Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 202

Volume 1 Chapter 202 The Night And The Dawn

When Shu TianYi woke up, days had passed and he was already on his own residence. When he came upon, he heard the familiar voice of a woman at the far end over the door.


He called to confirm.

The woman turned to him while she was talking over the phone. It seemed that she is giving her thanks to some of her important clients again. After she finished talking on the phone, she hurried on his bed.

" My son! How are you? Are you still hurting? What is the last thing that you can remember?"

At first, when he opened his eyes, he was surprised to see her at his house. But when his mind processed the occurrence of events, now things are making clear to him. His mother was the first one to rescue him in that forest. His consciousness is hazy at that timebut he could still hear his mother's high pitch and loud voice. After that, he already lost consciousness.

Since his teens, he almost got irritated by his mother's overprotective nature and somewhat got angry at her. Now, he could understand where this coming from. If by that time, no one became frantic and search for him immediately, he might already be a corpse by now.

And which, that Su Sisters was laughing on his demise.

Shu Minxue patted his head and coax him, " You don't need to worry about your nemesis anymore. They'll sure be ruin after a few weeks. I'll make sure that no one from your bullies would be able to escape this time."

"Did grandfather help this time?" he inquired. That old man is sure too prideful and has strong ideals. He had just discovered lately, that his strong demeanor could only be penetrated by his mother's pitiful plea. He had a soft spot for women in his family.

"You know your grandfather right? He couldn't say no to my call." Shu Minxue felt proud as she boasted in front of her son.


Qin HuZao woke up from the consecutive ring of his phone. He was not a morning person and this really hit a sharp pain in his head. He irritably picked his phone beside his bed as he scratched the back of his hair.

Who was this imbecile who call after midnight?

"Yes?" He said grumpily.

"You answered late." The familiar lowvoice on the other side set him straight. He took back the part when he called him imbecile deep inside his head.

"Boss! What happened?"

Qin Yu's ears pricked from his overly loud voice in the early morning. "I need you to work over something. This thing is confidential and don't let others know it. I already send the details on your email. I want the result by morning before six."

It seemed that HuZao was still a little sleepy as he only nodded in acceptance of the job. His brain cells are too hazy to think at this moment and all he could think is to get back to sleep.

As soon as the call disconnected,of course, he went back to sleep. Anyway, the due is still by six in the morning.

What's the time at this moment?It was still four in the morning. There was still ample time to conduct and prepare...!

Holy Moly!

Did Qin Yu said to send it by six?! What the heck! He only has two hours to prepare!

The slight sleepyhead Qin HuZao, regrettably thought why did he accept the job without any hesitation. The dumb him is too sleepy to even think at that moment, and that cousin of him, he sabotaged this weakness of his.

-That Qin HuZao is not a morning person!


Qin Yu looked upon the still dark night over the magenta dr.a.p.e window.

He hasn't fallen asleep yet though the night had already passed. Right now, he seated alone on the soft bed prepared by Su Mo for his temporary stay.

He had his own room separated from Qin Tao and Su Ci Yi.

Although the woman had no qualms with him staying in the same room. As if she didn't really care at all of her reputation and virtues that a man is sleeping next to her.

She really did have a lot of confidence in her skills and believed that nothing couldpossibly go wrong.

Should he try how much is the extent of her self-protection she was so proud of?

After the call with Qin HuZao, he walked out of his room and proceeded next door which Su Ci Yi and Qin Tao slept in. His smile widens as he thought of something to do this morning.

The door to their room is neither locked. The window is open wide and the chilly breeze of the wind is permeating the air. The strong rays of moonlight shone and passed through the open air. While the two-person was peacefully sleeping on the bed without the slightest concern of their own open territory.

He walked up front, seated beside her.

Her long raven-colored hair flowed incessantly and is extremely contradicting the white mattress. A beautiful contrast is a sight to behold under the warm rays of the moonlight. The usual laid-back face is peaceful and charming. Even when she is asleep, her hands were tucked inside her clothes. When he tried to observe, she had a secret weapon hidden inside her dress.


Qin Yu lifted his long slender finger and caressed her flushed cheeks. The warmth of her touch almost sent shivered through his spine as he immediately withdrew his hand.

Touching her send landmines on his body, so he settled on mere sightseeing.

He pulled his phone out and took a few pictures of this warm-hearted scene.

When he was not satisfied by only clicking a photo, he himself lied down on the bed and gently scoop out Su Ci Yi's head on his arms.

Now, they were lying together side by side while the child was clinging to her on the other.

Now, it looked like they really are a family of three on this picture.

Remembering his parents back home, he sent the pictures to his mom's phone number. He knew, when she open it tomorrow morning, she'll become hyper again. Last time, she said they will renovate the house and now he wondered how the construction is going?

Qin Yu laugh at himself. He felt like a teenager at this moment, sending photos to his mom for his ever first crush. Even his teenage years, he wasn't like these, if he had flings he would never show it to her.

Though, Su Ci Yi might not be his first. But she was the one that lasts. When he thought all this would eventually end if his feelings faded, but he was definitely wrong. It's been a year since he knew her. If this is part of his fling and infatuation, it should have ended a long time ago.

However, it was the opposite. It even got stronger each andevery day that he was with her. Even if he didn't see her, the longing and anticipation worsen.

If he saw her, the feelings go stronger.

If he didn't, he was anxious.

There's no road that he could take easily. The path leads with a checkmate of a king to his queen.


The woman on his embrace, flip on the bed and aggressively jump on him pinning him below the soft mattress of the bed.

She was sitting on his upper body and pressed him forcefully. Her hands were on his neck, yet he felt the warmth of her weight over him. Qin Yu's eyes darken at that moment.

It seemedthat the tigress had woken up already.

"What are you doing?" her voice was raspy and he could literally tell that she's not a morning person.

"I didn't do anything, you cling to me on your sleep." Although it was a lie, he should show his genuity.

Su Ci Yi seemed to believe him. She went down of him and lied down on the other side on the bed and sleep again. Since she could determine that the intruder is not a threat, she relaxed a bit and eventually closed her eyes.

Who said a cultivator didn't need sleep? Su Ci Yi hadn't still reached the minimum threshold in cultivation were sleeping and eating are unnecessary in everyday lives.

Su Ci Yi had already determined the intruder not a threat to her. Even though he's a man, he was still far behind her. Besides, Qin Tao is on her side. The man won't do anything with the child beside her, right?

With that thought, Su Ci Yi fell asleep again.

On the other hand, Qin Yu is petrified on the other side.

A man's phenomenon is truly a scary thing. Painful and throbbing.

He got up on the bed and dashed in the bathroom at a light-year speed.

It was only dawn yet the bathroomshower was lively and filled with the cascading sound of water droplets,as a deep voice of a man inside the bathroom can be heard...taking care of his agony and desires.

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