Ceo's Fierce Lady Immortal Book 1 Chapter 204

Volume 1 Chapter 204 Acquintances And Friends

"This is ridiculous!"

Shu Minxue almost jumped from her seat when she heard the news that the agency of the Committee of Business Operations (CBO) is under investigation from the national government.

This was an unexpected turn of events when she was already looking forward to this agency to push 'that company' on the brink of their demise.

According to the intel she had received, the CBO is under investigation by the government and that all their financial reports should be submitted under investigation. The firm's operation istemporarily stopped for a few days due to the intensive audit that will be conducted.

Minxue waltz to her father's room as soon as she learned this bad news.

The old man, wearing his casual shirt and peacefully sleeping on his bed awaken when someone bangs roughly his door. And it turned out it was his daughter.



The old man had a sharp jawline and eyes that are strict. His appearance will intimidate anyone who would look at it. However, Minxue was already used to it. It didn't even bother her in the slightest.

"Dad, have you seen the news?!"

Old man Shu nodded his head. But contrary to Minxue's response, her father was more relaxed than she was.

"Dad, aren't you worried why that agency is under investigation now? Don't you think it's too much of a coincidence that this happened when we ask for their help to pull down the Su Clan?"

"Su Textile Company" Old man Shu whispered, "... Minxue don't let yourself deal with it anymore. It's not something you can take on. Someone behind their back, more powerful than the Director of the Commission is protecting them. It's out of our league now and we should back down. Tell your son not to get involved or he will pull our company down with him"

Shu Minxue couldn't believe what her father had told her!

Will they just let the murderer of her son getaway just because they were powerful?

Who was this Su Clananyway? She hadn't heard any of it in her entire life. They didn't even appear on the top listed progressing company of the year from the Quick Cash magazine.

Yet, they had this ability to even put the Commission on turmoil?

"Minxue" The old man called gently to his daughter. "Let it go. Don't pursue them anymore."

Shu Minxue looked ridiculously at the old man as she glared at him before going out of his room. She was disappointed and angry at the same time. Her chest was heaving up and down from the suffocation of her rage.


"Sis! This will look good on you! Try to change your slippers once in a while okay, and when was the last time you bought oneanyway?"

Su Ci Yi looked down on her pair of overused slippers.

She bought it from the sidewalk last six months. Seeing it is soft and flat, just like the sandals she used back then on her sect, she bought it and used until now.

Today is their day off, so the two sisters picked this chance to go shopping. Aside from the time when Su Ci Yi is still at the mental hospital, this is the second time she is together with Su Ming.

The department store they decided to go in, is packed with a lot of people, buzzing here and there.

"It's okay, I can still use mine." Su Ci Yi rejected her.


Su Ming pouted her lips. She didn't put down the pair of wedge sandals she picked up but ratherput it inside her shopping cart.

"Miss benefactor?" When they are immersed in their shopping spree, a soft and gentle voice appeared just behind them. The woman was carrying her cart and was leading a milky white pooch on her other hand.

Su Ci Yi thought thatthe woman might have been mistook her from someone else, so she just didn't mind her at all.

"Miss benefactor?" The woman called again to her but this time she went near on their spot. "Can't you remember me? It's been a year since we saw each other! It's great to see you again."

Su Ming looked at Su Ci Yi's confused face. She didn't get baffled as towhy this woman came to them but rather,to the confused face of her sister trying hard to remember the woman in front.

It literally showed on her face thatshe didn't remember her.

"Oh, I know. Long time no see! How are you?" Su Ci Yi played along and greeted her energetically.

Su Ming was wrong. It seemed that Su Ci Yi remembered her.

Chua Ting's face brightens. She couldn't forget her benefactor where she's the one who saved her. At that moment when something came to her, she almost jumped down the building and would have to commit suicide. However, this woman in front of her jump and save her!

It is a miracle to behold! She really thought she was an angelat that time,rushing down and saving her on a brink.

Now that she remembered it, she also met her benefactor in this building. Just on the rooftop, is the place where she jumped on her own but got save.

Chua Ting hooked her arms on her as if they were besties in the whole world and in which almost shock Su Ci Yi.

"I'm glad that you can still remember me!" Chua Ting bounced in excitement dragging her along with her movements.

Urgh. This girl is so energetic. Su Ci Yi thought, but she didn't let it show on her face, rather she chimed in and followed her lead.

"How can I forget! Now, how was your son doing? He's not waking up in the middle of the night and runs off in the middle of the road right?"

"I don't have a son!" Chua Ting refuted in disbelief.

Her bad! She was wrong. She thought she was their friendly neighbor who got a kid who liked to sleepwalk and run in the middle of the road. She remembered this neighbor of hers because her son is the same age as Qin Tao.

"I'm sorry, I forgot. Yeah right, you're my classmate in middle school right? Time flies and now we're not young anymore. "

"I am not." Chua Ting replied trying not to laugh.

"Oh, you're the lead singer of the famous girl band 'Once upon a time'! I really admire your performance very well. I once went to your meet and greet, and surely it was a hell of a crowd. "

"Miss benefactor, you think of me so highly."

Su Ming was the only one who felt embarrassed for her sister. Su Ci Yi definitely didn't remember her but acted as if she knew her. It's kind of awkward for a listener like her.

Seriously, is her mental sickness appearing again?

Though Su Ci Yi didn't remember her, Chua Ting remained on friendlier terms and didn't feel irritated with her incoherent answers.

" Miss benefactor, I paid you 10 million on your account right after you save me."

Su Ci Yi's eyes shone like crystal, clear and glittering, "Chua Ting! Oh, of course, I was just kidding earlier. How can I forget one of my clients! How are you these days? It's quite a coincidence that our paths crossed this time!"

Su Ming on the sideline, ""

"Miss Benefactor, I'm doing fine. This season is hectic with a lot of orders from clients. That is why I am here, for the purchase of some satin clothes. Why are the two of you here"

Chua Ting is a very famous fashion designer with some of her works already featured on big shots magazines and tv shows. However, though she was famous, she never acted like one and remained humble. Even Su Ci Yi thought thatshe's just an ordinary person with her actions.

"Just call me Ci Yi and this is my sister Su Ming."

The two exchange their pleasantries and totally hit it off to the pointwhere Su Ci Yi was left off. Su Ming and Chua Ting had come to a mutual understanding and even became friends on the spot.

The three went on lunch inside the mall and only separated a little late in the afternoon.

But before they part, Chua Ting left a draft portion of her latest design of fashion dress. The art style is unique and even the exquisite pattern on the dress is extraordinary. Chua Ting said that she'll give it to her as a memento of their friendship and the next time they will meet again, she will bring her that exact dress from the portrait.

Chua Ting didn't stay long with them and went back home. The two sisters were also preparing to head back home, however, when she thought she could already go home, the entrance of the mall was blocked and filled with the screaming of the fans while surrounding a hot matinee idol.

The young man was quitetall, wearing a double-b.r.e.a.s.ted coat, an aviator sunglasses and had an extraordinary aura.

Su Ci Yi thought thathe's familiar. And when that person looked into her direction, that's when she knew he knows her.

Seeing it was another acquaintance of hers whom she could not remember, she swiftly dragged Su Ming out of that place. Without turning back, and looking into that person's situation.

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