Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 185

Volume 1 Chapter 185 The Night Visitor

[Galactic Grand Blue Yacht, C City's Seaport.]

[11: 30 PM]

Su Ci Yi stood from afar overlooking the swarm of invited elite people of different classes. The perfumes and glitterings gemstones, brightly shone on the jewelry of young women while men dohave their unique tuxedoes and suits.

She was wearing a c.o.c.ktail dress with a fox-fur coat on her neck. Her usual ravenlonghairhad been highlighted and bridled luxuriously on her back. She was wearing three inches pointed generic shoes with a purple butterfly design.

So, how did she come to this?


Earlier, Baronette didn't stray from her promise and fetch her at around ten in the evening. She already had been on the bed at that moment and preparing to sleep. But then, this Baronette person, like a usual member of the house, dragged her out and even threatened that she already informed Su Ming that she'll be the one to attend the invitation.

Afterwards, everything happened at a fast pace. She was brought to different boutiques for a change of clothes, a salon, and a famous shoe store. And all ofthese thingswere done in just a mere of an hour!

After getting changed into formal wear, she was dragged on the yacht own by the host of the party tonight.

-That was how she came at this moment.

As a cultivator with no social skills in public relations, she felt going home at this moment but seeing this woman had the guts to make Su Ming as her bait, she couldn't say no. Baronette mentioned that Su Ming was supposed to be her companion, yet Su Ming was still in the hospital. Baronette and her, are not that totallyclose. As she was just a person with high extroverted skills that will talk to anyone whom she's attracted.

Even right now,her presence was found in different group people, talking and having her own merriment.

And wherever Baronette goes, Su Ci Yi follows.

After long hours of enduring on her side, she withdraws for a while to find a breather, and now she wasstuck at star gazing from the deck.

"Why are you here?"

Baronette walked up to her seeing thatshe had been gone for too long.

" It's too suffocating in front of too many people. The night view is beautiful here, even the sea breeze is mesmerizing."

During her last life, she wasn't familiar with the idea ofthe sea, much more the fact of standing right below the large source of water is too incredible. Her trip to this place wasn't bad at all with this kind ofexperiences.

However, Baronette acted as if she heard nothing and even dragged her in the middle of the ship. Black nerves popped up on Su Ci Yi's head as she had been dragged in the middle of the crowd of young men.

" Ms. Inette, you're as gorgeous as usual, even the shy beauty beside you look stunning. I wonder if you girls had an escort on tonight's event?' A young man in a white tuxedo with silver linings, a sideway slicked hair, and pale skin flawlessly spoke.

" You praise us too much. " Baronette took the flirt seriously. " And you're still as handsome as usual." After speaking, she tapped her shoulder and urged her to speak.

"A fine evening to you Sir." Su Ci Yi smiled and immediately bow down her head. Like a shy young lady that had her first time attending a debut, inexperience and ignorant.

However, Su Ci Yi had only been looking down for a while, because of the sapphire gem she spotted on the shoes of the man -and it's even genuine at that.

It seemed that this young guy has a heavy background as he may not seem.

"Shu TianYi, young lady. " The man introduced himself. He even offered his hand towards Su Ci Yi like he didn't care about her previous actions. Although, he was polite to her but with such fake interaction, she could see that he was eyeing Baronette and building his charm points in front of her.

Baronette cough thrice urging her to shake the hand. [Shu TianYi is the young successor of the Shu Clan. They are the extinguished guest and highly important people of this agency and thispartywas sponsoredby thisyoung master.]Baronette whispered in her ears.

So basically because of this person, why this company is ahead of them? No wonder this agency prosper even though they are in the same business timeline. Should she start tofind a good backer now?

"Shu Clan, one of the powerful lineages on this country. If you can see, their major business centered on textiles, equipments, and construction materials. They are even on the scout for small companies to be their subsidiariesin the future."

Baronette explained to her one by one.

" You're exaggerating. Compared to the Qin Clan, were nothing to them."

" Young master, you need not be modest. The Qin is a whole new level but young master is still on the same wavelength as them."

"Oh, Ms. Inette. You're not only beautiful but you're also eloquent. It makes me really want to get to know you better I wonder if I can invite you later, after this event? Would you like to have a midnight coffee?"

He secretly signaled to her and winked. Su Ci Yi happened to notice this even though she tried not to.

All right, her presence is diminishing again. Time to extract her magic words..." Uhm, I felt uncomfortable. I'll go to the bathroom first."

She excused herself and went out. However, she wasn't able to get far when the open stage lit up. Under the night sky, bright illumination of fireworks display bombarded the sky. The people clapped their hands in excitement as the highlights of today's party begun.

Not later, the host of the party spoke,

" Ladies and gentlemen, tonight's celebrant is celebrating her 18th year and now as her stepping stone, the fine lady of tonight's party is about to perform her first dance to her chosen partner! Let's give her a warm applause."

The dense mass of people whistled then clapped their hands. Soon, a piece of romantic music reverberated on the whole surrounding.

Turned out that the lady chose that Shu TianYi person. Well, as their biggest backer, she ought to show him their hospitality and admiration.

People got engrossed in their dance and also took part in the activity. For those who had a partner, went in the middle and dance along. Baronette was gone now and at the center, the music even became livelier.

She still didn't know the reason whyBaronette brought her over. If its backer she was talking about, she knew that they will not ally themselves on this person, given their competitor had their hands on them...

She would be glad to snatch this backer and to drag him on their side as what these people did to them a year ago. But that doesn't ring right to them. Upon observation, Su Mo is an advocate of pacifism. It was evident when they were being threatened by that "gang" and yet Su Mo only submitted to them in order not to get into trouble.

If they reallywanted to get on the top chain, they needed to invest effort and money. Skills, time, even luck are the basic formula of having a successful business in the long run.

Under the chilly night, she shivered. And from time to time, some men would like to hit on her, however, with her passive appearance, in the end, they stray from her.

She would like to withdraw on the night, and decided to just sleep atop the yacht when her hand was snatched and Shu TianYi's magnified face appeared in front of her. "Miss shy lady, have you seen Ms. Inette?"

"No, I didn't." She said with a deadpan expression.

The man felt disappointed. He made a reservation at the luxurious room of the yacht but Inette was nowhere to be found. He scratched his head when thought thata fish slip right through his own hand. Disappointed, he turned his back against her without even excusing himself.

Su Ci Yi turned around the corner and just saw Baronette.

The woman raised her hand and excitedly went over to her.

"Hey, do you feel tired? If you feel exhausted for the night. I have arranged a room for you. I got a prior engagement and I won't stay with you tonight. Here's the key and the room number."

With a blank look, she took her key and proceeded to the room. She reallyfelt exhausted that she slump her body hard on the fluffy bed.

The room was quiteelegant. The lightings are extraordinary, and the decorations were luxurious. Having to stay here for the night, is like staying at a five-star hotel. Not bad for an experience.

The outside was loud. But with her soundproof room, she couldn't hear any noises at all.

Therefore, without difficulty, she fell asleep.





Later that night...

A black shadow sneaked into her room. He slid himself on the same blanket she was using. Then in a husky and deep voice, he whispered sweetly on her left ear, "Ms. Inette, you're interesting. You made me search for you for almost an hour now. But you think you can run away from me tonight?"

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