Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 195

Volume 1 Chapter 195 The New Endeavor

Shu TianYi fell on the ground this time. He wasn't able to fight the sudden impact and lose consciousness on the spot. His men scramble as they pulled their master out and ran with their tails between their legs.

On the other hand,Su Ci Yi didn't know what will come after this, now that she had done a harmful deed to the body of this man.

Well, this is the least of her concern.

"Su Meng, we should bring you a doctor. I'll call Mr. Lang to the company so thathe can oversee you if there is internal damage on your stomach."

Mr. Lang is their friend practitioner in the field ofmedicine. He was also the contact doctor, in case someone was hurt on their company. The man had his own private firm but from time to time, during their call, he immediately responded.

His response will only bedelayed if he was still on the operation and has a patient to check up.

"It's okay. I only got punch."

"Punch?! Don't you know the trouble if your stomach willbe hit? It's better if we let the expert check it."

Su Ming sighed, not having the energy to argue. "Sis. If I say, I'll be okay and won't do the check-up, what will you feel?"

Su Ci Yi raised her eyebrows, "I'll be disappointed and run a protest until you check it with the Doctor."

"So, you're agitated, anxious, and worried. You should reflect on your actions last night. What you feel right now,it was 10 times more than the one I've felt last night when you go on your own. Please be a little mindful to the people on your surrounding, now that you knew this feeling."

Su Ci Yi was speechless.

She wanted to refute, but the words didn't come to her mouth.

Su Ming hasn't still forgotten the issue last night! And she's still bearing it against her.

Thinking over her deeds yesterday, wasn't the famous motto of "don't do to others what you didn't want to do with you'' quitefit on the situation.

However,even if Su Ci Yi wanted to promise her thatshe won't do it again, but she just couldn't. There will be danger bound behind her, and she couldn't help but put herself in the middle of it. She can't promise anything to Su Ming but to secure her safety and make sure no harm will come by to her.

Since she was the only one whom she felt worthy of her protection. Someone that she didn't want on the harm's way. And people whom she felt like that were only a handful. That is why, when she protects her, she'll go all out.

"Let's go back to the company, Sis. And don't call Mr. Lang. I don't feel any pain anymore."

Su Ci Yi went according to Su Ming's plan, however, before she went upstairs she stopped first in front of the car.

Qin Yu who was lazily leaning on the driver's seat lowered the window seeing her approached through it. His languid posture was already an indicator thathewas bored staying inside.

His interference earlier wasn't needed, however, there are some points that Su Ci Yi was grateful for him. Just like how timely and accurate those 'men in a suit' occurred. And the matter they collected themselves in front of the enemy... and if they are a little aggressive and move according to their whims, the place will only be filled with riot and chaos. Worst is that there will be shed of blood on the ground, which will make disorder to the public interest.

Their high profile guns and ammunition, with their level of confidence; sets their victory even before the battle started.

Aside from that, when Qin Yu meddled, he expanded their conflict within the third party. Shu TianYi will be preoccupied for a moment about this new group of people who meddle into his own affair. Of course, it won't hurt to borrow Qin Yu's men for a while. And Shu TianYi will be doomed if he planned to go against these people.

A tiger against a leopard. That would be a fair completion than a small scale business like them.

Qin Yu saw her coming over and leaned on the window frame.

"I'll pick you two up tonight. So wait for me before you go."

"Mr. Qin, we are glad to the one-night stay on your home. But this is overstepping on your kindness" Su Ci Yi politely decline. " also, thank you for your help. I like your men. I wonder how strong and discipline they are in terms of combat power?"

" You'll know if you spar with them."

Hearing it, Su Ci Yi's eyes shone like a kid that had given a piece of candy. "Will you let me spar with them?"

"Of course, Yi will always be welcome on my studio anytime you please."

Qin Yu find it funny how obvious her eyes shone with just that simple request. He only knew that women's happiness would compose of fresh fashion dresses and branded collections. This was from his experience in his flings.

This is the first time that someone genuinely became joyful with just a simple sparring session with someone.


"Have you acquired the data I needed"

Qin Yu received the piece of paper that his shadow handed on him. It was an investigation regarding the person who harassed the Su sisters in broad daylight. To be frank, he felt like crushing the paper, and burn it.

It seemed that the youngmaster of the wealthy Shu Clan is doing schemes behind his family's back. The Qin had also some dealings with this clan. However, not that its majority but just a small scale. Their family had a prettyclose relationship specifically on the older generation. He has also fairly acquainted with the old man 'Shu' but regarding the new generation, he has noidea at all.

Although he had heard some nasty rumors circulating this 'TianYi', he didn't think thatit was all quitetrue. The man is a lady's man and arrogant. Using his family name to plan according to his whims. His vices were left and right and debt were piling on the tab of his old man. His gambling addiction was very popular in casinos and famous gambling houses.

Worst of all, this man tried his hand on his woman!

Good thing, she was way beyond him.

Now that he felt inferior to her, he struck back and played his card with the assistance of his wealth. Fully dependable on the influence of his name.

Qin Yu thought, if the old man Shu knew this, he'd burst in rage for the shame his grandson brought to them.

Seem like he should wait how that person will deal with his underling.


On the highest skyscr.a.p.er of the city, atop the rooftop and under the scorching heat of the sun. A man and a woman stood up a little over the edge. Both were dressed in a black cloak. The heat of the sun didn't affect their position as the two vividly looked into the tiny midgets of moving lumps below.

These small lumps composed of vehicles of all sorts running in the middle of the streets.

The man standing on it is none other than Baronette. Beside him, his new recruit Xiang MoMo who had a wholesome looked on her face. Her new appearance exuded the long days of her meditation and the result of her pursued power.

The tender and innocent appearance she maintained in the first chapter of her life wasreplaced with a much more rough and strong presence. Her porcelain white skin was no more and now turned into tanned with freckles. Her hair was also cut in short and bun at the back. There are no make-ups and trinkets dangling on her body. What she only possessed was the youthful thug-like appearance that seemed to live from the corner of the street.

If her friend would see her now, they won't realize that she was Xiang MoMo.

Xiang MoMo had a full consent on this new get-up of hers. The new version of her was strong and wise-like. A totally opposite of her previous self.

In those times, no matter how she tried to hide her true self. The end justified it for her. If not for that woman, who seemingly fragile on the outside but deep inside there was a deep dragon lurking... she might not have beenbusted and defeatedat that time.

At that very moment, she pledged that she will come back with a fiercer look.

When that time comes, she will have full revenge against that Su Ci Yi!

"That's right. Your passion for this field is overflowing. In no time you will surpass those people you chase for."

When Baronette saw the black thick aura she was incurring. His deep smile appeared on his face. It's worth that he took this kid under his own wing.

Now, it's time to harvest what he had sown.

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