Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 198

Volume 1 Chapter 198 The Lunch

AZY Italian Restaurant

Their group was split into two cars. Su Ci Yi's family rode their own vehicle while she was driven on Qin Yu's flashy Rolls Royce. The situation had escalated to red code alert and she was too tired to deal with it anymore. As the saying goes, lifeis short so just go with the flow. One thing that she learned while spending on this mortal life, people's life span is too short; one mustn't be serious about and grumpy all the time, because, in a single click, life can be lost at once.

Since she was in his car, it was also a good time to straighten things out and tell him what had happened why she resorted to that kind of reasoning. Since, who knows what kind of funny thought might go on his foolish head.

Her head was languidly leaning on the window pane while peeking on the road. And her eyes unintentionally looked back to their family's car following from behind.

"I don't really have a choice when I say that back then," She was talking about the time when she told Su Ming that she had eloped. Or else, how could she explain Song Mao's disappearanceat that time?

Qin Yu nodded his head and continue to face the front. He didn't have much reaction from what she had just spoken about.

Su Ci Yi looked at him suspiciously and thought,'Did he understood her pretty well?'

"If my father asks of the details later, just tell him thatit was an abrupt decision that we made, that's all, no further questions. If he tries to delve into more, try to divert the topic. I know you can do that since you havebeen gifted with that eloquent mouth of yours."

"All right. I'll try not to talk too much." Qin Yu didn't think much of his answer. At the moment, he was coated in happiness and felt himself floating on the air. A chance together with her is too rare to come by. Thinking over about Qin Tao's reaction when he learned this, he bet he'll sulk and will be jealous of him.

Su Ci Yi didn't really felt a strong conviction on his statement. Well anyway, as long as she had warned him already.


The restaurant where he brought them over, had a spectacular location of set up. There were only a few customers at that timethough it was already in the midday.

All the people that they could bump boosted a socialite aura. They could even feel it with the ambiance in the air. Their appearance strikes the uproar of customers on the area, however, when they turn their heads to Song Mao, they soon withdraw their gaze.

Su Ci Yi pretended not to notice these things. However, she couldn't help but felt ridiculous. It wasn't even an hour since she warned the man not to talk too much, however, his speech and dialogue this time almost exceeded 20 words per minute. He was talking to his father like it was the usual thing in the entire world without minding the surrounding's bizarre atmosphere.

The place had an enormous, Italian stature in the middle which occupied the entire garden area. She didn't know who he is, but he knew he must be famous since women and children are crowing on his statue talking selfies and groupies.

The building was only two-story, yet the wall was equipped with prime material alloy decorated in exquisite Italian design and forte. The atmosphere was separated into two dimensions, formal and diplomatic. Formal table set-up was situated on the wild, under the shade canopy of a gigantic tree. On the sideline, there was a piece of music being played which will be according to the customer's preference.

Diplomatic were expected for business purposes and was situated upstairs. The closed four walls had a strict soundproof floor-to-ceiling set-up, so all information will remain disclosed inside and the clients will not feel the threat of having someone to overhear their conversation. This is the famous sought after business meet-up place on the entire C City.

Qin Yu reserved a quiet and private semi-formal and diplomatic set-up.

The place was situated on the second floor with a high soundproof wall. The place had a tint of luscious green as the background which was very warm and gentle to the eye. It's as if they were situated in the middle of the forest where everything is too cool and refreshing.

There is not only one waiter serving and guiding them. Su father almost thought thatall employees go all out to serve them, those who idle stood at the back and still waiting if there are some orders that they could take.

Su Mo was expecting the menu to be handed to them and was also expecting to see enormous pricing underneath it. However, he didn't expect that one by one the waiters laid different styles of dishes on their table, that he hadn't had in his entire life.

Su Ming, the one who couldn't stay still, blurted about the menu. "Hey, brother-in-law, is this the norm here? They don't offer a menu to guests?"

" No need, I bought all their dishes here, so help yourself."

Su Mo and Su Gi, ""

Su Ming was like, holy cow, this guy is reallyon a whole new level!

Su Ci Yi almost choked the water she was drinking when she heard him say it.

Qin Yu didn't know what their taste preference bud is. And picking food will take time for a while. So he ought to order availabledishes from this restaurant.

It didn't take long before all the food was displayed. There was; baked chicken with tomatoes & olives, wrapped salmon with mustard sauce, couscous salad with asparagus, chicken b.r.e.a.s.t in lime sauce, pasta shells with clams walnuts, chili, and bottarga, and many to mention that Su Ming didn't even know it existed.

And there are still coming on the line, in which an extension table is needed just to fit in all the dishes.

Su Mo picked up the vegetable salad among the group that had offered in front, as he suspiciously looked at the man who nonchalantly ordered all the foods on this place.

He reallythought it's strange, how the man could waste all this kind of money on them as if he was throwing it.

" Song Mao, why do I find thatSong Mao is not your real name? Why don't you tell your father about it, since you're not a stranger to us anymore? When my friend recommended you, I hadn't had a shred of doubt about you, however, to see you now, my jurisdiction is wavering."

"Father, Song Mao is my alias, if father wanted to know it then I'll not hide it anymore."

Su Gi and Su Ming were also fairly listening to him.

"Go on." Su Mo urged. This socialite vibe he was oozing, somewhat he could guess he came from a very influential family from the city. Su Mo had only known a little about the influential power hiding on the City and he would lie if he didn't dream of having a connection to one of them. But if this chance will give him, then he'll grab this opportunity to uplift his company's social standing on business enterprises.

"I am Qi"

Qin Yu wasn't able to finish it when Su Ci Yi shoved a piece of steak meat to his mouth and secretly glared at him.

'Will he really disclose his family background to these people?'

Su Mo crumpled his forehead being interrupted.

"Song Mao?"

Su Mo hadn't still given up. If he is part of some influential family, then I'll be a big hit on their company. It's even more than winning the lottery.

"Ai Yah~ Husband, I just realized you haven't been eating at all? Why don't you eat for a while? Here, I'll take the liberty to feed you."

It's good that she sometimes watched dramas on her phone when in times like this she just pictured out what those families are doing when they are together.

Although Qin Yu was interrupted, he didn't felt mad about it. He even chewed his food nicely and grin widely.It seemed thatthis lunch will be worth of his spending today.

"Why, my wife is the best! Can I have a little more?" Saying this, he closed their distance by dragging his chair over to her side.

"Ah, I also want that pasta, can you feed me that?"

" Oh, and there's that piece of bruschetta, pick that one."

" I want to taste the Panzanella too!"

Su Ci Yi, "..." Since when did he become a food lover?

In the end, Qin Yu get back at her by trying to taste all the served dishes in front through his own personal feeder Su Ci Yi. She was too tired to the point that her hands almost went numb from spooning almost all the dishes under the command of her highness.

Well anyway, Su Ci Yi can still take it.

If his mouth is full, he won't have time to talk with his father and would diminish that chance of his mouth slipping.

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