Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 20

Volume 1 Chapter 20 The Haunted Mansion

"I am Xiao Tao. I hope to have a good thrilling night with everyone!" Qin Tao energetically introduces his name.

Su Ci Yi stood up just like a stone statue standing at his side.

Ling Mo know that there would only be five participants' in which the three has already been named. Now it came to four including this second-generation rich kid. He heard that there would be a fashion designer among the group.

Could this woman be

However, his question was answered when a young timid woman came near them. "Nice to meet you. I am Chua Ting" The Chua clan is a well-known fashion designer among the industry, seriously just how much investment and effort did this Director put in order to make this segment hit?

Ling Mo turn his attention to the girl beside little Xiao, curiosity strikes him.

Director Fung came and explained that in order to balance the group he added an extra person to represent the masses. Su Ci Yi is explained to have won the raffle and entered this event. But in fact, she didn't even do anything in-order to part on this. It was all Qin Tao and his long range of connection.

She doesn't even know how did he manage to get his father's approval on this event?


It didn't take long time before the show start. The "Dark Nightmare" is airing every Saturday midnight for about 2 hours. It's a good time showing to fully trigger the supernatural and thrilling effect of horror films. Tapping a week before the airing time is mandatory among the doc.u.mentary films. That, their film will be scheduled be aired in next weeks' time.

Every participant inside was given each of their designated rooms which is adjacent with each other. Qin Tao specifically requested to be with his master.

The segment didn't need any specific task, they only need to stay inside the house for the whole night but their every move and situation inside will be monitored through the pre-installed high definition cameras at every corner of the room except the bathroom and shower room.

Outside the mansion, Director Fu and the other staffs where stationed on a well-built Tent. The whole room is filled with monitors showing every participants movements.


Current time

10: 01 pm

Everyone is busy doing stuff and settling inside. The celebrity Ling Mo hasn't made any actions yet and just lazily scrolling his phone to relieve the time. The heck with this sham gig! He doesn't really want to participate on this, if its not only for his manager having a large debt on the Director, he wouldn't be pawned against him. He won't even dare to join this bankrupt crew!

The chef Ming Su, is also doing his own stuff rummaging the refrigerator. He is lucky to have such abundant ingredients inside! The staff was not so stingy as to make them hungry inside the mansion. After taking the ingredients out, he begun to start his own forte.

Shui Zi got bored and knock on Liang Mo's door which the latter decided not to open no matter what. Liang Mo ignore the loud banging and even focus on playing over his own phone.

Shui Zi didn't force him now seeing the other party is avoiding her. She needs to stay low since this event would be broadcasted next week. Decided to stroll around and relieve her bore-dome, she came across a room the seams lively.

Chua Ting decided to pay a visit to her benefactor. She is so glad that they have met for the second time.

Qin Tao is very excited to see her and jump in joy "Big Sister! Big Sister!"

Chua Ting faintly smile at him " Doing great! I was saved once so I needed to treasure and cherish my life now"

Su Ci Yi, " It's not your fault, you we're possessed at that time"

Chua Ting, "Does that mean that ghost do really exists?" Now that they talk about it, she regretted coming in here. If it's not for her aunt, she would never participate on this. Her aunt doesn't believe in those things and only send her on this activity in order to boost their brand name among the public viewer.

Qin Tao strongly said with conviction that they do really exist.

Su Ci Yi kept silent. Of course, she didn't see anything like that. But she could still feel the aura they kind of possess. The lingering feelings of those things where quite strong that sometimes it took form in that of the human just like they appearance when they were still alive.

Chua Ting even paled "Y-you mean those things might be in here also?"

Su Ci Yi, "The aura here is not malevolent. They're not dangerous as of this moment yet "

Drip Drip Drip

The sound of dripping water was heard inside the room.

Everyone looks at each other in confusion.

Chua Ting felt that the hair at the end of her skin tingled. "D-do you hear that guuuuysss?"

Qin Tao, "Someone must forget to closed the faucet correctly"


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