Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 186

Volume 1 Chapter 186 Is She A Friend Or Foe?

Su Ci Yi was still awakeat that time. As usual, her senses were as sharp as an eagle's eye, and the factthat her cultivation had leveled up, she was more sensitive to her surrounding.

If she was any other woman, she will shriek on this incident. But then, Su Ci Yi being Su Ci Yi, didn't think of this incident seriously. She wasn't even unfazed by thepresence ofa man inside.

Shu TianYi later found out that Baronette was not the one beside him and he was dumbfounded. He was stunned dazed and wasn't able to move for a second. Then when he recovered, he hissed in surprised, "Ah!"

His shriek was louder than any young woman who had been molested in public.

"Why are you here?!"

He shouted despite knowing that she was still asleep.

So noisy.

This is the first time, that she had laid on this fluffy bed and she won't let him ruin it. Thus, she went back again to sleep. Trying not to mind this presence behind.

"Hey!" Shu TianYi came from an elite family and his self-esteem is high. Seeing that he had been tricked right under his nose, his rage skyrocketed.

Anyway, he knew the woman lying in front of him. She was Baronette's companion earlier. Though he didn't have any strong impression of her, but seeing that she was offering herself on the lion's den, then it wouldn't hurt to just enjoy tonight.

The young debutante today and the young lady that he had danced earlier was pestering him to go over her room. But who would like that rough-looking girl?

This is the best escape for him.

Would he let the rabbit escaped then? When there's a soft lump of meat just before him?

The soft bed creaked upon the weight of Shu TianYi. Upon sitting just near her, he rustled her raven dark hair and thought thatthis beauty wasn't bad at all. Although she lacks the allure Baronette had, but with this soft and innocent face, it'll be exciting.

His malice was too obvious that Su Ci Yi creased her temple.

Out of her irritation, she secretly waved her finger and put a spell. The wind blew harder inside the room that Shu TianYi was blown just outside the door.

So hard that he even felt the cracking of his bones.


He hissed in pain.

He looked suspiciously at the surrounding. He wassurprised, and atthe same timefelt goosebump on his skin. How can wind be able to throw him off that far?

Shu TianYi stood up and trotted to continue with his plan. He walked inside only to get banged himself on the door in which suddenly closed that moment he got near.

"Who's there!"

His nose bleeds from the impact as he calls for an attendant.

However, no matter how they tried to open the door, it won't budge. It's still closed even with its rightful key.

The commotion was getting heavier as some of the crew even tried to destroy the door. But it still won't open.

"Is there someone on the other side?" The captain of the yacht spoke to him.

"There is. A woman but still asleep."

"Do you know her Sir?"

Shu TianYi looked sideways. How can she describe that he forced himself inside?


"Never mind. Let's just wait tomorrow then. You can go back." In the end, he turned back. Tomorrow, he'll bath her with a lot of holy water. He was so sure that there's a dark entity lurking around that woman.


"She went home?!"

Shu TianYi woke up late in the morning.

Almost their guests spend the night inside the yacht. When he woke up, that woman was already gone. Disappeared without even letting the cabin crews know.

He even prepared a lot of holy water to even pour on her the moment she wakes up. But then she wasgone!

His attendant nodded his head in confirmation, "Yes, Sir. She already went home, the morning when a cleaning lady opens the room, she was gone."

"How about Baronette?"

"Sir, she went home already."

"Find her address and send it to me."

"Yes Sir. " The man stepped back and then went out the room.


Baronette went home a little late than Su Ci Yi. When morning came, she wasn't able to find Su Ci Yi's presence inside her room and decided to leave on her own.

She sighed in disappointment, from the very start she didn't want to go at all. She needed to bait her in orderto come to this party.

Last night's party was quiteinteresting. When almost all of the crew, in full force tried to break her own door. But then no matter what they did, it won't budge.

Much more the woman inside was peacefully sleeping without a care in the whole world, that even if the ship will sink at the bottom of the ocean, she will not wake up.

She even dares to kick Shu TianYi out outside her room.

Shu TianYi is a sheltered young master, and when she saw his face earlier, his nose was swollen and his texture wasn't that good. She's looking forward on how he will deal with her impudence.

Ahh~ It's really a pleasant day today.

As she passed the roadside on her purple mustang, she couldn't help but hum a tune. Now even the people on the sidewalk seemed to be livelier like her mood.

She took a turn on the dark alleyway for breakfast. She always goes to this restaurant that only caters the elite and upperclassmen. And this establishment is only for the elite of the elite. Baronette only discovered this place by accident when she was observing the actions of 'that person'.

Asit turned out that this bar is the center of every little secret inside the black market.

Although the alleyway is a little creepy, she was used to it.

And before going inside the establishment, one needed to recite the password that set for every member and customer of this place. Those whofail torecite or even tomispronounce a single word, that personis doomed to die mysteriously after a few days. This place is not for someone who had lost their way nor for curiosity.

Well, her case was special. That was why she was still alive.

As Baronette was about to step inside, her foot abruptly stopped and she felt a cold sharp object on her neck.

She cast a smile from the person behind her back.

"I thought you already went home? Did you follow me? I didn't feel someone following behind me?"

Su Ci Yi dragged her backward into a secluded area.

"I was with you the entire time."

Baronette almost choked from her grip. This woman is small, so when she pulled her out, she was almost bending herself.

"Easy, easy, you'll kill me accidentally. "

Baronette had still the guts to joke around.

"Should I try if I can kill you for real? I have just sharpened this blade recently, and it's a good test trial if we do it?"

"Oh, you're so serious why don't you" When Baronette raised her hands for stop motion, that was when the woman planted her knife on her palm without hesitation.

She saw the gush of blood that came out to it and even the stuck up dagger in the middle of her palm.

"See, you are not in pain. Should we try again?"

When Su Ci Yi pulled out the weapon, Baronette flashed backward and held her wounded hands. This woman is a true sadist. From what she remembered, she wasn't anything like this before.

"It hurts you know~ I'm a delicate girl and I hate the sole appearance of blood."She pouted and fake her pain.

But then, in ten seconds, the open wound on her palm had stopped bleeding. Under Su Ci Yi's eyes, the wound heal at a fast-paced like there was nothing on it from the very beginning.

"J-just who the heck are you?"

Baronette smirk and her aura even became heavier for her to carry on.

"Don't try toresist it. You will not win. Just pass out already."

Baronette looked at her with keen interest. When every time her face twisted in agony, Baronette's lips would break into a smile.

"You know what, you shouldremain, ignorant. Knowing will not lead you to your goal. Well anyway, even if you do something, it'll be useless. As someone who had already been ruined, you're not a match for me."

She was so sure of herself.

" Are you a cultivator also?"

Su Ci Yi took hints on her ability. This woman is definitely not an ordinary human at all. Her aura was very different from others.

"You guess? What can you feel?"

"You are."

"Nah ah. You're wrong."

The spiritual essence around her is abnormal. Even with her high cultivation, she could not stand up.

Her body, out of suffocation immediately passed out after minutes of going against her spirit.

In her falling unconsciousness, she heard her mumble,

" Tsk. So weak. Just how far did you fall and reduce like this?"

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