Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 203

Volume 1 Chapter 203 Deals And Chats

Qin HuZao finished the task Qin Yu had given him just in time at exactly six in the morning. After he had emailed it, he dialed his phone to confirm his submission and for him to know he submitted it on time.

On the other end, Qin Yu picked up his call on the first ring.

"You submitted late." His usual low voice vibrated on his ear.

Late? Qin HuZao surely manage tosubmit it to him on time!

"You submitted late by a minute. However, you did a good job." He followed up sensing the other party is silent.

Qin HuZao almost banged his head on the wall. A minute late?! Was there such a thing like that? If there is something wrong, blame his clock for being advance!

He submitted it on time!

Anyway, that wasn't the concern. Even if he was irritated by his meticulous time management, he threw off that idea at the back of his head and focused on the important discussion.

While he was doing the task earlier, he couldn't help but creased his eyebrow. He almost laugh at the play of things and schemes of the agency he was doing a review.

"The firm thatyou told me to look at how did you know something is wrong about it?"

If he would take alook, the 'Committee of Business Operation Agency had almost nothing to do with them. However, Qin Yu was doing a lot of background checks and reviews on which is too pointless and unproductive to their organization.

But then again, who would have thought thatsuch agency who looked like operating normally was too black to the core!

"No need to know. Have you seen any discrepancies in their governance?"

-"If you look outside, this agency seemed fair, however, when I dug deeper anomalies are floating everywhere. Seriously, how did you discover something like this? This could be a big blow to the City Government if this goes out of the public."

- "There's a huge gap between their reported net income from the actual status report. It should be correctedby theCommittee of Audit, however, there seemed no movement on their part."

- "The agency also is a big den of bribery from small business firms. The Director of the current state is a social party goer where he met his prospects and usual clients. Seriously, if no one would search on their flaws, one may think thatthis organization is operating with integrity, who would have thought thatit's all messed up."

Qin Yu on the other line was examining the set of reports he had email as he listened to his findings.

His temple creased seeing the deliberate and hidden anomalies within the digits on it.

Of course, what they are doing is illegal. A company's financial reports should be confidential however, he needed these sets of papers to know what he could do and act against it.

"This past week, who are the clients that come to this agency?"

Qin HuZao skimmed through his scratch and pointed out clients whoare in touch with them.

"There were only two. One came from abroad and the other came from a flourishing company. In fact, last day the madam of the house personallywent to the Director's home and pay a visit."

So that's how it is.

So it seemed that person threw a tantrum in front of his parents to go on his whims. Now that it involves the whole family, how should he deal with it?

Looking over from the window, the aurora light is a mesmerizing sight to behold so early in the morning. Qin Yu took a cigarette from his pocket and blow a handful of smoke on the air.

Against that firm, this job is not too hard to accomplish it shouldn't be a problem to deal with.

What was more time consuming was how much would his Yi take inexchangefor the service of his help?


"Is there any movement on the enemy's camp?" Su Ci Yi is talking about Shu TianYi's latest deals of bringing them down. She was looking forward to the next step he would create to make it difficult for them to survive in the business industry.

"No, not yet at this momentbut sooner or later he will strike again."

"Should I just kill him silently?"

Su Ming looked at her ridiculously.

"If only we could do thatby the way, where is Song Mao? I haven't seen him this morning?"

The man was gone when she woke up. Su Ci Yi didn't even know where he went. Maybe he went back home to settle some affairs?

"Siscan we count on him?"

Su Ming couldn't shake the doubt and uncertainty budding on her chest. All she could do about it is to release it by asking her.

The man might be bipolar, and sometimes Su Ci Yi also didn't know what was happening on the brain of his. But somehow, throughout the days she was with him, she felt that he is a trustworthy person. When he said he'll do it, he won't derail on that path.

"Trust him. He won't fail you."She tried to console Su Ming's doubt.

At this moment, his corporate skill is needed in this situation. It was out of Su Ci Yi's league and the least she could do is to trust him.

If Qin Yu didn't step up and offered his help, Su Ci Yi will really result in brutal force. Threaten this clan to lift the grudge against them. Worse, she'll just dispose this entire family.

However, the world doesn't work like this.

If she did this, she'll be a wanted criminal being hunted for her crimes.

Since killing on this mortal world is prohibited.


In the afternoon, Su Ci Yi went home early. By the time she arrived, Qin Yu was already home and was standing on the veranda with his phone on his ear.

He's reallybusy nowadays, isn't he?

With the intention of not wanting to disturb him, she trudged to her room. But she needed to pass through the veranda before entering her room, so she heard the loud laughter of the man.

Su Ci Yi was surprised and looked at him suspiciously since this is the very first time she heard of his overly boisterous laughter.

"Yes. Yes. She's enthusiastically looking forward to it. Next week we'll go there, so please take care of us. Also, you don't need to prepare extravagantly, we're only going there for a vacation. Qin Tao reallymissed you guys and is excited to come back there."

She heard him boasted his way through.

Su Ci Yi looked at the little child behind his father's legs who has a complicated expression. He's like a dumb deer staring at the headlights.

Is this the definition of his excitement?

- "We can't go there now. There's a little problem to settle here."

- "Oh no. We'll not back down. This trip will surely sail."

- "Mom, you don't need to worry. Just be the usual you."

- "Hahaha. She's quiteshy. But she is beautiful. You'll love her."

Oh, so he was talking to his parents.


When Qin Tao saw her, he flung on her side, that was the time whenQin Yu noticed her. He politely called off the call from his parents and languidly went near her. He seems to be in a pleasant mood.

"Yi, ready yourself next week we will fly off to my parent's home on the Island. Although it seems abrupt, you don't need to bring the necessarythings. I already took care of it."

What? This really is abrupt.

"Why do I hear this now? And why do I need to go there?"

Qin Yu acted innocently as he blinks his eyes, " Why, aren't you going? That's funny, I thought my wife would play fair and act the deed after I settle her company's affair. Now, I seem so wrong."


Just as she suspected, him assisting them surely there's a catch to it.

Su Ci Yi sigh as she pricked her ears, " You should have told me sooner. Actually, there's nothing wrong with it. The only thing I see the problem is, what will I be doing there?"

"No worries. You don't need to do anything. Just think of it as a paid vacation for an employee, a holiday getaway from your company... or a honeymoon for a newlywed couple."

Su Ci Yi raised her eyebrows, "The first is better."

Qin Yu titled his head, "Either of the three reasons, you will go with me right?"

What, is he being too formal now? Since when her decision became part of his plan? When it's always him who jumped into his own delusion dragging her with him.

"I do not have a choice right? Besides, if I'm not mistaken, you planned this ahead already. Only informing me at the last minute."

"Clever." Qin Yu raised her chin, in a way she would match his stare.

Qin Tao, who was clinging on Su Ci Yi's back glared at the atrocious act of his father. He was glaring at him but he didn't even notice it.

However, deep inside he was ecstatic. His master will go on a vacation with them!

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