Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 19

Volume 1 Chapter 19 Dark Nightmare Continuation

Director Fu is an old timer in the showbiz industry, yet all those years he is chasing under the shadow of Shui Ming. The Director of the successful horror doc.u.mentary "Files of the Supernatural". That old man is always taking the limelight whenever he made a film. It's just like he's been cursed by the Midas touch. Director Fu has all given up the idea of competing against him. He is retiring after this last segment of his doc.u.mentary and would have just stay at home taking care of his grand kid.

Dark Nightmare is airing for almost 3 years now but despite the long span they reach, their viewer rating didn't increase. The film always stayed at its status quo among the viewers.

Today's segment of Dark Nightmare is about survival. Participants have all gathered from different sectors and is physically fit to the show. The participants were all popular somehow except for one lucky citizen who will have a chance to mingle with the celebrities. The marketing group specifically arrange it this way to increase viewers ratings.

The five participants were all gathered now for a short briefing and introduction of tonight's event.

The first one to arrive at the location is the uprising historical actor of the year who has a thousand internet fan-based. Ling Mo's came directly from his recently tapping and is tired for the whole day work.

Seeing that everyone's so busy with the preparation, he huffed in irritation and settled to sit on a chair being arrange by one of his staff. He's in a bad mood when he came. It's not his choice to enter on this stupid show. His manager we're the one who arrange all of this without his consent and before he knew it, he's been casted as one of the participants. The man even said that it's a good to his upgrowing career.

"Aiyah! Aren't you Ling Mo~" came from afar a woman wearing a turtle v-neck tight jacket and skinny jeans. Her tight body and long legs were fully displayed through her clothes style.

"Don't be so dumb Shui Zi, we knew each other" Ling Mo apathetically snorted. "I would never taught that a big-time model would partake on this sham show?"

Shui Zi, "Why, you're here also honey~~?"

Ling Mo face became full of black lines and said "This is different, I was forced"

Shui Zi, "Poor you! But then again that is your favorite reasoning, aren't you? You're always being force to?" she said sarcastically.

Ling Mo kept quiet and didn't dare to banter anymore and focus looking at the eerie mansion close- by.

Shui Zi continue to stare at him and her face become serious, "Are you avoiding me lately? I know we don't have anything to do with each other but if you continue to act like that, I will think that you still have the feelings for me"

Ling Mo, "Don't be so full of yourself. If I may think you are stalking me. You even followed me, here aren't you? If not, tell me what's the only princess of the Shui Clan participating in this when you have your own film to consider?"

Shui Zi glared at Ling Mo when she knew he hit the bulls-eye. But of course, she didn't dare to show it "Youwho do you think you are!"


A chubby man drizzling in oil skin came near them. The chubby man seems to be so hesitant to approach the two celebrities whoever, knowing that they sooner or later met now's the right time to introduce himself.

"Who are you?" Shui Zi's bluntness made the man irked in nervousness.

"I-I'm Ming Su. I am one of the participants here and a

Great! Shui Zi's eye rolled seeing the ugly man covered in oily skin. Seeing how ugly the other party look disgust dawned her. She hates oversize people at the most!

"I don't care who you are, you better not go near beyond my sight when we are inside!" after saying that, she left leaving Ling Mo and Ming Su.

"That girl has an attitude defect, you better not crossed path with her whenever your inside. If she hates you, she will really show it unto her disgusted face.

Ling Mo gas given him a piece of advice but it doesn't mean that he's on this man's side. He is only a loyal follower of people who despises Shui Zi.

"uhm" the man nodded in agreement.

"A pleasant day to all of you!" A crisp and volley voice reverberated on the place. Ling Mo looked to see the owner of this voice who made his startled and almost jump from his seat out of shock. It is a child of about 6 years old. Has a deep blue eyes and adorable chubby cheeks. Any one who would see this child would see him cute and adorable. But Ling Mo is not like that. He doesn't have any interest on little kids.

Upon inspecting, Ling Mo can clearly think that this child might be the son and a wealthy businessman. Ling Mo has inter-act with the rich second generations son's and this kid's aura is a little the same like them. If so, this is not something that he could afford to mingle with.

Beside the child is a plain looking woman wearing a fully tailored robe. Her long black hair if flowing like the darkest part of the night. If one would not take a look, you might miss-look her presence but once recognized her aura is flowing with confidence and strong vibe. He could not say it aloud, but this girl nailed it when wearing historical robes compared from his co-actresses.

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