Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 18

Volume 1 Chapter 18 Dark Nightmare

"Senior Brother! Senior Brother!" The 10 year old Su Ci Yi is the epitome of clinginess towards him. Lu Feng adoringly look at the small child beside him. Despite being a 10 year old already, Su Ci Yi's stature is too small for her generation. Lu Feng gently caressed the child's forehead and was able to feel a small wound that has not yet been healed fully.

"Yi Yi, did you fight against the disciple today?"

Su Ci Yi once heard him her mood turn sour. "I didn't" But her eyes were downcast.

"Yi Yi?" Lu feng once again ask her but she decided to stand firm on her lie.

"ahhhh!" Not long after, she shriek in alarm as she is hanged upside down with her foot binded by a vine. Looking at the person who made this to her, she shuddered.

Lu Feng's expression is pretty scary. She know he is angry and exuding a very heavy and dark aura making her gasps for air.

Cough! Cough!

"Senior Brother, I can't breath" She tried to beg him. "Yi Yi, you did lie to me again. I hate kids who are lying."Gasp ''Senior Brother, they started it. I was only provoke. I can't handle them anymore and I lost control. Senior Brother please spare me! I wont do it again." She said in between sobs.

That moment when she said it, the binding in her food loosen and she fall straight into the hard ground.

"Yi Yi"

Su Ci Yi's eyes is wet with tears. Lu Feng wipe those wet beads on her eyes through the hems of his robe. His facial expression now returned to being the gentle type. The one that Su Ci Yi admired.

"Hush, your Senior Bother accepted your apologies already. Promised that Yi Yi must never lie to her Senior Brother Again."

Su Ci Yi swore and slowly inch towards Lu Feng and hugging his well prim waist.




Su Ci Yi and Qin Tao was standing in front of an abandoned building. The two people where out of place against the people running here and there all over the place. There were also a few of high quality equipment being hurdle inside the mansion.

Some by-stander who happen to be on the same place beside them where flocking at a single direction. It is already night time yet the whole cast is alive and active.

How could Su Ci Yi cultivate on this place? She even regretted coming here!

Few hours earlier

"Dad I want to sleep over with the master?"

Qin Yu didn't bother with him and decided to ignore his son. Seeing him being obedient and submissive there must be something behind it. And sure enough he didn't get it wrong. The kid was up for another favor again.

"Request Denied"


"The hospital is not something that a child should frequent. I am already allowing you to go to her by mid day and don't let my leniency a luxury that you could afford. Young man, if you urge me this time, I will not have a choice but to ground you again.

"Daddy, I can't cultivate if the master is not guiding me"

Cultivate? Did the woman go along with Qin Tao's absurd hobbies? Is this how she caught the attention of the kid? Surely she is not an influence that would make Qin Tao even slump on his fantasy world of his right?

Qin Tao has already saw the different faces of people pretending to have inclination with the supernatural, however he found it all scams and fake.

Qin Yu believe the perseverance and strong will of this child. But such gifts and character should match with their purpose. Qin Yu was beginning to become worried of Qin Tao's future.

Qin Tao saw his father's strong resistant and decided not to pursue anymore. If not now, there's always a next time anyway.

As of this moment, there was something that he needed to participate.


Dark Nightmare

An old time TV series, that is competing against the long time airing Secret Files of Supernatural. The TV series, SFOS is a very well known supernatural doc.u.mentary. They are airing once a week with avid viewers growing more and more each and everyday.

Dark Nightmare is on the brink of its disbandment. Director Fu, an old and heavy man is about to retire in the film industry and would only like to produce his best film before retiring. However, fate as cruel, his viewer ratings decreases each and everyday. The exact opposite of the SFOF.

People's reviews and ratings of their short film where negative and low. They complain about the lack of thrilling and interesting stuff. As well as they couldn't even make their viewers panic in horror. They blame them for being boring.

The investors behind this film agency where backing down one by one. Their equipment where also on the brink of destruction but Director Fu didn't bother to repair it. The agency will disband and the film series will reach its end. He didn't even know know if its still beyond saving but one thing for sure, the Secret Files of Supernatural is still soaring out be on the top doc.u.mentary series of all times !

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