Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 190

Volume 1 Chapter 190 The Attacked Of The Entity

The end of the week is approaching, and the deadline set for the payment of money is drawing near. The company already received a notice in the form ofa letter - that in case they don't send what they owe, they'll see them on the court. Su Ming had collected half of the amount and now was scampering to find the remaining half.

This incident, she didn't talk it with her father who, until now was staying at the hospital.

If only she could find a decent amount then, It'll be no problem. Even if she was having a hard time finding it, she never regretted slapping the face of the man.

Although Su Ci Yi said that she need not to stress over it, and she'll find a way to findthat amount still, she can't sit back and wait for that day.

On that note, there are still 2 days left.

The weather was gloomy and a dense mass of clouds was forming on the grey-scale sky. When the night came, it rained. Although it's only a brief shower in the evening, it's like a blessing that came and passed by.

"Sis, where do you want to eat dinner?"

They were the only two left inside. All the employees had gone off.

After wrapping up the things, Su Ming stood up and picked up her mint green pouch. As if she thought of something, she blurted out, " Hmm? Should I sell this pouch? Maybe it could patch up with the remaining amount of money needed."

Su Ci Yi stood up from her current position and pulled her belongings ready to go out, "How about we go to the M&X restaurant just across the street. And about your bag, don't try tosell it. I told you, I'll find a means to pay them."

Although she said to pay, she didn't literally mean to pay them in any sense.

"Those bastards, they really ought to take revenge on us. That Shu TianYi got what he deserved. He is only thankful that he has his powerful Shu as his last name. That d.i.c.khead bastardtsk, tsk, tsk."

Su Ci Yi laughed at her cursing. It's the first time that this person really got angry with another.

"Sis, this is not a laughing matter. I'm furious at him!"

She was fuming in anger.

"Yes, yes. I'm not laughing."

"Yes, you are!"

"Okay, okay. How should we let him pay, should we try to strip him n.a.k.e.d and parade him in the middle of the street or let him crawled under his foot until he couldn't breathe?"

"Heh? That's minimal. I'll definitely beat him up first, then fed to a husky thathe'll piss himself in fear. Hahaha!"

Su Ming really had a wide imagination.

It seemedthat it'll be an excellent choice then.

She secretly noted on it.

The two were about to get out, when all of a sudden, the front door locked on its own. Then the lights went flickering. The air which was warm earlier get chilly and cold. Then a cloud of smoke erupted from the glass window.

The flickering lights now turned off, and the room became totallydark. Su Ci Yi's eyes adjusted to the dark and focused her qi to her eyes. She grabbed Su Ming's wrist to guide them to go over in the middle of the room while the latter opened her phone for its light.

When they settled, the room illuminated from Su Ming's phone.

That was also when the sparks of the fire flickered among the doc.u.ments that had piled on the desk.

Seeing that it's some of the important doc.u.ments, she flicked her fingers to stop the spread. But it didn't end there, the fire transferred to the curtain on the glass window. Su Ci Yi threw her bottled water just to stop it from burning.

Then the fire transferred to another flammable thing, Su Ci Yi's nerve popped out. Chasing after the remnants of fire was too tiring.

It didn't last long before the sound of footsteps was heard. It reverberated loud and clear. Even the faucet inthe comfort room can be heard from their position. Clutching Su Ming's wrist, she felt her trembled.

Now, the ambiance is nasty. The energy inside was too nauseating like the smell of mud. It even made her puke from the scent it permeated.

"Sis" Su Ming is a scaredy-cat. And the most that she hated is to experience this ghostly vibe from the room.

"What if a headless white lady appeared out of nowhere and flew to us! Oh noahhhh!" she screamed when she heard the ceramic vase fell on the floor.

"Relax, it just fell."


Su Ci Yi turned her head towards the noise, "Can you hear it?"

Su Ming crammed, "What heard! What heard! I'm not listening at all!" She took her hand and cover her ears.

From the corner of her eyes, a woman in a red dress appeared, she had no face yet the smeared of purple lipstick scattered on her blurred face. It had no foot as it's only floating on the ground and when it stepped; it fell to the floor.

Having no choice, it crawled in her direction.

Its slick tongue stuck out, and its eyes were glowing when it looked at her from the ground.

Fire Spirit.

A small-time entity that created a fire calamity since ancient history. An exorcist from her sect had a hard time extinguishing this kind of entity since its grudge was strong and adamant.

One needed a firm resolve in orderto subdue it.

The last time, together with her Senior Brother, they were almost burnt out because of this.

Su Ci Yi cast a barrier spell first, in order not to be approached by this spirit. Then, she looked at Su Ming.

First thing first, she needed to take her to a safe place.


The Qin Mansion's ambiance was always looked formal and quiet. Like any person didn't dare to make any single noise in front of the master of the house. Qin Tao, on his pajama went to his father's bedroom. Although they just came from the office, he's still settling affairs through a phone call.


Qin Tao couldn't endure it already. It's been days since he hasn't seen his master. His stupid father was always busy with his works and he felt like he's an ugly duckling following him. It's very different when he followed his master. At the very least, when he's with his master, he could gain something.

"What is it?" When he heard his father's cold tone, he flinched.

This is one of the disadvantages without his master's presence. His dad had gone to being irritated and in a foul mood these days.

Qin Tao was already used to it, however, these past months the change in his father's mood was drastically obvious. His face would be like an angel not capable of committing sin but when she's not around, he'll revert to 'any-living-person-do-not-approach aura'.

"Dad can I go to master?"

"I told you, now is not the right time."

"Then Dad, I'll just take a peek and won't let her see me."

"Request rejected."

Seeing his father's firm resolved, he didn't insist.

This is the disadvantage of being a child. If only he could grow up already, he'll not need his father's permission whenever he wanted to go to someplace.

He only pouted his tiny lips and drag the hem of his pants to go back inside his own room.

His pitiful shoulder drooped down in disappointment. He knew it's already impossible, yet why did he still felt this way?

Qin Yu saw the dejected back of a small pitiful child going out.

He put on hold the phone call and massaged the temple of his forehead.

"Do you really want to go?"

Hearing this, Qin Tao immediately turned around.

"Can I?"


In front of the Su Family's Textile and Construction Company.

A grey BMW parked at the side of the road. The place was less conspicuous that no one would notice that a pair of father and son duo would sneak a glance at the front entrance.

Qin Yu's informant had told him that the sisters had not yet returned home. So they ought to grab this chance to see her.

However, they had stayed for almost an hour yet there's no movement from the target.

Are they going to have an overtime?

Qin Yu thought thatthese people were more workaholic than he is.

Still working over-time at this hour even though it's past the working hour already.

Qin Yu's eyes went passed the bright first floor and ascended to the murky and dark second floor. Although it seemed thatthere's no one in there, somehow, he could see a flickering light that came from the inside.

He was observing the floor but soon his eyes gone dark.

"Something's not right there?!"

Qin Yu blurted out as he went out and dashed to that place.

He passed the security guard watching on his post and stated his assumption of what be might happening inside the second floor.

Then the two go up and open the door through the guard's spare key.

Upon opening, what appeared on their sight was the thick billowing smoke encircling the whole place. Although there was no fire, yet the surrounding was hot like there's been undergoing fire somewhere.

Then out of nowhere, something red flashed in front.

Qin Yu dodged in time, yet the security personnel was too slow to react.


Something came to him, as he shouted from the top of his lungs.

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