Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 182

Volume 1 Chapter 182 The Fire Broke Out

That same night, Qin Yu wasn't able to go back to the villa.

The first-ever recipe that Su Ci Yi had made on this life, (with the guidance of Su Mingof course) waseaten between just the three of them. The trio ate dinner without Qin Yu's presence. Although this is the first time that he wasn't able to join them, but they was never that worried about his absence. His position was quitehectic on the group and unpredictable situations that call forth his presence couldn't be ignored.

The beast Qin Yu summoned was still at their villa's garage. It was a docile and a cute beast, that Su Ming and Qin Tao are fond of.

After dinner, Su Ci Yi immediately lounged on her bed and brainstormed about the notes Lingua Liu left her. Somehow, up to this moment, she couldn't still point out the discrepancies she's making whenever she conducted the ritual. Her arms were already swollen from the cuts and wounds she made from pouring her blood on the chalice.

If her blood wasn't the type that she needed then, how could she determined which blood type to use? That predecessor of hers, if he would ever leave a note, could he made it in a simpler tone? Not all people like to think of mind breaking puzzles and quizzes?!

Later that night, she felt uncomfortable and transfer outside, stargazing on the starry night sky.

The wind blew just right on her ear. The night was cold and chilly. The villa was situated near the mountain ranges. The blaring howls of dogs from the opposite end of the forest were clear to her ear. Even the small gestures and flips of the wind, the car engine on the road, and the sound of the night birds vibrated on her senses.

A few nights ago, she 'break through' on her cultivation, achieving a 9th level practitioner on the 'soul foundation stage.'

After breaking through, she felt that her body was lighter than ever before. Her range of hearing extended at around 200 meter range and her vision even more sharpened. The effects were too stimulating, enough to even feel the faint breath of the undercover person atop the acacia tree on their garden - the shadow that always followed Qin Tao whenever he goes if his father is not nearby. Although he hides his aura pretty well, but with her new cultivation level, she could feel his presence as clear as the crystal.


Su Ci Yi for the first time approached him and strike a conversation.

The man hidden behind the verdant canopy of the tree leaves didn't answer and even quieted. 'The boss specified to only guard the kid, and no other trivial matters.'

"Hey, where's your master?" By this time, Su Ci Yi tilted her head above him yet there was no reply.

Su Ci Yi gestured towards the beast to swing the whole tree and the man fall just in front of her feet.

"So, you're willing to show yourself?"

The man being forcefully dragged out from his hiding face was speechless.

The man stood up, dusted the speck of dirt on his thighs, and presented himself in full view. His height was a little shorter than Qin Yu but his fiber muscles were prim. Although he exudes an aura of danger, Su Ci Yi couldn't feel intimidated. In terms of level in martial arts, she falls behind but with her new cultivation level at least she could go against him. This person, if polished, could be a hidden gem from the pile of solid rocks.

Qin Yu surely knows how to pick up talented and rare subordinates.

"The boss..." At last, the man spoke, however, the sound that came from his mouth was too soft that she needed to inch forward and lean her ears in orderto hear him.

"The boss went to the hospital, there's an emergency going on"


At that time,Su Ming went out of the house panting. Coming from her room, itseemed thatshe was about to report an urgent matter at hand, was this about Qin Tao again?

"Sis, something went wrong at the hospital where mom and dad are staying!"

Su Ci Yi almost forgot the existence of these people. Now that she mentioned it, these past few days felt a lot of comfortable and easy-peasy. Turned out that her parents were gone.

Gone to the hospital and in which they haven't visited since the beginning.

"What was the"

"Sis, the hospital got engulf by the flames!!! The report just took in, and the fire wasn't still put out until now. I'm going there, please watch over the house tonight. I'll just fill you with the information later, I'm in a hurry right now. Oh, be careful here, I'll call you when I got there!"

Su Ming then ran in flurried footsteps. Her hair had been messy with bedhead and her clothes were only pj's and shirt; she's still wearing her flat slippers.

Although it's an emergency, however, Su Ci Yi couldn't let Su Ming go alone on this night. No matter how this era wassecured at night but still, there are far more things that are lurking beyond the mundane eyes. Not to mention, natural accidents could still happen on the road. Su Ming is just an ordinary humanafter all.

"Wait. Let me go with you." She hurried her footsteps and followed her trail.

"What about the child?"

Qin Tao had already fallen asleep inside the room. After the dinner, it seemed thathe already knows that his father won't be coming home and early visited his dreamland.

Su Ci Yi turned to the man she was talking earlier.

" Can you goandwatch over the kid in his room?"

The man noddedand in one swift he disappeared in thin air.

Although Su Ming was surprised by the man's presence, she couldn't let herself be occupied by it.


When they arrived at the hospital, the front entrance was packed up with a dense mass of people. And there are already personnel from the fire agency bureau manning to take out and pacify the fire outside, yet the eminent fire still flamed up, trapping the people on the second floor and above without a leeway of escape.

Su Ci Yi activated her active hearing and tried to eavesdropped the commotion undergoing inside. The situation wasn't grave than it looked and from the second floor where their parents are situated, the smoke wasn't still able to climb yet.

There was no need to worry at all and before it could even reach the higher floors, the fire will be put out already. The authority in-charge is doing fine subjugating the fire.

She gave this advice to Su Ming who was frantic on the current situation.

The two stood among the crowds of people gathering just in front of the hospital.

Their parents are located on the second floor of the building, so the burden of fire shouldn't still befelt there. However, the look of the patients and visitors face as they peek from the window below is agitation and worries.

There were idiots who tried to climb the window and acted to jump down, even though the fire still didn't break yet on their floor. And there will be someone who will shout on a megaphone and declare that everything's fine and nothing to worry just to pacify their fear.

For some reason, when a man in tall build and handsome appearance walked out from the building carrying a doctor in princess carry style, the whole crowd gasped in silence. The person being carried seemed unconscious and pale.

Su Ci Yi knew that the woman he carried was her own attending physician whose name she forgot. To think thatthese two knew each other, the world really is too small for them.

She was staring at these two when she heard the low shrill of teenagers behind her.

"Oh! so handsome! That girl was so lucky being carried like that."

"You bet, is he an uprising idol star? I never saw him on the media?"

" Tsk. Could we switch place to the girl? I wanna play unconscious for a while if he's the one to rescue me, so dreamy..."

"Dream on, isn't they looked like lovers? Come, one looked at the man's face it's obvious that heis deathlyworried for her! So give up. Handsome me are not available on the market especially with that caliber."

The other girl quieted and clicked her tongue. Then they gazed at Qin Yu with adoration and envied the woman.

Su Ci Yi saw Qin Yu lay the Doctor on the stretcher, as careful as he is that she won't hit her head on the metal railing. His face was dark and his unapproachable aura erupted without him knowing, however, this effect only added charm to his temperament as the two ladies behind her squeal like a mad single dog.

Not good! She's being sidetrack!

Su Ci Yi turned around and now... she couldn't find Su Ming at all!

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