Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 188

Volume 1 Chapter 188 The Visitor At The Company

Su Ci Yi's concerns piled up. If these two won't abide by her demand, then she'll haveto cope in drastic measures to sever their connection, and somehow, she's hoping it won't come to that.

Now, Baronette isn't still a threat. But it's only a matter of time before she can be one.

Aside from her, there was this rumor of the fire spirit that was still haunting every establishment. Whetheror not, it'll strike again, she needed to secure her fortress of defense in case it chose to haunt their company.

Furthermore,she still had the note that came from Lingua Liu that in which upuntil now she wasn't able to decipher.

With her one body, she cannot cope up with these things.

If she would have Naruto's clone jutsu, then maybe the situation would be reversed.

But then, if she could have that spell, wouldn't it be exceptional to even practice other ninja techniques that she watched? However, she's a cultivator unless there's a spell with that kind of formula then she'll be able to do it.

Qin Tao, seeing his master didn't reply at all, his spirits gone low.

Qin Yu was silent on the side. But his eyes were sharp, and there's indescribable intimidation on his aura. A few seconds of his scary silence, he walked up towards her and picked Qin Tao up.

"If that's what you want then, we will not bother you anymore" Qin Yu sigh loudly and get his child from her back. Su Ci Yi couldn't discern what was on his mind at this moment for his face was emotionless.

"Mr. Qin, it's only for now. When I settle everything I'll try to visit you as much as I can."

Qin Yu acted as if he didn't hear her at all. His broad back immediately turned around and walked over the door. When he reached the front door, he tilted his head sideways and spoke, "You don't need to. We've been a freeloader on your house. It's our own fault for depending too much. Thank you for everything."

Then he walked out silently.




That was easy?

But why does she felt that something is amiss! When she thought she needed to weave unimaginable tales in orderto make them believe, they just obediently went out?

Looking at the broad back of the man walking down, she steeled herself. She should resolve everything before it gets complicated.

Also, she needed to make a fine line, in what place she should position herself between these two people.


Outside the villa, a tinted BMW appeared in front of them. Then a driver walked down and greeted the two people who had just come out of the house and both have sullen faces.

"Sir and young master"

Qin Yu put down Qin Tao and slipped inside the vehicle.

"Is the mansion's renovation still ongoing?"

Last time, Fu Jin Hao attacked it without a second thought, and a lot of appliancesand interiorshad been ruined. The last time they went home, it's still being renovated from the outside going to eachandevery room.

"Yes, Sir. Renovation is complete. It wasalso changed according to the youngmaster's preference."

Qin Tao, on the other hand, was very reluctant to go inside. He even needed to steel himself on the ground and won't let go from his current position.

Qin Yu was already inside and when he saw him throwing a tantrum, his sharp eyes glared at him. Qin Tao flinched and without a word entered silently.

"Do you know why I agree so easily from her demands?"

The child shook his head. He was still sulking from earlier.

" When there is an absence, the heart longs. Your master isn't a cold-hearted person who will throw you out without a reason. Do you know what I mean?"

Qin Tao shook his head for the second time. But when he heard his father said those unpleasant words of 'throwing him' he couldn't help but bit him out of his anger.

Qin Yu didn't felt any pain but rathera ticklish sensation from his skin.

"You're always clinging on her. Your master had already been used to your presence. Now that you're gone, gone from her side, she will feel your absence and will, even more, miss your presence. Seriously, I taught you this method the last time right?"

Qin Tao, hearing his father's insights, gleam. His eyes shone as if the ninth heaven descended upon him. No wonder his father was acting cool and didn't even bother when the master chased them off.

However, there's only one thing that had been bugging him

"But daddy, the master would only miss me. Why is daddy so cool back then, like this doesn't concern you at all?"

In fact, if master missed him then he'll rejoice, but it doesn't have to do with his father.

Qin Yu's nerve popped up and endure his son's hidden mockery.

"Indeed, I am not. But whose son are you, huh?"

"My father."

"Right, then you're my son and wherever you are, I need to be there."


Later that morning, when Qin Yu was about to go on the company, Qin Tao rushed out and followed him carrying his small backpack with his lunch box inside.

Qin Yu bent down in orderto see what this child is up to again. But then seeing him, he signed in defeat; it was only yesterday that he raised the issueofnot visiting her for some time yet now he was even bringing his baggage like he's going to have a picnic over there.

"You can't go to your master now, I told you. "

"I'm not going to her."

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrow and titled his head, " So may I inquire where is your destination, y.o.u.n.g m.a.s.t.e.r?"

Hehehe. Qin Tao smirked and squeeze into his father's pants, "Daddy said, that whenever you are, your son should also be there."


On the fourth day that she started her usual activities without the father and son duo, Su Ci Yi felt to have her things done at a fast speed.

Though she still went to the office together with Su Ming, her everyday life of bumping and chatting with Baronette had been part of her daily routine. She never let her guard down whenever her presence is in the vicinity.

She found her appearance suspicious and couldn't let her attention stray from her.

However, on that day when she thought she had reduced the possibleobstacle on her way, another unexpected guest arrived - the one that completely slipped on her mind.

A bright red 'mustang' stopped by just right in front of their company. A man in slick hair and untampered suit went down the car. His charm almost knocked down all the female employees who get fl.u.s.tered with his gaze. And it's because he's creating such a scene that Su Ming wentdown andinterview this newcomer. However, after ten minutes she came back to her in a pale face and was asking for help.

She then handed a pocket-size business card that states the man's proof of identity.

'Shu group of companies.' -that was what written on it.

After the man introduced himself, he demanded to have a talk with Baronette. Although at this time,the latter is on leave, that was why Su Ming went to her in panic.

"What's the matter. Just let him go home. The person he's looking is not even here."

"It's not that easy"

Su Ci Yi went back to her desk and continue to tap her phone.

"What is it?"

"Sis! We need to appeal to him strongly! He might be the one to help raise our company's reputation! We can't let him incur unfavorable feelings to us."

What's this favorable thing she was talking about?

Clearly this man is a part of the rival's company. He's not even worth to be a business partner with.

Also, if she's talking a favorable reputation to her, it's already too late. She had kicked this man during the party and in which left an unfavorable toll towards him.

He might not only here for Baronette but also to settle things. (though she didn't want to assume)

Su Ci Yi's notion was proved correct when their secretary knocked on the door and asked Su Ci Yi's presence as instructed by the man.

Su Ming looked at her in surprise. Her eyes were sharp and her stare was somewhattelling her along the line, "Sis! You got this. Don't let us down. The future prospect of this company is within your hands!"

Su Ci Yi felt guilty inside.

Well, sorry about the Su Ming. That person had blacklisted this company, long ago.


Shu TianYi was waiting on the guest's lounge. He felt bored and his face twisted in irritation from the waiting.

When Su Ci Yi appeared, he immediately pulled a bottle of mineral water hidden on his suit; stride to receive her, and poured the contents of it right on her head.

Su Ci Yi's dumbfounded face turned ashen as she shivered from the sensation of wetness from her hair.

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