Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 187

Volume 1 Chapter 187 Qin Tao Strikes Again

It was night when Su Ci Yi woke up and realized that she was already in her room of their family's own villa. The lights were off yet the window was open and the warm breeze coming from the outside was brimming on her face. Later she found out thatshe was sleeping on the thick thigh of a man.

Realizing her situation, she immediately sat up and straightened her back.

Qin Yu's magnified face appeared on her front seductively.

"Yi? Are you all right?"

His worried expression portrayed genuinely. Seeing his reaction, she felt like she had some grave diseases thathe's worried about.

The last event thatshe remembered was falling unconscious on the ground in front of Baronette. She lost totally before she could even start.

In the end, she was able to confirm that she's not a cultivator like herself.

Even if she's not, no matter who she was, she's quitesure that she's not someone that she could go against. Her level was beyond she could even imagine.

Seeing her in a trance, Qin Yu raised his hand and rustled her head like a child.

Looking over to him, now she realized that this man had also an abnormal amount of aura on himself. However, no matter how you looked into it, he's just an ordinary mortal that could even die in a single hit.

Is having a person like this, ordinary among these mortals in this world?

"Are you a mortal?"

Su Ci Yi because of overthinking much, almost blurted out what had been inside her mind.

"Hm?... I guess I would be?"

Qin Yu tilted his head from her 'out-of-this-world question'.

"No, that's not what I mean. Did you realize something is amiss within you? Something that you have been set different from others? Or might have been an incident that'll question your identity?"

If she knew some of his distinct abilities then, therefore, at least she could trace back where his lineage is and associate with Baronette.

Qin Yu broke in silence and pondered, " Actually, ever since a child I differed from others. My peers even pointed out this characteristic of mine..."

Su Ci Yi leaned her ears seriously and noted it, eager to hear any new informative details that might be helpful.

Qin Yu thought it was funny to see her ever serious reaction and spoke,

- "Actually, since young, I realized that I have been more beautiful than any other kids. My parents got worried about my suspicious appearance that I might get kidnapped someday. Even now, don't you think it too, as you looked into my face?..."

- "I really felt that this is too troublesome too..."

- "I wonder if I might be able tolive long given this dominant celestial beauty."

Su Ci Yi's reaction was bland as she glared at him ferociously and thought, 'that beauty of yours will definitely fly off if you don't answer me formally.'

She even raised her fist and crack her knuckles just in front of him.

Qin Yu saw that as he almost burst out and couldn't help but chuckle.

But jokes aside, he sat up straight and leaned his shoulder on the wall and tried to reminisce his past when he was a kid.

"My grandmother is always fond of calling me 'your highness' when I was a child." He looked at Su Ci Yi's reaction if ever this will satisfy her needs. "Did this stir your curiosity?"

His grandmother had passed away but during his childhood days, he often sneaks out in the middle of the night and watched her grandma performed some ancient rites. Not that he could decipher the reason behind her action, but somehow he felt always secured in that room.

Then one day, his grandma just died unexpectedly.

Maybe it was just his grandma's endearment to call him that way. But Qin Yu, since he was a child had a vague sense of deciphering one's intention whether or not it was true. And the way, he heard his grandma call him that; it was always filled with respect and adoration - not some familial bond.

But anyway, it's not that important to him. No matter what it is, he was so sure that he's the biological son of his parents. He even pesters them when he was a child to conduct a DNA test to know whether he was really their kin.

The result was clear. He was their sonafterall.

At that time, his delusion of being the celestial prince that came from a fairyland was shattered.

On theotherhand, Su Ci Yi thought deeply.

It's useless.

His answer didn't lead her to anything at all!

She was toofocused on her predicament thatshe didn't know that she had been sitting on his lap the entire time! The man in question had diverted her attention causing her not to realize it.

Su Ci Yi jumped down from the bed and fiercely glared at him.

Is he really set at recruiting herself in his harem?

"Why are you here?"

Last time, this person already went back home. And when she thought they were gone for good, these two came back again like this was their usual routine.

But it hadn't been two days since they were gone and now their back?

She let them stayed in the villa earlier, because of the threat to their lives. However, this time is different. The threat was gone, and they could go back to their home now.

This time, she needed to set straight her priorities.

If this goes on, with this man's honey-sweetenedtongue, she might be dragged into his harem out of her own will! It's scarier to even think about it, and it makes her skin goosebumps all over.

Yes, she decided to steel her conscience and throw offpersuade these two to go back on their own territory. When things now are getting complicated, she needed to set a few rules to protect them. If they ever cling themselves to her, there's a chance that these two people might get swept into her battle. Much more atthis time,there's an entity beyond her control.

Anyway, since the man is here


Of course, at any moment the little guy will appear.

"Master, Master!"



Urgh. Is he deaf? This child had only gone for two days and he was even dumb that ever before.

Qin Tao excitedly climbed on Su Ci Yi's back and cling to her neck like it was the usual thing to do in the world. His two days of not seeing her even made him more delighted and overjoyed.

Earlier, she thought to severe her engagement from this father and son duo, now is a great time to put into action. No matter what, her priority is to stay away from them.

"Mr. Qin"

"Hm?" Qin Yu titled his head and answered softly. His hands were crossed over and was amused looking at these two.

"Now that we had taken care of the threat on your family wouldn't it be all right to limit your presence here and returned to your own home? I'm not chasing you two but you can't live forever here. Right now mom and dad were still at the hospital, and I'll be staying frequently at the office so there's no sense staying here at all."

Not only that, but she also could not hide his identity from her parents forever. And when it leaked out, it'll be a great pain in the neck.

Qin Yuwas surprised by what he heard and freeze for a while. But then again, he regained his composure after a few seconds.

Qin Tao at her back trembled and shook a little. "Master are you chasing out Qin Tao? You didn't want to see him again? Master, I will be a good boy, so, can you let me stay here forever?"

His ears droop down, and his rosy lips pouted.

Feeling that she had committed a severe sin, Su Ci Yi only looked sideways and fight the urge to withdraw her resolve. This is for them. She doesn't want them to get hurt in the process of her actions.

However, Qin Tao won't let it pass and even shown an aggrieved expression. His doe-like eyes rimmed in tears.

"Master, are Qin Tao and Daddy too much to take care of? Then, Master can let daddy go home and Qin Tao will stay here."

So, he blamed his daddy for this time's predicament, eh?

When Qin Tao didn't hear any answer, he felt scared.

"Master I can't still work out my power. Will master abandoned me when I'm already at the peak of mastering its arts?"

"Qin Tao won't be a burden master and I can do a lot of thingsas well. Please don't throw Qin Tao out"

"Master, master, master"

Qin Yu at the side, "" [Is this really my child? Should I perform a DNA test again?]

Hold it!

She only said one sentenceand now she's being bombarded with a lot of pleas.

Could she really persuade these two to go home?!

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