Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 180

Volume 1 Chapter 180 Lin Fei Fei Make A Move

" Don't find her. She died back there."

Su Ci Yi thought thatthis is the best choice to reason out in order for him not to pester her anymore. The more he holds hope that the woman is alive, the more he'll inconvenient her. In this regard, the information she laid will surely drop his interest in pestering her.

"DEAD!!! You're kidding?! Have you really seen her corpse! How did she die? How did you meet her in the long run? Why didn't you save her?!"

Huan Ro's voice trembled while speaking non-stop.

He can't believe her

No, it's quitesuspicious that she blurted out of nowhere like she was used to it?!

"If you're going to ask me that for the whole day, then keep dreaming. There are things I need to settle first. If you just went here to whine and scream for your unrequited tragic love, then you better go home. I'm not in a mood to entertain your loud whinesat all."

Su Ci Yi stood up upon talking and left him alone.

"Wait -"

Huan Ro was about to chase her but got cut off by the malicious glare of the beast.

He shouldn't ask for her help in the first place for he knew that she got a lot of resentment against him. After the tragic night, when Su Ci Yi was able to counter the attack of all those black people alone, Huan Ro hesitated to even approach her.

The feelings he had when he talked to her, was like owing a tigress a debt that he cowered in fear in front of her. Not only that, but it's also basically because this woman could anytime snap his neck without any effort putting on her strength at all!

The odds were all at him, and if she really put into it, she could throw his piece of garbage corpse in a place that no one could find.

If Su Ci Yi said she'll not help him at all, then he better not get on her nerves or he'll receive retribution!


Base on the note that the Chief had given her, the beast dragon is one of the components of opening such vortex along with the blood being poured in the chalice. The procedure was quitesimple. One only needed to draw a circular pattern on the ground then, in the middle stood the chalice. That dragon beast only needed to stump hard on the ground three times enough to make a small tremor.

Slitting her own wrist and poured some blood on the chalice, then nudged the beast to stomp its foot

Su Ci Yi started the ritual, it was already dark in the middle of the night. The moon didn't shine up above and the illuminating stars are the only visible light on the wide expanse of the sky. The leaves of the trees near her rustled at the cold windand the sound of the crickets resounded.

When the northern wind blew it quite gave her a shiver and chanted the words written on the note.

'The vast expanse of meteors on the constellation, along with the goddess' blessings on the west,

Thy wind shall blow on the east and in a carriage homes the heavenly crest,

The promised made upon the myriads of stars of light mages...

May this request be the guide on the thousand vaulted passages .

Now release!


A second had passed, Su Ci Yi held her breath and observe if there's any change occurring on the atmosphere.

A minute, and there's still no reaction.

Half an hour, yet the surrounding was still in total tranquility.

There's nothing happening at all!

"Master, there is no reaction..." Qin Tao blurted as he squatted on the side bringing his puny pillow and watched the suspicious stance of Su Ci Yi. When she slit her wrist earlier, he decided to stick himself until the end and if things got worse, he'll call his father immediately.

" Kids should sleep early at night." Su Ci Yi replied in her perfunctory and bland tone.

"A.d.u.l.ts should at least sleep between 6-8 hours a day." Qin Tao rebutted with his informative declaration.

Su Ci Yi looked at himridiculously.

'Qin Tao Ah, Qin Tao,' why was this child had high intelligence than normal kids? She felt that sometimes her hundred years of wisdom were not even enough for him as he could counter her with ease at all. What's scarier is that he's just a child!

Su Ci Yi focused her attention to the front. Not minding him at all.

Then after an hour, there's no change in the air, nor any portal opening.

By this time, she gave up. We'll that goes for her first try. She needed to consolidate all details on what had been her mistake on this.


Qin Yu hadn't still left the company even though it's already almost midnight. The stockpile of papers on his desk was piling up and as he shifted some papers his couldn't help but yawn. The Qin HuZao who was stuck like an 'Elmers Glue' on his side werenow gone. Too excited to go home after working hours. No wonder there's a lot of piles still left. His butt wasalways set on fire whenever the bell rang at five o'clock in the afternoon.

He didn't eat for dinner yet and he could feel the silent growl on his stomach.

Tomorrow, he needed to stop by, to the mansion, and give a call to his parents. He already knows that they'regoing to rain him with a lot of interviews and ranting about his disappearance without notice.

However, he could lessen their ranting and limit their nagging, if Qin Tao would play his trick and cozy to them, but the child (even no matter how he pursued to go back to the mansion at once) won't heed to him. Anyway, it's not that important to go home for now. He'll just pick him up after some time when he already moderately settled in. By that time, he'll have a lot of time to him and he won't hold it against himself and weave any reason to stay behind.

He had just wrapped up everything and stood up. 'Guess, this is for the night.'

He was getting ready when heard a consecutive knock on his office.

His eyebrows crumpled and thought inside, Who on earth would visit him in the middle of the night in his own office?

But then his question was immediately answered when a woman entered and sashayed her way on his front.

"Fei, what brought you here?"

The woman called 'Fei' had a bag of wrapped parcel on her hand. "Xiao Zao told me thatyou already reported today. I plan to visit earlier but considering your hectic schedule I decided not to bother you. Instead, I brought it here, this time."

Qin Yu received the wrapped parcel, put on the table, and opened it. The aroma put a unique taste on his mouth as hunger almost took him.

Qin Yu stayed for a while and looked over a bunch of dishes on his table.

"Did you cook all ofthese?" Seeing a variety of not so heavy dinner serve in front, he looked at her in disbelief. Aside from medicine, Lin Fei Fei had no interest in other things. While the food served in front of him appeared fancy, he can't help but notice that these were all home-cooked.

He inquired while already tasting the food on his mouth.

"Yes, I just took a culinary lesson while you're gone and it's my first cooking recipe." Lin Fei Fei blushed as she felt proud, but since it was dark, Qin Yu didn't notice it as he focused on his food.

There's a famous saying that, "A way to a man's heart is through his stomach.' Lin Fei Fei diverged into this strategic counter in orderto capture him, although, she is only at the starting line.

Even on this, if she could ever showcase her skill towards him, then it'll be only a matter of time.

Qin Yu ate the food without complaint, for a first-timer who learned to cook, she's doing fine.

Lin Fei Fei, while gazing at him eating his food, had a doubt if she had the right to ask where he came from. She had gone finding him lately but couldn't find any traces of him, it's like he disappeared entirely on this continent. And now he appeared out of nowhere? Just where the heck did he come from?

"I'm done. " After finished eating, Qin Yu stood up. Express his thanks to her and left some instructions about the mansion. But he didn't explain nor discussed his experience for the past months.

Lin Fei Fei only sighed and looked at the disappearing back of the man hurrying over to out of the building.


Su Ci Yi woke up early that morning and did some exercises just outside the neighborhood. However, when she saw a lingering woman on their front gate, she felt suspicious. She observed her first for a while, but after noticing her, that woman trotted on her side.

"Ms. Su? What are you doing here?"

Lin Fei Fei blurted out seeing her went outside the villa where Qin Yu stayed last night.

'I should be the one asking that?' Su Ci Yi deeply thought.

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