Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 193

Volume 1 Chapter 193 The End Of Grace Period



It was already past midnight when they arrived at the Qin's Mansion. Su Ci Yi had long wanted to ask why she wasbrought here by the none other than driver- Qin Yu. Since he was the one driving the car, and Su Ci Yi had all been exhausted in both mind and body, she didn't bother with this trivial detail. However, without her knowing, he was leading her all the way to his mansion?!

The place is not new to her, she had been here once but now; the place was tinged with a lot of renovations thatshe felt alienated seeing it.

"Ah Tao, you're still awake? You should sleep already. You will not grow up in the futurelike thatAh, Su Ming, it's nice to see you again. There's been a lot of cleaning needed to the company tomorrow so we should hire a cleaning company. Also, tell the employees to report only in the afternoon. There'll be "



Su Ming was panting when she finished her speech.

She looked like a predator willing to eat her prey. Her face was red, and smoke almost erupted from the bottom of her nose. She reallyfelt scared out of her wits with Su Ci Yi's recklessness.

Although she should be used to this kind of her...but urgh, she didn't want to think anymore!

Hearing Su Ci Yi's bland reaction, she even felt disappointed in her.

Feeling that all her worries are for naught and her call of care didn't reach the target with her low intelligence, she gave up. She sighed forcefully and dragged them out of her room. Even the master of the household who provided her with the room didn't escape. "I'll sleep now. Let's see each other tomorrow."

Su Ci Yi was left speechless in the outside room.

Qin Yu didn't mind it at all. Instead, he urged the child to sleep now in his room, and since Qin Tao was almost as sleepy as hell, he went to follow his request.

The two wereleft in the enormous hall.

The servants and attendants were already out now, and the hall was silent. The man was standing and leaning on the wall while observing her just like the usual.

"Yi there's no available room now. Since the renovation, the other rooms weren't fully furnished yet and the room I offered to your sister is the only decent one. But now, she kicked you out, so do you want to sleep in my room tonight? It sure had a fluffy bed and is kingsize. Two full-grown a.d.u.l.ts will fit on it."

Qin Yu said it with a mischievous grin on his face. Although there were a lot of things thathe wanted to clear on her, just like this evening's occurrence, and the man she mentioned 'Lu Feng' and almost made her lose insanity. However, it's already almost morning, and she needed to rest.

Instead of having a heavy mood, he ought to lift it a little bit.

Although he lied on the part that there are no available room, somehow he's been too used to tease her in every chance he can grab.

"Ah, the mattress and blanket were all new. We can share itif you want"

Su Ci Yi arched her eyebrows while she looked at his dumb grin.

"I see. Then lead the way."

Qin Yu's arms were crossed over. When he heard her say it, he almost choked, "Are you serious?"

"Why, you looked like you ate shit. How could I reject the goodwill of the master of the house?"


Su Ci Yi turned her back and left. A smile rose on her lips.

But then again, when she thought the man was only recruiting her on his own harem, she took back her bright smile and clicked her tongue.

In the end, he didn't do what he said but insteadhe offered his own room to her while he slept on the couch just outside the room.

Su Ci Yi didn't need to lock the room to secure it. If there, by any off chance that he'll sneak in the middle of the night, she will immediately felt itanyway.

She almost forgot the emotion she felt just hearing her senior brother's name.

Without her realization, Su Ci Yi felt extremelypeaceful that night that she hadn't felt the presence ofsomeone who gazed at her with a gentle expression on her bed.

When he was satisfied gazing at her, he went out of the room like it didn't happen before.


It was afternoon when the office hour was resumed. Su Ming had already gone to report to the office while Su Ci Yi had woken up late. When she came, Qin Tao was already by her side.

"Master, aunt said not to worry about the company now. You can take a rest here for a while." He said it while he bounced up and down on the bed.

Su Ming really is a diligent kid. So early to get up even though she slept late.

Su Ci Yi picked up her phone to call upon her.

The latter immediately pick it up without hesitation, as if the argument last night didn't occur. Su Ming already forgot about it and Su Ci Yi didn't even know that Su Ming seriously sulked at her last night.

With that, the argument is invalid!

"Is Baronette there?" She had forgotten to tackle this detail last night. If Baronette had a thick face, since she had been busted she won't report to the company anymore.

"No. She didn't report today."

So, it seemedthatshe has still a little of shame buried on her skin. She thought she'll play cool and act like nothing happened before.

"However" Su Ming looked down from the glass window. A bright mustang stopped by in front of the building. Followed by an ordinary black SUV car that lined up on the street. She was reluctant whether or not she'll inform her. Since the incident last night and today's occurrence thatis about to happen.

"Su Ming?"

"Sis, today is the due of our settlement."

There was a long pause after she said that.

" Sis, I'll try to negotiate -"

"I'm coming."


After that, she turned off the call. Su Ci Yi prepared herself and rushed down to go there. Qin Tao, like a gecko fling unto her back with little effort and go with the current flow.


Shu TianYi brought his men along with him for securitypurposes, and if those people won't be able to pay, then he'll just resolve to brute force.

He led his burly men right through the door. The newly security guard on the entrance tried to stop them from forcefully going inside however, he wasn't able to fully stopped them, as they stride like they already own this building.

The employees were scared and afraid of the thug-like men who roughly went through andseized everyone. They thought they had graduated from that 'Jiang Brother Hood' threat from their company and now another fraternity brotherhood came.

"Where is your bitch boss? Tell her to go down here and pay us with the compensation money!"

However, they didn't need to go up because Su Ming was already by the stair.

"Mr. Shu Let's not talk here. It's still office hours and your giving distraction to my employees."

"I'm not going to stay here longer. Just pay the money and were going to leave as if nothing had happened, how about it?"

Su Ming as if didn't hear it walked out.

But Shu TianYi forcefully grabbed her.

"Those who delay are those without money. I bet you don't have the full amount of it since your company's a trash and about to beruined. My father had already heard of my harassment and will not let it off until everything is settled. To avoid more conflict, why don't you just pay?"

Su Ming flinched in pain but still she had the audacity to glare at him.

"Let's get outside. It's too cramped here. You will not lose anything if you abide by my tiny request right? I'll pay you when we are outside."

The man 'hmph-ed' and irritatedly followed her. Along with his men, Su Ming led them just beside the building. From the corner of the street where few people can see them.

She decided to bring them here since from the beginning they caused too much disturbance to the public interest. The people from the neighborhood were also afraid and feared the group of men that had just came.

"So are you going to pay now little Miss?"

"Mr. Shu, can we only pay half the amount now? We'll add an interest to the remaining payment. Our company had just plug with a disaster last night that we weren't able to collect the full amount. Mr. Shu, well take any interest in your liking. Just...right now we don't have the full amount to pay for it."

Shu TianYi tilted his head. Hearing her say interests, it sure is pleasant to hear. His smile rose that almost reached his ear as he confidently replied,


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