Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 200

Volume 1 Chapter 200 A Total Idiot

When Qin Yu went to her room, his smile almost reached his ears. Even the surrounding aura behind him is too fluffy and blossoming. While Qin Tao on her bosom was also humming. As if these two's emotions were connected with each other as their facial expression were exactly identical.

Was there anything in her room that made them this happy?

Well anyway, she didn't plan to sleep tonight. Their housevilla is situated near a mountain range. A terrestrial forest is only kilometers away from them and Qin Yu's beast was temporarily relocated there and she will visit it tonight.

Since she knew that her parents will come back home, she immediately dragged the beast unto the forest for the reason of not wanting to expose it to the public. Only Su Ming, Qin Tao, and Huan Ro were able to know its existence.

Along with the parchment letter from lingua Liu, she'll try to open a portal again.

"Master, where are you going?"

Qin Tao asked when he saw her packing her things. He was already laid on the bed and had changed from his night pajama and was too sleepy for the night.

"I'm going out for a while. You sleep here tonight. Anyway, your father is here so you don't need to be afraid. I'll come back in the morning"

"Is master not sleeping because Daddy is here?"

Qin Tao literally targeted Qin Yu. In which the latter knew the underlying remark on his tone.

"No, it's not. This moment is reallyimportant, so I need to go this night." Also, tonight is a full moon. Itseemsthat spells are effective when there's potent energy from the moon.

"Can master leave when I'm asleep?"

Huh? Su Ci Yi tilted her head.

Qin Tao pouted his lips. Deep inside he thought, 'guest, she cannot'

He didn't delve further into this topic and just bundled himself with a blanket that his entire body cannot be seen.

Qin Yu on the sideline who was observing them walked near the bed and lied there.

"You can go. I'll watch over. This child has been looking forward to this day, to be with you. Since these past few weeks, he was forcing himself not to see you. I thought without your presence, his obsession will subside. Though it's not the case."

Su Ci Yi didn't know what would be the probable reactionat this time.

She told these two to stay away from her for a while, however, no matter how she pushed them awaythey're like a rubber ball, bouncing back forcefully towards her. And the more she tried to push them, the more she made her life difficult.

If it's like this

Wouldn't it be all right if she let things go on?

Since the threat isn't happening at all.

Therefore, for now, they should be fine.

When things got complicated, that will be the time that she will decide. For now, she'll give up pushing them.

Su Ci Yi put down her bag then tiptoed on the side of the child. She slowly crawled on the bed and hug the big lump of the soft blanket.

"I'll stay for a while then." She concluded.

This child had already become part of her life. No need to let him suffer.

Although this child had his stubbornness, but it was his charm.

When Qin Tao knew that his master stayed a bit, he got out of the blanket and rolled over to her side. Leaving an enormous gap away from his father. Qin Yu's eyes were closed, but she didn't know if he's already asleep since his breathing is even.

The night was still early, might as well lie down for a bit. Su Ci Yi, lie down but didn't close her eyes. The child had snuggled on her body as if searching for her warmth.

After an hour in that position, she felt Qin Tao fall asleep. Before she went out, she secured the blanket to be carefully tucked first on the body of this ' father and son', afterwards she jumped down from the window.


When Su Ci Yi went out, Qin Yu opened his eyes.

He went down the stairs and proceeded to the garage where his BMW situated.

When he came back from the gate earlier, he felt the extra weight of someone inside the car. Even the ambiance had a slight change in tone. It even made him sure when Qin Tao message him that a man snuck in his car. And he named him as the Uncle from the Shu Clan.

He was always invited to these social gatherings and parties. Whenever he went, he always brought the child with him, as he introduced people of concern to him one by one. From what he remembered, they only had an interaction with the Shu Clan once. That was last year when a party is held for the coming of age of their youngest daughter.

Who knew that Qin Tao could still remember him.

The Shu Family had already done good business for generations. And they had perfectly maintained this social standing throughout the year.

One company that the Qin Corporation is observing is this firm. Its standing has good potential in the international market. The people under it were excellent and top-notch, so he won't be surprised if over the years they maintained their position.

However, it just made him disappointed with the young heir of this generation. He had already heard rumors about him and he didn't think thathe's this dumb. To the pointwhere he could fell asleep while conducting rigid revenge on her.

Qin Yu knew his purpose since his gun is still attached to its holster. He also knew that this man had been conducting a secretinvestigation on this family. Sooner or later he would turn up. And he picked this moment to set the motion for his plan.

However, that same person was still lying deep in slumber, curled under his car's seat.


Qin Yu muttered as he kicked the man out of his car. His body rolled on the ground but although it hit the ground, he didn't open his eyes. He was amazed at how deep his sleep that the impact couldn't wake him up.

Qin Yu called his shadow stationed nearby and told him to dispose of this body. Though he didn't literally mean to kill the man, however, he emphasized to throw it at the nearest dangerous place.

Shadow En received his order and dragged the man to the nearby forest. The deepest he could get, the better it would be. So when he woke up by the morning, he'll be lost in the middle of the wild where dangerous beasts lurk.


Su Ci Yi had just arrived inside the forest.

As soon as she arrived, she immediately marched to the cave where the dragon beast is staying. This wild creature is a tamed beast of Qin Yu, however, she really felt she's the master because of her frequent interaction with the beast. She thought thatthey even understood each other up to this point.

Since the beast is a carnivorous creature, she searched for a wild boar and hunted it. She came back with a wild boar on her shoulder and feed it with the beast.

As soon as its belly been furnished, she poured on the ground all the things inside her bag including the parchment, a note, and writing materials just in case.

She cut her wrist to extract some of her blood and cast the spell, however this time, the result is still the same. Even though she was already doing it under the bright moonlight.

There is still no result

She thought and felt disappointed. If the parchment and note are a little bit clearer, she wouldn't have a hard time deciphering it. Now, it felt like she was given a piece of the problem-solving question but there is no clue at all.

She lied down on the grass ground and look upon the high beautiful moonlight. Back on that tribe, the moon is the source of their ability. Was there really some energy under the moonlight? Or only those people had it.

She remained in that position that she didn't know she had already closed her eyes.

The moment her eyesight is turn off, her senses are keen. That was when she heard a rustling sound from afar.

Curious, she went in that direction only to see an unconscious man lying on the ground. Looking over, she saw a familiar face! She was sure of it, in fact, she had just met this sc.u.m last day.

Lying there defenseless, she ought not to care. She should not care for him.

From what he did to Su Ming...

She didn't know how he came to this forest and reduced on that state...

However, when she turned around and ready to leave, she paused. Her eyes widen as she thought of an amazing idea!


That morning when he came to open his eyes, Shu TianYi felt the cold breeze of the wind. It wasn't even winter yet it's too cold all over his body.

But when he came into realization,

'Holy Sh*t!'

He cursed himself from his current position.

He wastied upside-down on a tree and his entire body didn't have any cover.

His clothes were totally ripped apart on the ground and his n.a.k.e.d lower part was the very first thing he could clearly see!!!

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