Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 194

Volume 1 Chapter 194 Su Ming's Predicament

No matter how they wanted to negotiate, Shu TianYi didn't need anything from them. The money that he wanted, was in the first place to get back on what they didnot that he reallyneeded it.

He's an heir of a famous conglomerate and therefore he's not any short of monetary wealth.

Su Ming's face paled. The man in front of her was too arrogant that even in his eyes she could perceive that he looked at a c.o.c.kroach; filthy and trash-like.

Su Ming who had been trapped by his men, feared that they will do something to her. Since their eyes weren't that smiling at all. They even had the gangster aura that could intimidate anyone.

"If you can't pay us. Then, we'll get anything that you owe. This entire company will be enough to pay for your total debt. No need to sweat, with this, we are quits."

As he declared it, he waved his hand to request his little underling to raid the company immediately. Those men acted on their superior's order and run fast like mad dogs. However, just when they were about to enter, the front entrance was closed.

Before they could go out, Su Ming instructed to close the door and no onewouldbeallowed to enter. This is in case, if things won't get according to their plan and they will do something that will harm their office. It's just that Su Ming's hunch was correct.

They reallyintended, from the very beginning to raid them. Those men even bought their raid props such as baseball bats, metal pipes, and a long rod. Su Ming was grateful that it's not rifled, grenade, not any explosive stuff that they brought over or else, the inside will be filled with bloodbath scenery.

"Ms. Owner, why did you close the entrance? Is it a signal that you are resisting this negotiation? Ms. Owner, if you will be like that, I will be forced to do something unsightly in front of you here. So, while I am still kind, you need to grab this chance. I'm not a patient man. Even if you're a woman, you're not going to escape my wrath."

Su Ming gulped down and refuted.

"This is threatening and trespassing. We will counter you in court. So please leave now and don't cause commotion in front of my companyack!"

Su Ming gasped when a strong fist landed on her stomach. She was stunned daze at the moment that she didn't expect this to occur. What kind of man punches a woman directly? The punch wasn't even light; it was too hardcore that she felt her intestines almost crumpled.

Su Ming, with a heavy breath, fell hard on the ground while clutching her stomach.

Deep inside her, she was already jinxing this man to the depth of hell.

She was already thinking of calling the cops, and her phone was on her hand. However, Shu TianYi knew what was she doing as he looked at her ridiculously.

"Calling the authority? It won't help you. We have a mole on that department and it won't reach the higher-ups. They won't be able to respond to you immediately."

Damn rich people.

The way they think, it's pure monotone. Always money this and money that.

Su Ming might have been like a rabbit that had trapped inside the dark cage, however, at this point,she didn't feel fear anymore. The moment she got punched on her stomach as if all the blood on her brain stop working and she couldn't even feel fear anymore.

Right now, she's more afraid when her sister jumped to the roof of a car and stood there nonchalantly. Compared to this, it didn't go on par with it.

"You felt proud that you punch a woman? You really are a failure for a man How could you do it directly without even batting an eye against the weak?"

Shu TianYi rolled his eyes. "Do you expect anyone to come? You prolong your talks and even provoking me. Lady, even if you're a man or woman, aren't we still humans? Who made the law that women can't be beaten up? Since they were weak creatures who suck up to the strength of us men, aren't they pathetic? We live in the same world, so how come women are so weak? It's so simple, they're too lazy to build themselves up."

"Coming from the filthy mouth of someone who came from a woman? Shameless."

"Your provocation won't work on me. However, with that way, you are giving me hints on what to do with you" He clapped his hands and summon two of his men. "Boys, I'm leaving this lump of meat in front of you. You are free to do anything you want. I'll give you an hour to satiate with your heart's content and feast on her."

Su Ming's eyes bulged, "What? You really are the sc.u.m of the sc.u.m! Just you wait! If my sister is here, I'll definitely ask her to beat you upuntil your teeth fall off and your mother won't recognize you at all! Just you wait!"

"Oh, I'm afraid! She will come! I should hide and run away!" Shu TianYi mocked her. "Is your sister a superhero, a fairy, a cultivator? That little wimp? What can she do? She's just a typical shy and useless bitch who's afraid of people's attention. During the party, all she could do is to stand on the side alone. So, pathetic. And you're telling me to wait for her, dream on!"


"This sister of hers is telling you to stop with your gay antics."

Shu TianYi was hit by something metal at the back of his head. The impact was powerful, but good thing he didn't lose consciousness. He touched the blood that almost leaked out from the impact, and his face crumpled.

When he turned around to see the imbecile person who dared to treat him like baggage trash, he saw a petite woman just before him. She was wearing a loose shirt and dark leggings. Her face was passive but her eyes glint in total sharpness.

On her hand, she holds a $10 small aluminum frying pan that had a small dent on its surface cause from hitting him. She was standing while waving it in front of him.

Su Ci Yi had bought this cheap frying pan on the sidewalk when they got down on Qin Yu's car. From afar, she had saw what had transpired at the back of the building and how Su Ming flew a few meters away from the man's punch. She didn't hesitate to pull out a few coins from her pocket and tossed it to the woman selling on the sideline and rushed in the middle of it.


He looked at her menacingly and to the useless people behind him. They weren't able to stop the woman from approaching him and cause his head to get hit.

What if he damaged his brain after this?!

He will never really forgive these people in front of him.

Su Ci Yi went to Su Ming and assisted her to stand up. Seeing how she winced in pain while clutching her stomach, she couldn't stop but cursed this man.

"Men who bicker with a woman is gay."

"Who are you calling like that!?"

"Hah. And you're even deaf than you look at"

Shu TianYi felt like all his blood boil. If he won't be able to kill these two tonight, then he isn't worthy of his surname. The proud clan of the Shu, no one will be abletotrample on their heirs.

"Men! What are you doing? Capture these two." Then he shouted from the top of her lungs.

Su Ci Yi laughed at him. Her stance and posture are ready for action.


*Thump *Thump *Thump

Military footsteps vibrated on the ground. Su Ci Yi felt the tremor beforehand and withdraw her footsteps. Men in a black suit popped in the middle with their 5.56 mm M-16.

Long time no see, huh?

Since when did the last time they appear?

The newly arrived men were in a standoff against the person of Shu TiangYi. The men that appearedwerearmed with guns while his, were equipped with a toy-like makeshift ordinary weaponit's obvious who the victor is. Seeing his disadvantage, he stepped back behind his men.

"What's the matter, why don't you try to continue to harass us?"

"You bitch! Who would have thought you also employ guards, and they were even armed? Do you know that it's illegal to possess without proper authorization?"

What can Su Ci Yi do? Even herself was surprised by their appearance.

She could only look back at the person inside the car who felt like enjoying a good show and is the real master of these bodyguards who popped out of nowhere.

Shu TianYi saw the direction of her gaze, hinted, and almost burst into laughter.

"So, you got yourself a sugar daddy? Did you tell him thatyou're into trouble and employ these guards? I'm envious. Must be lucky to be a woman and just find a rich man to secure your future. I bet you compensate him by a 'cup of coffee' last night. The wonders of being a woman are too incredible! Ha-ha-ha"

Su Ci Yi didn't felt good hearing it. But before she could even think of her next action, her hands moved on its own hitting the arrogant man with the back of her frying pan [for the second time].

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