover, his astonishment is out of the question at this moment. He was here to hear some part of her journey over the village. And to know if she stumbled on Xiang MoMothe sole reason whyhe was here.

He looked up to the woman who was enjoying herself at the view of her pet while didn't even dare to glance at him.

After a few minutes of her silence, she put down the teacup and coldly spoke,

" Don't find her, she died back there."

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