Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 201

Volume 1 Chapter 201 The Issue

Shu TianYi was only retrieved after a day inside the forest. Thanks to the GPS of his phone that his family wasable to find him deep inside that wild place.

When he was rescued, he was almost on the brink of his death. After the rescue, he even caught a cold and remain on the bed for almost a week.

It's thanks to his family's monitoring, why they were able to detect his demise, or else he'll end up as a cold corpse on that forest all alone.

What was worst was that when he couldn't point out who did it to him. He fell asleep in the car that night waiting for the good opportunity to strike. Not knowing this move let his guard down as it almost caused his life to lose.

This Su Family is not something he could looked down.

No wonder their family's assassin couldn't beat them down.

His mother, Shu MinXue went all her way to cater to her son's condition and temporarily stayed on his residence.

As she saw his weakened state, she almost fainted.

Who knew that this family that he wanted to take revenge is toohard to put down?

Her son's life even went on the brink trying to eliminate them.

Daring to slap and hit him?! Even she, as a parent hasn't brought her hands to him! And she won't let others touch him!

With that resolve, she dialed her phone and called her father.


" What is the matter this time? I do not have enough time to cater to your whimsical thoughts nor your son. I have a lot of things to deal with so better call me next time" The old man's tone was old yet have a very dominant voice.

"Dad, if you really care for your family you need to give justice to what has happened to Yi'er! We almost lost him because of them!"

"Hmph, knowing your son he might be the one who started the fight first. Don't mingle with the children's play. You are an a.d.u.l.t!"

"Dad!" Shu Minxue shouted. "Can't you show any ounce of worry on your grandson!"

The old man on the line quieted. He heard the quivering voice of his daughter and his heart soften a little. " What do you want this time?"

Shu Minxue brightened, then she wittily replied, "You're friend with the Director of the Committee of Business Operations Right? Can we schedule an appointment immediately?"

"I will ask him first, then I'll just inform you later when you can talk to him."

Shu Minxue felt relieved as she genuinely expressed her gratitude to her father and hang up the phone.


Qin Yu and Qin Tao were sitting next to each other eating their morning meal. Together with them is Su Ci Yi who also happened to come back just this time.

Su Ming had already gone to the office while her parents had already eaten at sunrise earlier.

The food on the table wascomposed of light dishes.

They started eating quietly and only the clattering of the spoons were the only sounds that can be heard. It was Su Ci Yi who finished her portion and immediately struck the conversation.

" Shu TianYi It was you who disposed of him?"

Although it is a question, it was a statement to her. There's no one who would take care of that man aside from him. Since he already knew that person's grudge against their family and how he conducted his dirty schemes towards Su Ming and her.

" It wasn't a coincidence. He slips inside my car and targeted to crept inside the house with his gun. But the man is dumb, he even slept inside my car."

Su Ci Yi almost burst into laughter. The one who sneaks in, is the one being sneak upon?

Was that the reasonwhythey left him in the open inside the forest?

But knowing Qin Yu's way, she was surprised he didn't order to kill him.

"Shu TianYi has a powerful background, not only that, the old man of the family has different eyes on the industry. A family with no name and background will easily be crushed if they gathered their influence and killing him isn't an option either. I'll just levitate their enmity towards your family."

Su Ci Yi thought he had a point...

Wait! Did he just read her thoughts?

"However, no matter how big they are, they aren't the tigers of the business world."

Qin Yu added with powerful conviction and a hint of underlying meaning on his tone.

"Master! Are you busy next week?" Qin Tao broke the chain of their conversation.

Next week? Su Ci Yi had always been idle, she might look busy, but it's not that important.

"I might not be"

"Master, do you remember your promise last time that you haven't fulfilled?"

Did she promise him something?

If we talked about the long-term plan, Su Ci Yi's brain is too unreliable.

" Master's brain is too hazy, will Ah Tao enlighten me?"

" Master said you will take Qin Tao anywhere!"

"Well, where do you want to go?" Might as well try to explore. She was still stuck up on her spiritual array, anyway.

"Yay! No backing out, right? Master will really come?"

Su Ci Yi nodded. Since she decided not to chase them away, she can go with them. Although she didn't want to admit, Qin Tao's existence is too hard to ignore.

She was engrossed in thinking thatshe wasn't able to answer the call from her phone. When she looked who was the caller, she creased her eyebrows once and call back.

"Sis! Sis! " Su Ming blurted out immediately as soon as the connection was established. She was panicking and her voice was hurried at the moment.

"Our City State said they won't let our Company permit to be renewed next year also there came a letter explaining the content of their decision."

Problem another problem occurred this time. Did this have something to do with that Shu TianYi person? If it is, then won't killing him solve this?

"Killing him won't do, as I've told you." Qin Yu warned.

Did he read her inside thoughts, again?

"It shows on your face Yi. If you kill him, it won't do any good. The situation might even get worst since the elder of that clan will not let off the hook those people who killed their heir."

Then she will just kill that elder! But then again, she couldn't. If only brute force can solve this thing...

Urgh! Why was this world so complicated.


Qin Tao called to her since her mind was wandering somewhere off.

Su Ci Yi saw the child's worried look and rustled his hair. This was the problem of an a.d.u.l.t. She shouldn't show this face in front of the child.

"I'm sorry Ah Tao, but I guess my promise will get delayed. Master will have something to deal first okay?"

Then she rushed to stand up and exited.

She needed to verify everything to Su Ming and plan the most successful strategy. One golden rule in war stratagem, know the basic first before going into battle.


Qin Yu caught her hand before she could even go out.

" Let me take alook at the situation. I'll come with you."


The Su Textile Company has a license that needed to be renewed every year. It seems thatlast year, there was a discord between the employee of the organization issuing the paper and their company. It was under Su Mo's leadership when that happened.

Their Human Resource whois in charge of the payment and renewing the contract had not been submitting the payment to the said firm. Instead, he embezzled all the money for over the years and resign. Up until now, they couldn't get a hold of that employee.

The payment and renewal were settled on Su Ming's first term as the proxy leader, but then, that company was insisting they didn't receive any payment nor settlement of a sort.

There should have been an evidence that they had already settled in, however, Su Ming said that she personallynegotiated to just mail the receipt to their office and in which upuntil now they didn't receive yet.

From their standpoint, it wasn't their fault. However, without evidence to back up their claim, their plea is still nonnegotiable.

Qin Yu and Su Ci Yi heard Su Ming's succinct summary of that incident.

"This is what I told you about the influence of that Shu Clan. Now, they had already sabotaged that agency to bid on their side. Sooner or later, you'll be crushed on the court. The Shu lawyers weredeemed one of the best in the country."

"Eh?! What should we do?"

Su Ming interjected. She hadn't called a press con yet; she needed to organized the details and find a probable solution before further discussing it to the board.

Qin Yu smirked and mischievously play the pen on his hand while leaning his back on Su Ming's swivel chair. " I only say they're one of the best. There are still the best options out there. Besidesthis not needed to get on the court. It must besettled while on the surface first."

"Song Mao, can you lend us a hand?" Seeing Song Mao knew more than her, she sought his help.

Qin Yu's eyes sharpened as he smirked, "Of course, I ought to help my wife if she's in trouble right? And when the time when I need her, she will definitely not turn her back unto me."

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