Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 191

Volume 1 Chapter 191 When What Is Needed To Be Done

The security guard that had been caught by something laid on the ground. Qin Yu looked back, but somehow the person he was with earlier, was no longer that same person at this current moment.

The red cloak woman that pounce on the man, suddenly disappeared, however, the movement of that person become bizarre. His expression even became wild and his eyes go dark.

Instinct told him to get away from him.

However, before he could do so, it dashed at full speed right through him.

A figure suddenly flashed right on his front blocking the security guard with a piece of umbrella thatshe had picked on the sideline.

It's agood thing that Su Ci Yi is on time or else Qin Yu would have already bitten.

The man's jaw was wide open, and a handful of saliva was drooling on his mouth. His movement was rigid and his posture was a little off.

'Something had possessed it.'

That was Qin Yu's thought.

Fire spirit or the Will-o-wisp fire, is a very revengeful entity that will take revenge no matter how and when. The only problem with this, is that it specified its target from the very beginning and until all the grudge hadbeen paid, it will not stop to cause a tragedy.

However, this fire spirit in front of her, can't differentiate from a friend or a foe. Or rather, it attacked anyone whom it felt to attack. Which is contrary to its very nature.

Su Ci Yi had investigated its other victims and there's nothing that links the three. It randomly attacked people whoever it likes without care and regard.

Su Ci Yi swept her foot on midair and swung on the front where the person was standing. Then she threw a mighty kick which was equipped with her spiritual qi.

The man hurled a few meters away from them. His back crashed on the wall.

Then she moved back on Su Ming's side and grabbed her hand, ready to go out.

"Mr. Qin, follow us behind!" She instructed as she dashed rapidly.

Qin Yu followed behind, but before that, he secured to close the door from behind.

They rushed in the middle of the night and proceeded to Qin Yu's car.

The trio slid inside and immediately start the car.


Qin Tao was sitting beside the driver's seat. In order to see his master's full view, he turned around almost standing up on the cushion. He was excited to see her after 168 long hours 35 minutes and 12 seconds.

"Ah Tao, sit tightly and buckled up." Qin Yu warned him.

He scratched his head seeing the kid was showing his eagerness and didn't think of the fasting he had done these past days.

Looking back from the rear mirror, it seemed thatthey wereable to run away on that thing. Although he didn't have any idea what was happening, but somehow he could sense that entity isn't a good sign. Even himself, he felt the unpleasant smell of mud soil from him.

"What is that thing?"

Su Ci Yi leaned on the back still trying to see if it followed them.

"Some nasty entity that appeared out of nowhere. It attacked us a while ago when we are on our way home."

"The smoke, will your company be all right?"

Seeing the amount of smoke earlier, he really thought thatthere's a fire undergoing. With that, he assumed this pending calamity. It added to his hypothesis when he saw a flickering light on the second floor.

"I'm not too surprised to see that building burn down by tomorrow."

Su Ming trembled on her seat, hearing her say it.

Su Ci Yi noticed Su Ming's anxiousness and couldn't help but to sigh. Even though she said that it'll burn, she didn't plan to let it go down on that state. On this note that Su Ming is all safe in this car, she will not worry about her.

When they were almost traveled half a kilometer, Su Ci Yi opened the window car and with slick movement slipped right through the window to the upper rooftop of the running vehicle.

She deeply planted her foot in order not to fall on the speed of the car.



Su Ci Yi peeked inside through the window gap. Due to her position, her hair dangled down from the incoming wind.

"Stay put, continue to drive the car. I'll be back after I settle this!"

Su Ming's heart almost jumped from her recklessness. "Get down! What are you doing, it's dangerous!"

Su Ci Yi only smiled, then cast a spell to locked every door of the car.

"Don't worry, I'll not let anything happen to me." She mumbled between her breaths. "I'll be back in an hour. There's something that I need to confirm first."

Su Ci Yi's back flashed and flew on the air. Then her silhouette disappeared from the dark cold night of summer.


The man inside whom they left, was scampering to go out however, the doorwas sealed. If he was in his spirit form, then going out is not a hassle for him, however, he possessed a corporeal body of a living humanin which he had a hard time breaking on the thick door.

Su Ci Yi arrived at this moment. She kicked the door nonchalantly and the plank of wood flew far away. Since the man was almost blocking the door, he too went along with the ruined part of the door.

Right now, her eyes weren't that kind anymore as she switched to her cultivator posture. The type ofaura she always possessed every time she's on a mission. Her gentle nature should only be shown to those people whom she cared about. She didn't want to reveal this twisted face of hers to them.

"Now, that I'm here let's talk." As soon as she walked inside the room, she grabbed the man with a rope, she tied him hard and hanged him upside down from the ceiling. With this method, she'll comfortably interrogate him, since this spirt's appearance is too suspicious, to begin with.

Now that he was completely tied up. His face was horrendous to look at, like a mad dog that had been captured and caged, it became ferocious and sinister.

Su Ci Yi had no time to even scrutinize this entity's appearance. Right now, she needed to learn the insidious plan it had and the specific reason it attacked them.

"Where did you come from? Tell me the reason you woke up?"

The man acted like he would speak, so Su Ci Yi needed to take away the gag covering on his mouth. However, when she did, it immediately grabbed her wrist and bit it. Its sharp teeth burn on her skin as the tiny drop of blood dropped on the floor.

"Good. Good. Is this your answer?" She returned the gagged cloth that she had just take from his mouth. The man tried to resist however, only his muffled sound can be heard in the entire room.

"I gave you a lenient choice to speak but you ruin your chance. Now, even if you are gagged, tell me who's behind all of this, hmm?"


On the other side of the road.

Qin Yu stopped the car and opened its door. However, it seemed thatit was stuck up, and he had a hard time opening it.

When he got out, he summoned the shadow thatwas always on his call and instructed to drive the car to the mansion.

Su Ming's face popped up from the window. Her face rimmed in worry, and her skin tone was pale.

"Please, try to stop my sister. She's the one who doesn't know when to back off amidst crises. Go back thereand drag her back. Please"

Even if she won't say it, he knew what needed to be done. But seeing the sincere face of the sister, he silently scolded that woman inside his thought. Her, and her stubborn recklessness!

How should he punish her later?

She didn't know how to look back at certain feelings of people she left behind. She goes like a passing wind and left without empathy but her actions would always be - for the benefit of others. However, the most stupid part is that, even if she's like that, he couldn't help but like her each andevery day.

"I'll get her. You don't need to worry... Ah Tao, you're in-charge when I'm not here. Look after your big aunt, okay?"

"Yes, daddy! The blue ranger Qin Tao will fight the evildoer and protect the weakest!"

"En. En." Though you only need to keep watch, kid.

At least, this child didn't feel worried about his master. His entire appearance was even coated in excitement and thrill.

Qin Yu randomly grabbed a car on the sideline. With his locksmith skills, he was able to open it. He drove it and went back to the company and immediately rushed on the dark and murky second floor.


"Who's the person behind your actions?"

Su Ci Yi asked for the second time. She swore that if he won't still talk, she'll definitely put him into a binding spell that will definitely let him spill the beans. And she couldn't guaranty his safety.

The man seemed to guess her intention and followed her request. He slowly adjusted his postureand calmly took a breath. Then he looked at her with mocking haughtiness and said,


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