Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 189

Volume 1 Chapter 189 Baronette And The Other Entity

Shu TianYi towered Su Ci Yi for almost two heads up and almost the same as Qin Yu's height. And when she titled her head upwards, she was faced with his sharp jaw bone. Although it was like that, she also saw the ridiculous smirk he's displaying on the arrogant face of him.

The bottled water that he poured on her, is a blessed water that came from the City's Cathedral. It's because he had funded the reconstruction of the building and donated a hefty amount of money, why he was friends with the high priest.

He threw the empty bottle on the side and walked out without striking any conversation to her. His demeanor possessed a lofty attitude and didn't have any ounce of respect for a person.

It was just a small company that Shu TianYi could kick on the side if it got on his nerves. However, seeing that Baronette worked here, he guessed that it'll settle for a while.

"Hold it!" Su Ci Yi, from her position whisked away the remaining amount of water dripping on her hair. Even her white 3'4 sleeve was dr.a.p.e wet that her inside garments can be seen.

"Apologized before you get out." She was on the verge of tempering herself not to snap out in front of him since Su Ming held great value on the social standing of this man's lineage.

"What? You're doing something to me? You better take a second thought." Although he stopped before going out. But his lips puckered into a sarcastic smile. "Your company is barely on the starting line. You needed a lot of intervention from the top in orderto make a little move. Or do you want to stay forever of your status quo standings and be crushed by popping companies?"


Baronette had mentioned that this person is one of the few roaring tigers in the business industry. Those people whom he didn't find pleasant always reduced to loss and scandal so, going against him, isn't a good decision at all.

Su Ci Yi was used to give divine punishment to those who made a pass on her however, it was different now.

She was not alone like in the past where she didn't need to bebothered with the implications of her actions. But now is different, she needed to think meticulously before she conducts her action, or else I'll give implications to her.

Knock. Knock.

A consecutive bang on the door reverted her to reality. She was still standing there with wet hair when Su Ming came.

She brought with her a few beverages and snacks for the dear visitor and wanted to know the situation undergoing inside. However, she saw the state of Su Ci Yi, like a dr.a.p.e little chick basking under the rain.

Her appearance was weak.

Su Ming's eyes open wide as she remembered that she had warned her sister not to create commotion for the company. However, she didn't need to stoop low if ever she was being harassed.


Su Ci Yi's answer was bland. Like she didn't care for her current situation at all, "He's leaving. You don't need to conduct formalities." To flatten her anger, she took the bread from her and drank the glass of cold cola on the plate to calm down her mood.

Shu TianYi didn't mind themand wentout,but his arms werecaught by someone and soon, out of nowhere....


The sound of the flesh being slapped echoed.

Su Ming's hand became red from the friction of her sudden action.

Su Ci Yi was surprised. Earlier, Su Ming almost nagged her to conduct herself in front of him. Now, she was the one breaking that golden rule?!

Shu TianYi, momentarily froze. Then touched the face that had gone numb. It didn't pass a few seconds before a droplet of red liquid incessantly flowed from his nose, staining his porcelain skin.

Since, he was a child, no one dared to lay a finger on him. Not even his parents nor his grandparents. People often cozied to him in orderto suck upon his luxury and wealth.

And he really felt a prettynasty feeling when he was slapped earlier.

Instinctively, he raised his arms willing to snap out and returned the favor of slapping her.

Su Ci Yi rushed to Su Ming's side at full speed and shoved her out of this mess. Leaving Shu TianYi to slap the air.

"I think this is not the proper time for us right now. Cool your head and never come back here again." Su Ci Yi warned him. Her glare sent shivers down his spine and he unconsciously stepped back.

It seemed that the commotion was already reaching outside. A few bystanders peeked from the door and got worried about the consequences of their actions.

Shu TianYi got fed up from his position as he hasn't still treated his nosebleed. Angrily he went out, silently. With two people ganged on him, he's on disadvantage, so he'll retreat for now.

The incident was wrapped on that day. But it didn't end there.

The next day, the private lawyer of Shu's group of companies went to their establishment, holding a complaint of physical assault of his client. He was even asking for monetary compensation or else, they'll file a case on the court. The amount that lawyer laid isn't something anyone could provide immediately. It is said, that the compensation money goes over in six digits. With that, they were given a full week of grace period to find that kind of amount for them.

Su Ci Yi had an amount that could compensate them, however, she won't let it waste and give in easily. It's the money that composed of her sweat and blood!

She'll never give it to them!

The incident is just a small matter, but since he made this big deal, that Shu TianYi was really a petty person. If this is the case, then she had no choice but to lay brute force!


This event happened without Baronette's knowing. At this moment, she was still bathing on the enormous bath tub of her own condo unit.

The series of splashesand water droplets can be heard inside the room. And on her side, settle a bottle of red wine. She poured a little on her glass and some of it littered on the floor creating an illusion of bath blood.

After the dawn of this discovery, she poured all the wine's content on the surface.

The scenario of a woman basking on the litter of blood, Baronette felt satisfied on this ambiance. Since how long she had felt this way? A decade? Century? She already didn't count.

No matter how long it was, her memory was still completelyvivid as towhom she wasat that time. Her memories, including her.


As she was reminiscing, she felt a horrendous presence coming from her own bedroom. Feeling sick of it, she stood up and went to the source of the energy.

Only to get locked up inside her own room.

A series of laughter followed by the loud chinking of metal shoes.

The droplets of water from the bathroom were even louder compared to when she left it.

A suspicious smoke billowed from the corner of her eyes. The pile of papers on her desk started to spark and burn in a split of a second. The fire crawled from the curtain on her window, down to the sheath of her bed.

And in one instant, thewhole areawas engulfed with a fervent fire. Black smoke emerged from all corners. The laughter even became louder. The eerie sound of footsteps reverberated on the surroundings.

However, the woman who was supposed to get scared out of suffocation didn't cower in fear. Instead, the feeling of irritation dawn on her.

Baronette raised her hand and pushed away all the incoming smoke. Then in a flashed, she stopped the flaring fire from consuming her entire room.

"Show yourself." Her usual voice had gone deep. If there was someone in the room, they will recognize it as it belongs to a man.

Soon, a silhouette began to form amidst the hazy environment. It was an a.d.u.l.t woman. Hair tied up in a bun and the smeared tint of purple lipstick can be seen on her face, yet there was no appearance of a face at all.

When it saw Baronette not flinching, it crawled its way onto her. A slick tongue which she was unsure where it came from was displayed and paved its way to the skin on her foot.

"Such a small entity spirit dared to trespass the abode of a high entity. You got a lot of nerve to do it." As she said it,she grabbed its neck and forced her spell.

The no-face woman shriek from the agony it received, little by little, its neck crumpled and separated from her body.

Though it's still alive...

She didn't kill it at all.

"I'll let you live this time. But be sure to do something for me first."

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