Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 192

Volume 1 Chapter 192 Baronette Is Exposed

Su Ci Yi, hearing the name of Lu Feng, her Senior Brother on her Sect froze. Her eyes dilated, and her aura became uncontrollable. Her spiritual qi leaked from her body permeating heavy air which differed totally from her qi's composition.

"Dare to say that again with your filthy mouth!"

Deep inside her brain, she heard a deep snapped on a thin fiber. Along with it, she felt that her emotions and energy had become unstable.

Her hands trembled as she snapped the rope that held the man.

The poor fire spirit grabbed its chance to sneak out and goes out of the body that she was currentlypossessing.

Now, her entire spirit form illuminated the dark surroundings, making its movements slicker and unrestraint.

Su Ci Yi rushed and grabbed that form, even though it was scampering its way to go out in fast speed, she was stillable to grip her by the neck.


That red lady gasped in suffocation. Thinking over, this is the first time that someone had grabbed her by the neck with so much force that it could even kill her spiritually.

The fire spirits had consciousness akin to a human. Su Ci Yi had already known the high intelligence this entity had, with her pastexperience on her missions back then.

And if not for this information about this entity, she would have already been fooled by her ingenuity.

This spirit had a unique way of deciphering into the abode of one's heart. It could even look into the deepest core and secrets that mortal hides. This entity, had taken a peeked into the deepest core of her secret inside her heart and used it as her weakness to exploit.

She had fought against this type ofspirit once. At that time, she was fooled by bringing the names of persons involved in her past when she was a child.

She didn't know it back then, the kind ofdanger they possessed when all she thought it only brought 'fire calamity'. And then the moment came when she was engulfed in so much hatred and vile hate that her qi almost twisted and became uncontrolled. If not for her senior brother, pushing her into reality, she won't still be awakened.

But right now,she knows it was a trap yet she couldn't stop herself to get furious and get carried by her own emotions. Her internal qi was turbulent and almost wanted to run wild.

Her eyes turned red and gripped menacingly the neck of the woman. Her hold was strong yet didn't injure the thing below her. Afterward, she was beginning to lose focus.

The woman smiled even when she was pinned down on the ground. The kind ofsmile that triggered a person to cause their hair to stand up.

The fire spirit extended her hand and hold her cheeks. Her eyes fixated on her while embracing her, "You can do it. Just release all your heartaches and disappointments that you've been hiding all these times. It's hard to believe it right? But the Senior Brother you knew isn't someone whom you really know. He's wicked and twisted, he even let his junior sister died back then. He's quitepathetic He's a coward..." The entity even whispered to her ears, [Don't just resist and surrender now.]

Su Ci Yi had been petrified on the place.

'No, she's wrong'

'She knew this entity isn't telling the truth'

'It isn't like that She's wrong...'

'He wasn't like that at all!'

She tried to resist the urge to lose herself.

But deep inside, the power that is pulling her into the abyss of darkness is just too strong.

[Yi, I am sorry; I broke your trust.] The sweet voice of the gentleman whom she was familiar with spoke into her ears. Then in the next second, there was a loud snap sound that she heard inside her brain. The hope that served as her salvation and prevented her to plunge into the darkness was cut off.

She fell.

Fell hard.

Fell down the dark abyss.

The hysterical cries, the dog's howl, the unpleasant scenery, the bloody-red ambiance, and the hot atmosphere.

No matter how hard she tried to destroy this kind of place. No matter how she tried to kill these entities. No matter how she fights the loneliness, she already fell into the abyss.






It's strange, there was someone who's calling her? Who was he? His voice was familiar and powerful that she was able to reach her that deep.

"SU CI YI! If you're not going to regain your sense I swear I'm going to kiss you right here and right now!"


She opened her eyes and saw the lights.

The bright illumination coming from someone's eyes.

The eyes that hold hope and strong domination that won't yield to anything.

And because of this, she came back.

Back from the world of the dead.

Since ancient times, a fire spirit's horrible power to drag someone to their deaths - is the most dangerous type of their magic. Those who will not escape the hallucination and the horror of their past will eventually plunge to their death.

Aside from creating a tragic fire, they could burn their nemesis not only physically but also spiritually and for eternity.

Thisis how they conduct their revenge to those people who had indebted to them. Her past victims were a target of her grudge. There was no link at the previous victims, they were people that had committed that atrocious act to her individually.

But towards her...

To think this entity had a grudge on her?

Su Ci Yi thought of possiblepeople that might want to get revenge from her. And actually there are a lot of them. Quite many to mention who hates this mortal 'Su Ci Yi', not her but the original owner. But those grudged weren't strong enough to resurrect a fire entity.

Yes, fire entities were also humansafter all, that after long years of acc.u.mulation of negative emotions had woken up.

They are an entity that goes according to their will. And won't subdue to other external forces.

However, there is only one thing that could compel them to do an actthat is if it were requested by the other entity much greater than it.

So far, the only person whom she knew who had a high spiritual ability and more immense than her. The person that knows her very well and can be linked with this entity. The person who, from the very start had an elusive attribute. The source of her problems and the root of her hardsh.i.p.s, the no other than Baronette.

Qin Yu's eyebrow was scrunching as he looked at the blank look of the woman in front of him. Seeing her face is only an inch to him, he gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

Since she's in trance right nowmaybe it won't hurt to kiss her


Su Ci Yi's headbutt made him stumble on the ground. Looking up, the woman didn't even feel the pain from their head clashing over. She even treated it as an awakening tactic to her bland consciousness. Now that little pain had woke her up from reality, she noticed him at last.

"Mr. Qin!"

Su Ci Yi looked at the person who shrugged the pain on his head and stood like it didn't happen at all.

"Are you all right? Apologies, you suddenly came into me and before I realized it your magnified appearance was already in front of me. I know you don't mean it and was worried, so I apologized for my sudden action."

Qin Yu, ""

And of course,he wouldn't reveal his impure thoughts from her. Not in front of her.

Su Ci Yi looked around to search for that spirit. However, she couldn't find itafter all. What she can only perceive is the full chaotic environment and a few debris of broken glasses on the floor.

This must be the result of her rampage earlier when she fell out of her control.

How could she explain it to Su Ming later?


" So, you failed to take a grasped on her soul? You're uselessafter all. You even revealed my identity to her. Such trash! I shouldn't count on you from the very beginning. What should be your punishment then?"

As Baronette was in deep thought, that person trembled in front of her.

However, it's too tiring to even think of a suitable punishment. Isn't perishment is the most simple and basic of all?

She rubbed her hand first and walked near the entity in front of her. Placing her hand on top of her head, like a divine priest giving her blessings. But Baronette isn't giving that, instead, it was quiteopposite.

Slowly, that entity's head crumpled. Like a brittle hollow block that had collapsed, her entity vanished into a speck of thin dust.

After dealing with it easily, she turned around and look over the corner where a certain person lurked.

"Now then, it's your turn to prove your worth...Xiang MoMo?"

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