Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 181

Volume 1 Chapter 181 The Hospital Haunting Fire Ghosting Arch

How could it be?

Lin Fei Fei was still hang up on the thought of Qin Yu's stay on her patient's house, and worst, she wasn't able to confirm this matter about Su Ci Yi's cohabitation with Qin Yu. More like she chicken out at that timeand hastily fled looking like a crazy woman than her patient.

Since their school days, Qin Yuwas always filled with admirers, pursuers, and fans that secretly hide their emotions from him. Afraid to show because of his aloof nature. His unapproachableness was whatmakes him safe from those girls. However, there are some who don't show any decency and pulled out a lot of tricks that go against the virtue of a reserved lady.

And those situations ended up as his flings but both end shortly for a few months.

Lin Fei Fei wanted to believe that its one of his flings again. Although, with what she could remember was that her patient (Ms. Su) wasn't that kind of person. This Su Ci Yi woman is not someone that would go crazy for a man, at least that was her first impression of her.

However, seeing the circ.u.mstances, showed thatthere's a wide gap between appearance and true self.

Anyway, I'll end up only for a few months before Qin Yu will come back again to the mansion.

"Doctor, doctor, are you all right?"

A certain nurse came to her asking for the correct prescriptions on her patient in the 35th room. It seemed that she was calling her for a while now and because of her thoughts, she wasn't able to hear her asked.

"Ah, give me her record, I'll personallygo to her. There are some changes in her condition and I need to confirm it first."

The nurse handed the file to her and went out.

It's been a week since that incident and it's not good to still think those things. Even her concentration was out of focus because of it.

She paced towards the specific room in which the patient was situated.

This new patient has been admitted for the third-degree burned she had received from a sudden fire that erupted on her company's residence. The fire broke yesterday at around early in the morning and was lucky, the peril only resulted in one casualty and this was this person. However, the down part was that this person was eaten by the flames terribly. It wasn't able to escape and was trapped in the office alone. Poor thing, she must have been terribly suffered inside.

Lin Fei Fei gulp down as she examined the tremendous burns she had on her body. They had already injected a painkiller drug for the burn on the skin.

Right now, she'll prescribe some anti-inflammatory drugs and supplements to nourish her body.

Although, based on the report of investigation, there's no foul play on the incident. The disaster was natural and upuntil now, the source of the fire can't still be figured out by the authority holding the case.

Lin Fei Fei, doesn't want to dwell on these unsolved cases and ruled it out from the back of her mind.

However, it was all futile.

On the second day, there came another incident of someone being charred inside the establishment. And this person was unlucky and died in the operating room of the hospital.

On the third day, another incident came but now it was children who got almost burn in their home. The mother was out to buy in the wet market nearby and the children were left alone. Lin Fei Fei was grateful that they have been discovered before the fire could even spread and was rescued just in time.

Too much of a coincidence to happen.

Yet the investigation team couldn't rule out the possiblesuspects and there was no connection between the three that link their circ.u.mstances.

It doesn't concern her at all, at least, but the hospital is her jurisdiction, whenever there are patients being admitted, Lin Fei Fei would always be pulled in on this mess, sacrificing her goal of pursuing her springtime.

On the fourth day, there was no incoming patient admitted with a degree burned. Lin Fei Fei got worried for these past few days coming. When she thought thatit'll continue until the fourth and the fifth day but it didn't happen so.


Lin Fei Fei's shift had endedat that time. She's now going to Qin Yu's office tonight. Seeing that he had no time to prepare for himself, for the second time, she's thinking of bringing a meal from a fancied restaurant. Since she got tied with her responsibilities, she couldn't prepare him dinner like the last time. But when she had time again, she'll make sure tocreate recipes just for him.

She just changed into her usual frilly shirt, denim styled pants and a pair of wedge sandals. For one last time, she retrieved her bag in her officebut then a 'click' sound resounded into the space of her room from the lights being turned off. Then the chinking of the metal was heard and the doorknob being locked. Lin Fei Fei rushed to open the doorbut it was locked. As the room was dark, her only light came from her phone.

"Who's playing a prank there! Stop it! This is a Doctor your playing with!"

Lin Fei Fei shouted.

But it seemed thatno one was able to hear from the outside.

A couple of minutes have passed and out of nowhere, a billowing smoke permeated from the holes and windows of her office. From the corner of her eyes, a small spark of fire ignited from the piles of doc.u.ments on her own narra desk. Soon, there was the sound of the person, no... a woman giggling on the background. The tone of her voice was quitehigh pitch and eerie. Its laughter was beginning to sound more clearer along her high heeled shoe clattering on the alleyway.

"Is anyone there! Open the door please!" Lin Fei Fei desperately begged.

It's still early in the evening at around seven, yet why was no one answering on her call? There should be people outside.

The smoke had begun to thicken, and the small filtering fire that ignited with the papers on her desk flared up.

So suffocating

Lin Fei Fei panted as she felt suffocated by the smoke.

It's too cramped here

Open the door whoever is there


I'm begging you...


"Throw a bucket of water! Quick! Quick! Before the fire could flare up!" Su Ming panicked as she shouted in front of the kitchen.

Earlier, when Su Ci Yi tried to cook for herself, she didn't know what had happened but seemed she forgot the right timing, and things got escalated from the fire climbing over the oil in the frying pan.

Su Ming immediately dashed to get the fire extinguisher. However, Su Ci Yi already did throw a bucket of water before she could even return with an extinguisher on her hand. Since Qin Yu hadn't still arrived, she ought to cook for a change of pace. She, who hasn't hover on the kitchen both from her past life and this - was brimming with confidence that she could do brilliant cooking! However, the result was as clear as day and that she was an enemy of the kitchen.

When the fire was put out. Su Ming sigh a relief and slump on the chair.

"Just when I thought thatwe are being cursed by the fire spirit. Sister, you should be careful, fire is in the hot seat right now. People are talking about the mysterious fire that would suddenly erupt out of nowhere and popped out at random houses and establishments to cause the loss of lives. Though it was a rumor, the majority of people on social media are believing the myths."

Fire spirit?

Su Ci Yi felt familiar with it. The way Su Ming describes it, there's no doubt that she was talking that thing. There was one time when she was on a mission on the neighboring village of their sect, a prettyfamiliar case like this one.

She was with her Senior Brother at that timewhen they ended up being burned alive inside a haystack hut. Thanks to her Senior Brother's cultivation, that they weren't reduced into human barbeque sticks.

At that time, she was still a novice and didn't know what kind of fire had burned them.

Turned out it was the fire spirit.

Fire spirits are the metaphor that these mundane people are using. On their sect, its called, the spirit of will-o-wisp, the ghost light or night fire. It always occurred and struck at night. It emphasizes its target and didn't randomly attack an individual.

This time was just an accident. Su Ming didn't need to worry to get attacked by this type offire. Its resentment was directed to people who had a debt on them. So, it won't attack them without reserve.

Or so she thought...

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