Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 184

Volume 1 Chapter 184 Unfair Treatments And Schemes


Su Ming creased her eyebrows when she saw Su Ci Yi's blank face. Usually, she became like this whenever she was too engrossed in her deep thoughts. She even tried to wave her hands in front of her but after a few seconds, she didn't receive any reactions.

Su Ci Yi's thoughts ran wild that she lost focus on her surrounding. If Su Ming said that she felt a little bit off, then there must something within it. Su Ming isn't the person who likes to exaggerate things leading to even more complications. When she said it, it actuallyhappened.

"Where is Dad's room?"

For a change of pace, she diverted the topic.

Su Ming gestured towards her and leads the way.

Su Mo is admitted to a middle-class standard room. A one-person room with advanced facilities inside. The Su Family didn't belong to the elite class in society. A VIP room is too much for them to afford. Although the room is standard; it has a soundproof wall and anyone inside wouldn't be able to hear the outside noise; a decoration that had a socialite vibe, and overall appearance worthy for a semi-rich clan.

When they arrived, Su Gi was peeling an apple in front of her father while the man (Su Mo) was lazily laid on his bed yawning. After Su Gi finished peeling, she brought it towards him. It seemed that this couple's relationship is quitegood more that she takes credit for.

Su Mo asked for a cup of water and Su Gi handed a warm one. That was when Su Mo flared up again questioning why did she offer warm water to him! Then the two began to bicker over a small matter.

Warm water is still water, what is he looking for?

This Su Mo really is quite a handful and stubborn. Good thing, no one between the two of them inherited his wild stubbornness.

The two were still bickering that they were late to notice the presence ofincoming visitors.

SuMing was first to enter while Su Ci Yi followed. When they saw her at the back, Su Gi's eyes widen then she looked in panic at Su Mo. While the man seemed to notice her the moment she entered the door.

"So, you still had a little ounce of your familiar respect towards your kin? Did the man whom you elope dumped you and now decided tocome back home?" He coldly spoke not even batting an eye to her.

He's starting again. Su Ci Yi didn't really know what to do with this old man. If not for Su Ming, she won't submit herself to him. It's purely because of her thatshe's still enduring these kinds of treatments.

Su Ming saw her father's irritation, immediately went in the middle, and tried to divert his attention.She's aware of this enmity, however, she didn't know where this is coming. It's too unrealistic, that even she didn't know if this is still related to her sister's downfall or there's an underlying truth beneath his anger.

In a moderate tone, she said to him, "Dad, we came here even though the fire is still ongoing downstairs. We really thought something might have happened to the two of you here so we rushed out."

Su Gi moved to her side and rustled her hair, " You shouldn't be here. What if you got caught in the crossfire?"

"Mom, were safe. Sister was with me."

Su Gi looked at her first daughter and smile for a few seconds before giving back her attention to Su Ming.

Su Ci Yi didn't mind all the cold shoulders. She even dared to go over Su Mo's table and put the parcel of meals and snacks for them. Then she went back to the sofa situated inside the room and seated like it's her own room.

"How is the company Ming'er? Isn't it too hectic with you managing it alone? Now that she's back, you can try to manage and asked for her assistance."

This 'her' they were talking about is Su Ci Yi.

"She's already been working with me. Actually, Sister is doing more than the job that I usually take. So, I'm reallyfree right now."

As she said that, she looked towards Su Ci Yi's direction and wink.

Of course, this wasn't true. The moment Su Ci Yi arrived, it'seither the beast, and her cultivation she was always doing. Not that she still got a lot of time to assist her. But Su Ming didn't complain at all. She even threw some flowery praises right in front of her.

On the side, Su Mo snorted. But didn't talk.

"Good. Just don't make yourself over exhausted. Try to take a little break from time to time. Let her do some stuff for a while."

Su Ming only nodded. Then changed the subject.

These people started tochat like Su Ci Yi didn't exist at all, while she secretly cultivated on her seat and was alsolost into her own world.


In the morning, Baronette visited them with a basket of fruits and chocolates. As usual, she exuded the sophistical aura of an elite business entrepreneur. As she walked, her confidence was brimming, and her gestures were elegant. She approached Su Mo's bed while offering her sincere sympathy.

And they were totallycomfortable talking with her. Much more comfortable than being with Su Ci Yi.

They were still talking when Su Ci Yi went back home. It seemed that the fire had been extinguished late into the night and now, it's already safe to step into the elevator. However, the remnants of fire stillremain and the hospital staffs are cleaning the charred debris left by the situation.

"Wait for me!"

Su Ci Yi hadn't yet arrived at the exit when Baronette followed behind.

"Wait. Didn't you hear me?"

With her high heeled, Baronette ran and caught up with her. Her legs were almost shaking the moment she reached her current position. But soon she immediately reverted to her sophisticated character.

"You're going with me."


"We got a party to attend."

" What kind?"

"I already got Su Ming's permission."

" I won't come."

"Better be ready tonight, I'll pick you up."

Hold it! She's not even listening at all?!

Su Ci Yi was bombarded with a lot of statements and in which she couldn't comprehend the head and tail.

Baronette didn't care to fill her up because she wascalled off for another conference. Excusing herself immediately without fully explaining the matters to her and left her in the dark.

Much worst of all, she didn't even offer for her free ride! Even if it's just fake goodwill.


After the fire had subsided, Lin Fei Fei immediately cleaned and renovated her burnt office. As she stood up on the foot of disaster, thewhole roomwas painted in black and grey and not even a single object escaped from the fire. From the doc.u.ments, decorations, curtains, and even appliances were rendered useless. Thinking over, people often say that in the weight of disaster, it's better to get robbed than caught up with the fire, cause the latter will literally plunge all one's belonging into ashes and dirt.

And she could sympathetically relate to it.

After cleaning up, she immediately redecorated her room and contracted a construction company to do the job; change the interior design and plan for appliances that's unsusceptible to fire and even installed a safe escape route in case a fire broke out again. Once bitten, twice shy; she won't let this tragedy happen again.

When all has beendone and seeing her fully furnished room, she leaned on the fluffy sofa, and thoughts went deep about the recent incident.

Was she really hallucinating earlier?

No, she must only betotallyexhaustedat that time.

The woman's laughter, the chinking soles of the shoes, and the feeling of total alienationat that time. Those were just the product of her fatigue and which has giving a toll on her mind.

She ruled out everything to accidents and nothing more, cause the deeper she pondered about it, her emotions became unstable and unnecessary thoughts encircling her mind.

She was contemplating when Qin Yu walked in front of her. The man was with her this whole day and haven't left her side. "I'll go now. It's already late"

Lin Fei Fei stood up and rushed to get her things ready to follow him.

"There's another restaurant that opened. It's Italian and they're launching your favorite menu. Let's head for dinner before going home."

Qin Yu refuted, "No need. I'll head somewhere first. You go ahead andhave your dinner."

Lin Fei Fei intently leaned on the wall as if she was getting dizzy, "I see...Then I'll go ahead. Be careful on your way."

Qin Yu looked at her in reluctance. Lin Fei Fei is his childhood friend. In one way or another, he ought to feel worried towards her.

"All right then. I'll accompany you to dinner and drop you off."

It's her win! Lin Fei Fei silently rejoiced inward as she noted to continue her weak pose just to get him!

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