Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 196

Volume 1 Chapter 196 Different Perspective

Meryfield Subdivision, Block 32 Scott Avenue

Shu TianYi's residence.

Shu TianYi woke up from an excruciating pain coming from his head. When he opened his eyes, he felt a cold compress over his head. He was lying on his usual king-size bedroom and on the side situated a dr.a.p.e magenta window.

The man had been living alone since his separation from his residence five years ago. He especially asked for this arrangement and fought against his family to live alone. There was a huge commotion that occurred at that timewhen he tried to insist his plan to live out.

Both his parents were against separating from him. He's the only legitimate direct heir from the main family and who was the only potential to inherit the whole establishment. There's really no reason to separate from them.

However, if he stayed with them, there's a probability that he couldn't do simple things on his own when he could set his wings free and enjoy the perks of having one's own liberty.

When he was starting to live on this residence, his parents were especially worried about him thatthey bought and gave him all the comforts he could get. Without even thinkingthat his head was eventually becoming big and arrogant.

Shu TainYi had a lot of debts piling from his gambling vices and this is without the knowledge of his family. If they would know this, he didn't know what will be his punishment.

Especially his grandfather, who hated him to the core will find a way togravely scold him.

Since from the beginning, he was not fond of him.

Although the old man might be bald and wrinkly, he still is the head of the household. Which he found ridiculous and petty. He had his father who is the direct descendant from the bloodline, so why he didn't pass it to him. With his old body, he couldn't even make it to the director's meeting and would only rely on videos to send his participation.

If the old man is in poor health that was only the time that his father would step in. The old man is petty for his children. He blatantly slapped it to him that his an untrustworthy child of him.

"Master, the bath is ready, would you like to take it now?"

The only maid he employed in his place stood in front of him. Her maid uniform almost looked like a tight suit for her. Her front is protruding from the excessive two lumps of fat on the chest. Even the curvy body waistline is too much not to be noticed.

Shu TianYi dragged her inside the bathroom until they wereexhausted in the middle of the night.

After the energetic a.d.u.l.t exercise inside the bathroom, his entire body freshen as he felt he could think clearlynow. He stood near the magenta dr.a.p.e window and dialed his family's residence.


"Yi'er? You call us in the middle of the night? Is there something wrong?"

"Mom, are you asleep? I'm sorry to wake you up. Its nothing. I just thought of calling you at this hour."

The person on the other end, went down her bed and seated on the sofa outside the room, "Can't you sleep at all? What's bugging you?"

Shu TianYi pretended not to answer,

Mother Shu got worried and will not sleep tonight until she will know the bottom-line of his son's clingy attitude tonight.

"What is it? Tell your mother." It was not a request but a demand.

The man smirked and his eyes flashed. If this involved his parents, surely this is the end of those people's careers. Thinking about it, his chagrin smile grew wider, "I got hit earlier. But don't worry mom, I only lose a little blood and fainted on the ground. It's nothing serious...really, you don't needto worry."

He waited what will be the other party's reaction, and when he heard her scream...


"My son! Who dares to hit the only heir of our family! No, even if we are not powerful, I allow no one to hit you! Yi'er, aren't you sure you are not getting bullied there? Tell everything to your mom, I will sue them and seek legitimate legislative advice on the court to get back at your nemesis. We will also use our special forces in taking your revenge to those people!"

"Actually mom, I wasn't only hit. But also was slapped on my face. I ought not to tell you at first, but mom, those people are crossing over the line. Mom, I don't want you to get stressed over this small matter. I only needed to borrow the strength of our people to get back to them. I'll return the favor as they did to me with a hundred folds."

"All right son, I'll ask your father to inform your grandfather whether we could use our intelligence to order to teach those people who bullied you! I'll call you tomorrow for the arrangement, it's late son. You should rest now."


So, there's a chance that if his grandfather won't allow it, he won't be able to use their family's influence. Dang! If only his father is the head. This will not be a hassle. Why is that old man's span of life is too long!

After using the phone, he threw it off at the bedside and worked on his own. Now, he needed to find the master of those meddlesome men who went against his men earlier.


"XIAO YU!!! Where the heck have you been these days! Your mother and father were deadly worried about you and our grandson's safety. You have gone for almost a month without a trace, and when you came back, you don't even dare to call us. What do you think your parents are? Who do you think you are to be like that?"

His mother nagged him over the phone call.

No matter how Qin Yu refutedand say 'Hey mom, chill out. You guys totally slip throughout my mind and just remembered it this time.'

But then he couldn't do so, or else his mother will rampage and who knows, she might even try to cross boundaries of the ocean to get to him and accidentally kill him on the spot out of her rage for him.

In the end, he humbled himself, "I'm sorry"

"If your sorry can be accepted, then what is the sole purpose of police and the laws that needed to be followed?! You brat! Go back home here and bring a girlfriend or your sin will never be uplifted!"

Qin Yu almost choke from it. When people became old they acquire Alzheimer's disease and other sicknesses that came from memory, how come his parents were as sharp as a newly hone Swiss knife?

-But he was glad they were on their good health.

"MomI'm reallysorry. We'll cope up with it and have a vacation with Ah Tao. I'll promise that we will stay long there."

Mother Qin didn't speak for a minute. Qin Yu knew that she must be sulking so he waited until she regained her composure. Later, she spoke dejectedly, "Fine. But bring your girlfriend also. We want to meet her as soon as we can."


"Didn't you say you'll bring one?! Then why are you hesitating, with your predisposition don't tell me you don't have someone like that beside you? How old are you, not to have it? Nowadays even middle schoolers have two girlfriends to choose, what about you?"

"Mom, one is enough having two is cheating."

"But you don't have one?! Don't you?"

Mother Qin felt tired to always deal with the men in the family, it's always her husband and her son. Now, her grandson was the only thing that gave blossoms to her life. If only they had a close 'girl' family memberbut sadly they are not lucky to have one.

Qin Yu deeply sighed and reassured her, his mother always jumped to conclusions without listening for him to finish his sentence.

"Okay, Mom. I'll bring her no matter what."

Mother Qin nonchalantly nodded, "Right you better bring one or elsewhat?" her eyes almost protruded from her socket and almost jumped from her seat. Father Qin who was reading daily newspaper on the sideline got intrigued.

"You will really bring one? Really? It's not your typical submissive going along with your parent's whim? You're really going out with someone?"

Eh? Going outis a little farfetched.

"All right, I'll tell your father immediately and renovate the house. We'll add anadditional room with a balcony and side view of the sunset. Honey! Honey! Our son said he will bring someone. We should go all out and redecorate our house!"

"Okay. Okay. Finished first your call to our son before you talk about it."

Qin Yu heard his father's voice over the end of the line.

Mother Qin take heed of his father's request and got back at him. "Son, it seemsthatyou're quitebusy there. You should do your job now and don't be careless about your health. We'll call you again when we got time. ByeBye~"

Soon the call disconnected.

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