Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 197

Volume 1 Chapter 197 Unintentional Meet Up

Memorial Hospital, C City

Su Mo was given permission to be discharged from the hospital. Su Gi was the one who personallytransacted the payment of the bills and signed his clearances. They had stayed at the hospital for almost two weeks and it is a breeze of air to be able togo home at last.

But before they could leave, the doctor provided a final briefing on things that are prohibitions for him. The session lasted for an hour inside. Su Mo was very obedient. Since he doesn't want to be admitted again and one of the prohibitions pointed out by the doctor is to avoid getting angry nor get hype. Or I'll trigger his hypertension again.

Su Mo was in a good mood. The fact that he could go home, his emotion liftedup. Totally forgetting that the doctor advised him not to get agitated, too happy, depressed nor angry.

The old man was even humming when he got out of his room.

But reality slap him again when he saw his first daughter in front of him.

Su Ci Yi on the sideline was silent while Su Ming was the one who is the catalyst of conversation. The two of them went to fetch them and help with their belongings for their dismissal.

Su Ming clung to her father like a rubber band. Su Gi was behind them and watching their lively conversation. Su Ci Yi was behind her mother and whom didn't really care that her existence was long forgotten.

No matter how she thought why there is a large gap of discrimination between her and Su Ming, her brain almost overheated. Her thoughts would always run wild and won't get straight to the point. In the end, she couldn't comprehend it at all.

She decided not to think at all. Not to mind. Not to care. She wasn't the original Su Ci Yiafterall. The original owner was already long gone. But the new soul inside is far more different from the one.

She didn't really care at all.

"By the way" Su Mo had remembered something and turned his head back to the last person on the line. They were on the way to the parking lot where their car is situated.

"Your husband I haven't heard from him. Or is this true thatyou get dump by that man?"

He was sarcastic and his tone couldn't hide the hint of mockery. When he thought she was gone for good earlier, he almost fainted and his sickness almost show signs of appearing. What was the name of the man Su Ming mentioned Su Mo? Right, it was their servant boy that they employed inside.

This daughter of him didn't really have a good eyesight regarding men.

Although he admitted, that he hooked up that 'Huan Ro' guy to her was his fault. But then she should make it as a warning to find a better next candidate for her marriage...

But a servant boy?

Su Ci Yi was picking her ears. That was what Su Mo saw when he turned to her, the expression of whetheror not she's listening. It even made him fume on the inside.

"He'sbusy" Su Ci Yi didn't know what she could say on this. Su Ming really followed her instruction when she said to tell her parents thatshe elope with a manat that time. She didn't actuallymean to have this kind of reasoning, however, seeing how Su Mo deliberately showed his distaste in her, wouldn't it fun to even pique his interest and pissed him off? Anyway, she was not her actual father.

"Oh, so he's still responsible. I would have thought thatyou broke up. Anyway, that Song Mao, tell him to visit sometimeat the villa. And don't forget to bring my grandson."

"Right, bring the kid with us sometime. We missed the little guy." Su Gi seconded her father's motion.

There's no way that Su Ci Yi will bring them again. She almost had a hard time insisting those two back to their home. How could she let them go back again?

"I'll try to convince them. But don't let your hopes up. The father and son were all busy and had other things to do. Right now it's a little complicated for them"

Su Gi and Su Mo's eyebrow both arched up. 'Even the child is too busy?'

"On the contrary,we got a lot of time to visit my in-laws."

There was a long pause.

Then both of them looked at the person who stood behind their car. The garage area on the first floor of the building is limited that cars needed to squeeze up in orderto have availablespace. It's just that, Qin Yu's new edition of phantom Rolls Royce was just parked beside their family's antique vehicle.

He was arranging gifts at the back of his car when he heard familiar voices. Immediately, he realized the owner of the voices. From then, he tried to follow up through their conversation and that was when he saw his timing to butt in.

He had only visited Lin Fei Fei because the woman said she had something to give to Ah Tao. So before going home, he might as well stop and visit her first.

He was already on his way to go home but then he unintentionally eavesdropped a conversation. He almost burst out laughing when he heard the content of it for the first time. YiYi only owned Qin Tao as her child when they were still on the villa. The fact thathe didn't know she owned him and branded as her husband in front of her family.

Now, now. How should he act in front of them?

Though he was hiding it, Su Ci Yi felt the smug smile of the man. Isn't he too happy?

When she was thinking and straightening the lies she had weaved, at this momentQin Yu didn't let her succeed. He even showed his good side to the family that it was too late for her to even withdraw.

The moment his appearance came in. It mesmerized them.

The man had his hair slick up with only a tiny strand hanging on his forehead. His clothes were radiating of high socialite vibe. With his American suit and obsidian Kenneth Cole shoes, they felt he was out of this world. Even Su Ming and Su Gi was dumbstruck and didn't realize that it was him for a few seconds.

"Song Mao?"

Su Gi needed to confirm first if the man in front is really the servant guy they used to have. Although the level of vibe he produced is different, the charisma was still the same.

"I quite apologized if our meeting is unpleasant" He politely bent his body and hold the woman's hand as he kissed the back of her palm. "your daughter is too stubborn not to let us see you. However, fate really plays its role well, that it brought me here to you. Did you guys already eat?"

Su Gi blushed from his gestures.

While Su Mo creased his temple in front of the man. He was the one who brought this guy to the villa. He even remembered that he was chasing after his wife who had run away from him? And to think he was already referring at that timeto his daughter.

His first daughter managedto hide this from him from the very start! She hasn't any ounce to stand her responsibility at all - to this man and her child. She even let his husband chased after her?!

Su Ming who was also dumbstruck presented herself and butt in, "We still haven't! Brother in Law can you treat us?" She was on this man's house last day. And the way she saw it, all about the mansion, servants, and the equipment were all high class. Based on this, she could conclude that he was a fully loaded man.

Ch. Her sister is reallylucky to fish out this man among the piles of trash fishes on the oceanthat included that sc.u.mbag, Huan Ro.

Qin Yu smile widely, his hand gestured toward his newly acquired Phantom Edition Rolls Royce. Although his attention was on them, out of the corner of his eyes, he was observing the person who stood from the sideline.

He bet that she was quite dissatisfied with this arrangement. Seeing her blackface, he felt too good to get back at her for driving them out of the house.


He intently crossed over in the middle of the people gathering on him and dr.a.p.ed his arm over Su Ci Yi's shoulder nonchalantly.

Su Ci Yi creased her eyebrows and eyed the hand that crossed on her shoulder. Shifting her head, he glared at him.

"Mother and father-in-law, where do you want to eat lunch?"

"I want to eat seafood!" Su Ming energetically suggested.

"Your father is not allowed to eat that." However, Su Gi rejected her notion.

"Then how about in an Italian restaurant where they serve diverse dishes on their menus. I know one that offers and it's only a stone throw away here."

Su Ming and Su Gi made their approval. Father Su didn't state his firm opinion yet he seemed to go along with the plan.

Su Ci Yi felt that the pacing of things are too fast that there is no room for rejection! Therefore, she too was swept with the flow.

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