Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 183

Volume 1 Chapter 183 Predestined Accidents

Lin Fei Fei was temporarily brought inside the stationed tent, a few meters away from the hospital. After taking medicine for anxiety, her BP stabilized, and she falls asleep. It was only then that Qin Yu felt relieved after seeing her even breathing.

Earlier, he was working overtime in the office when suddenly he heard his phone vibrated. It was a call from a new number which he was not familiar with. Without too much procrastinating, he answered the incoming call and heard a desperate voice that came from the opposite end. Coincidentally, he knew the owner of the voice well; it was none other than Lin Fei Fei.

"Xiao Yuh-help me. I-m trapped inside, it's suffocating here. Hurry" Her voice was already faltering and almost about to reach her end.

Qin Yu abruptly stood up from his seat and stormed outside without a second thought. He didn't turn off Lin Fei Fei's call and even instructed her to talk as much as she can, so when he arrives to the scene, he will not find her unconscious body.

He speeds up under the late-night time and when he arrived, there was already a firefighter stationed at the hospital front and was putting out the fire. Qin Yu, without listening to the warning not to enter, directly stride and went straight towards Lin Fei Fei's own office.

He ransacked the door as it was locked and he saw the almost fainting Lin Fei Fei. Immediately, he covered her nose with his wet handkerchief and rescued her out. The smoke was too suffocating, but somehow he managed to go out unscathed.

While trailing the passageway earlier, he heard waves of laughter from the room. Strange, because there wasn't anyone beside Lin Fei Fei and there's no way that he could miss it if ever there was.

The giggle was loud and vivid; even the clattering of high-heeled shoes on the tiled floor was clear.

He didn't mind it at that timebecause he's only sole concern was to get her out.

Just right when he went out, the fire even flared up and the person putting it out was having a hard time.

Now that Lin Fei Fei was safe. He went outside for a while, taking a second look. Earlier, it seemed thathe spotted a familiar face around the area that shouldn't be hereinthe first place.

But when he swept his gaze for the second time, she's already gone. He must have been hallucinating and thinking thatshe was here.

He pulled out his phone and dialed the Su Villa's telephone line. But then no one was answering the call. He dialed it for the third time yet there was still none. It's already almost midnight tonight, they must have been asleep at this hour. He pondered and gave up the idea ofcontacting them.

He went back inside to see Lin Fei Fei's situation.

The woman was already awake, her weakly back leaned against the wall looking over at her phone. She was checking the situation outside and the lethality of the fire was conducting. Up to this moment, there were still flames left that weren't put out.

"What happened?"

He inquired and laid his eyes on her.

Lin Fei Fei's lips were pale and her skin was pallid. Her breath was uneven yet after drinking some anxiety pills, her mood stabilizes. However, the aura of a sickly person is inherent in her appearance.

"Someone played a prank and locked the door. I was trapped inside."

"Are there no people from the outside?"

Lin Fei Fei shook her head. Her experience felt as if the people outside didn't hear her call for help. It was as if she wascast in a different dimensionat that time; she was there, yet it felt like there was an invisible ice barrier that prevented her actions to be perceived by others.

She felt ridiculous thinking about it. As a Doctor in the profession, her personal prejudice always lies on the information with a scientific basis and experimental root. What dimension she was talking about? What ice barrier? It might only be a coincidence that they couldn't hear her.

Qin Yu saw her crumpled face. It seemedthat she's all right now. He took his stand and would have had to leave when Lin Fei Fei grabbed his hand. Qin Yu turned back and gaze at the hand holding him and to the person who was looking with a sheer plea on her eyes.

"Do you want anything?"

"Are you leaving now?"

He looked at his wristwatch and scan for the time.

"It's already late. Get some rest."

The hand that held him tightened. Lin Fei Fei spoke in a definite refusal, " No! Stay here, please?"

Qin Yu was speechless for a moment.

Then the whole area quieted in an awkward manner. Lin Fei Fei almost lost the space-time and felt that a pause buttonwas played and everything's too discrete and serene. She could even feel her chest beating loudly to this extent.

"Excuse me!!! Have you seen my Su Ming? -"

Su Ci Yi's over-dramatic entrance was whatmade Lin Fei Fei broke her grip from him. And when she saw the mood being awkward, she immediately stepped back and turned around; apologetically said, "Sorry, I didn't mean to intrude." She didn't know that these two people had that kind of relationship. Su Ci Yi had been too accustomed to the man following behind her, it was such the first time that she saw him being intimate with others. When she thought about the situation, she couldn't help but feel disappointed. Aside from the doctor, there was Qin Tao's mother who hadn't even shown up yet. Seriously, just how much 'harem' that man would like to build?

Going back, with alotof people nearby, Su Ci Yi couldn't determine Su Ming's breath. And the only thing she could do, for now, is to find her within the vicinity.

The only place that she wasn't able to search was the second floor of that building and up to this moment, it's still off-limits to passed by. Did Su Ming really go up?

Qin Yu took out Lin Fei Fei's hand and bought it back to her lap. " It's okay. I'll just be outside. You don't need to be thatagitated. "

Then he stormed outside the room.

However, when he went out, the silhouette of the woman had already disappeared.


It's strange that Su Ming, who had been on her side, disappeared the moment she got sidetracked. She could at least feel her presence the moment she broke away by her side but she didn't feelanything.

Still hadn't found her, Su Ci Yi's last option is to find Su Ming on the second floor where their parents are situated. If she could not pass at the front because of the checkpoint, then she'll go over at the back of the building and climb the unused railway stair. Going upwards was too difficult with such ordinary means however, she was different; she opened her senses and used her qi on her foot to lift her weight. Without a laborious effort, she reached the designated floor.

When she reached the second floor, she knocked on the steel window to open it. She was directed to the women's comfort room that was abandoned and with a vivid spectral vibe. Goosebumps roll over her spine when her foot set on the ground.

As she goes out, it was then that she bumps into Su Ming.

"Sis! Goodness, where did you come from?! I thought you're just behind my back? And before I knew it I lose sight of you!"

She blurted upon seeing her.

" I should ask you that question." To think thatSu Ming, was able to slip through the authority guarding the front entrance, she had no idea how she did it but one thing she was sure of; when she knew she was gonebyher side, her heart almost jumped from her chest.

" I followed a woman upfront, she led me here, and it was you whom I encounter. Did you saw some woman in bright red slacks and coat with a veil hanging on her face? Ah, now that you mention it, her dress code is quiteoutdated isn't it?"

Su Ci Yi had just gone outside, if there was a woman who happened to passed by she wouldn't able to notice it.

" So you just noticed that you followed a stranger?" Su Ci Yi walked near her and flicked her forehead with pressure. " Even children know not to follow anyone, especially the suspicious one, but here you are following without a care in the world."

Su Ming pouted, " It's not that, I really felt light-weighted following her earlier. As if from the back of my head, there was a melody guiding me to the place I was looking for. Hadn't you come out from that cubicle, I wouldn't know that I had already reached up to this point"

With that said, Su Ci Yi became alerted. Indeed, there were really some nasty particles that were mixed into the atmosphere. And from the way she perceived it, it's not that good!

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