Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 2

Volume 1 Chapter 2 Past Life Present Life Ii

Immortal Sword Sect

"Brother Lu Feng! Brother Lu Feng!"

A teenage girl came running towards a young gently immortal. The man has a well-built body, his face is the typical essence of purity and gentleness. Even his voice where unique and kind. This was the only situation that this girl is looking forward into. The moment her beloved Senior brother would come back safe from the mission.

"Ci Yi, have you been good and studied your lessons. I will not lenient if I found you slacking off" threaten Lu Feng yet his voice has a trace of fondness towards her.

"I have done it, already! Are you going to give me my reward now?" Since Lu Feng is tall, Ci Yi was only hugging his waist while looking upwards to his face smiling.

"Oh, you naughty little thing. I really would like to know if you really admire me or my gifts to you ? Tell me honestly? Are you excited with these?" Once said that Lu Feng pick from the inside of his robe two candied fruit.

Ci Yi's eyes twinkle and immediately grab the candy. "Thanks Brother Lu Feng" Ci Yi express her thanks, and run while sticking her tongue towards him.

Lu Feng just only smile and look at the disappearing back of a young girl.


That over exaggerating woman is Su Ci Yi's blood related sister. Of all in their family, she was the only who is close to her. They were born 2 years apart only yet, Su Ci Ming seems to be the elder sister between them. Their family was a long time business people and they quite own few company already. The Su Family has no male heir and the succession would only be to the first husband Su Ci Yi would have. However, having been annulled at her engagement and being dump by her lover, Su Ci Yi's mental health breakdown. She was spoiled in her younger years and didn't experience difficulty in her entire life. The shock she receive on that day was far more stimulating that she begun to locked up in her room, neglecting anyone in the family.

It also came to the point where she needed to be admitted to a mental hospital due to her excessive violence over the people inside their mansion.

The other party who break the engagement was their long time business partners and buddy. Su Ci Yi and the bastard man was childhood friends.

He was even Su Ci Yi's first love.

This was she heard from Su Ming when she ask. Su Ming didn't doubt her, since she knew Su Ci Yi's mental capacity is deranged. There will a time when she will forgot everything and would start to cause commotion again.

How sweet her life just to be reduce to this!

The Su Ci Yi has never experience that kind of comfort. Back then at her Sect, every minute is a struggle to learn and become an immortal.

She was in the world where she needed to become strong and follow his Senior Brothers Footsteps.

Yet those days and opportunity where gone. She was living into these world without any trace of her qi formation


Upon remembering it, Cu Si Yi tried to focus her attention. Clears her mind and tried to gather her spiritual Qi. She could feel a small dose of energy coming from the surrounding, yet her spiritual veins where closed off.

This is great.

This world is not deprive with elemental Qi. She could still cultivate in this world!

Seeing Su Ci Yi's calm and unperturbed nature, Su Ming begun to panic again. Who knows what ideas are coming to her mind again while looking at her.

For her, whenever Su Ci Yi acts normal and quite, it'll always followed by a disaster. She is just afraid that after her calm aura, she will began to wreak havoc afterwards.

It's better even if Ci Yi throw things at her, than to cause commotion outside where someone might get involve.

"Ci Yi. Are you okay?"

"Ci Ming, tell me what kind of man was my fiance" She said while still meditating on her patient's bed.

"Huan Ro was a delicate young man. He was so kind that I never taught he was the one who broke the engagement. You two where totally close that we misunderstood everything's going to be okay. Yet one day he announce this news and cause a bid wave of commotion to both parties"

"What was the reason why he break the engagement?" Ci Yi asked apathetically.

"He said he already found his soulmate" Upon remembering these taboo words that should have not be said in front of her, it was too late. Su Ming was expecting that Ci Yi would become unstable again. Remembering that guy will seriously lead to her mental incapacity again.

She didn't expect Ci Yi to act calm, nodded her head as if this they were just talking to some stranger.

Was Ci Yi have gotten over him now?

"What happened on the past will remain on the past. I am already healed now. Can we go out on this hospital?"

Su Ming was delighted hearing her proclaiming it. But somehow she still doubted her mental capacity if ever they go out hastily.

"What is 1X 1?" if she answer this Su Ming promised that they will go out tomorrow morning.

Ci Yi looked at her confused. "Was that a secret code or something?"

Su Ming drop the phone she was handling. After a few seconds of realization she scream from the top of her lungs "DOCTOR! DOCTOR! My sister has become a total idiot now! Please do something!"

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