Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 199

Volume 1 Chapter 199 The Night Arrangement

After their lunch at the Italian Resto, the family went home. Qin Yu took the liberty to drop Su Ci Yi on the villa before returning to his original route, though it was already late in the afternoon when he reached the mansion.

Qin Tao was having his own nap in his room.

He put the gifts he received from Lin Fei Fei on the child's toy box and stepped out. However, when he was about to go out, Qin Tao woke up and ran to him. His bleary eyes were hazy and can only see the blurred silhouette of his father.

His father said that they will eat together however, he ended up eating alone again.

" Dad's late. He said he'll be here before lunch." He was sulking since his father broke his promise.

"I'm sorry. I have some business I need to take first. Will you let me off the hook just this once?"

Qin Tao shook his head firmly. "You went with that witch's hospital. So, it's not totallybusiness-like!"

"How did you know?"

The child ran through the toys Qin Yu put on the box. "Then where this came from? Only that witch gave me gifts like this."

He didn't know what had happened but Qin Tao had always called Lin Fei Fei as a witch when she was not around.

"Oh, I see. I came there then afterward I went to lunch with your master and her family. That was why I was late."

Qin Yu saw his son's dumb look. He saw his child's jaw dropped and felt an insect could enter any moment.

At this moment, Qin Tao interjected, "That is unfair! How is that when I want to see master I needed your permission while you go anytime meeting her behind my back? That is soooo, so much unfair! Daddy, aren't you ashamed tricking your son behind your back? How come you play so low! If that's it, then Qin Tao will not ask Dad's permission, I'll definitely go to master tonight!"

How old is this kid again? How come these days he became vigilant and even more eloquent when he speaks?

To make matters worst, Qin Tao madly ran to pick his bag and roughly pulled out his clothes from the cabinet and stuff it inside his bag. He even grabbed his toothbrush and his favorite Doraemon mug from the bathroom and altogether stuff it inside.

Hold your horses' kid! "Where are you going little Ah Tao?"

"To my master. Daddy went to her, it's so unfair why I'm not allowed to go."

Qin Yu crumpled his forehead.

"Don't just decide on your own. We'll go there tonight."


Shu TianYi cannot find any information regarding the men that meddle against his men on that day. What's more, was that when he tried to hire men to assassinate that family, his person would always go missing?

If they would be found after a day, they weretotallybeaten into a pulp with a face that couldn't be recognized anymore.

Now that it came without progress, this means he needed to step in. He might be a second-generation rich heir, but he knew one or two tactics on how to dispose of a person.

He couldn't take anymore delay as he wanted to see the demise of those people who look down on him.

The first time he was slap was a huge blow on his ego. Being hit twice almost hit his tolerance level. The help he received from his family was only spies and assassin. However, those were of failure in their mission.

He already got a hold where those people live.

What he only needed is to find the right timing to dispose of them. Strike when they are alone then do the deed. He didn't know how those assassins failed in the attempt of disposing of those two sisters. However, without seeing with his two eyes, he won't believe that this family couldn't be taken down.

Now, he was waiting just outside the villa. Doing some research, the security is limited and even there are few servants doing chores inside. The house was even ragged without any renovations being done. It really screams that this family wasn't doing well. Compared to his family they should just as tiny as a pea.

Just then, why the heck he was having a hard time pulling them down?

It was night when he saw some car stopped by in front.

Since it's dark, he couldn't make sense of the man who went down the car and went on the security gate first. Seeing the man carelessly left the vehicle open, he grabbed his chance to slipped through inside.

Who knows, only a child was sitting there.

A kid of about seven to eight years old, with a piece of a headset on his head and focused on his tablet.

When the side door clicked open, the child's sight locked unto him. When he saw it was a man he was familiar with, he returned his attention to his front.

Shu TianYi felt the kid was familiar, yet somehow it didn't ring any bell at the moment. Therefore, he didn't rule it as a threat first. "Kid, don't try toscream or cause a ruckus. This uncle will not let you off the hooked if you do it."

"En." Qin Tao's response was bland.

Shu TianYi didn't know if he really knew his position. He only managed to hide below when Qin Yu came back with the approval of the homeowner that they could pass.

He needed to ask the home owner's approval first before going in since their arrival is abrupt.

"Ah Tao, this mission I'm leaving this to you. Convince your master to go with us to your grandparents."

Qin Yu was so shameless to put this on the child's shoulder. But then again, if it's him he couldn't convince her unless he took something for a bargain.

Since the child had a strong connection with the woman, he could always play it as his trump card on his side. Well, if anything goes wrong and he could not convince her, he had his other cards to pull off on his sleeve.

But to make it more genuine and sincere, it ought to be from the child's mouth.


It was only during their lunch that her father invited this pair of father and son to visit the villa. Although her father stipulated that they could sometimes visit them, but it didn't literally mean right now when a day hasn't even passed!

Without her knowledge, they were already in front of their gate and requesting to enter. Her mother, Su Gi who knew they were outside immediately let them in. Welcome them in open arms and excitement. Her father was feeling the same as he went down just to receive them.

Qin Tao from the moment he arrived, turn to his 'filial grandson' mode as he excitedly ran towards the two oldies. Qin Yu wanted to laugh, even his parents didn't receive this kind of treatment from his child. This is the very first in the history of Qin Tao's existence that this happened.

"Grandma! Grandpa!" He both hug them as he planted a small kissed on their cheeks. "Did you missed Qin Tao?"

See, he was even that cheeky?

Su Gi blushed and kissed him back on his plump cheeks. "Of course, sweet child. Your grandparents missed you! Who wouldn't miss this sweet little cinnamon roll?"

Qin Tao giggled as he innocently clung on Su Gi's embrace, "Then, grandma can you let Qin Tao live here forever?"

Su Mo reacted as he reached the child's head. "Why wouldn'twe allow that? Is there someone who doesn't want you to stay here?"

'There is!' Qin Tao thought to himself. He secretly glanced at Su Ci Yi who was just walking down the stairs. But it was only a second before he withdrew and answered, "Nah ah. Qin Tao just wants to make sure."

"Then you are allowed to stay here."

Su Mo reverted his attention to Song Mao and spoke "Ah, Song Mao. If you aretired, you can rest. Ci Yi's room might be too small for you guys or do you want to use the room you've stayed in last time? Though we weren't able to prepare it right now."

"What?" Su Ci Yi blurted out.

"" Qin Yu didn't plan on this part but he confidently replied, "Yes, it's quitealright. We're used to squeezing on a tiny bed. Guess it was then when Qin Tao was conceived."

Su Ci Yi almost puke on his lie, since when did they share in the same bed?

Su Mo burst laughing and even added, " I'm looking forward to the next Qin Taoin the future."

Qin Yu chuckled and replied, "We will definitely try our best."

All these time, Su Gi prevented the child from hearing this vulgar dialogue of a.d.u.l.ts as she glared at her stupid husband.

She walked to Su Ci Yi and gave her the child who was clinging to her.

"You should rest. It's quitelate. Let the child sleep early tonight."

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